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[story] PRINCESS DRIANNA Chapter 2



The journey was long and silent. Dezla was a remote, secluded village in the southern swamplands- a week’s travel from the palace and so we had to stay over in many towns on the way.

Never in all my eight years had I seen sech a diversity of people and species. Indeed, I’d never ventured beyong the palace grounds and the things I was now seeing all around me were things I’d only read of in books. With wide, eager eyes I observed the creatures around me. I watched them as they carried on their daily activities with a fascination that amused my guardian.

“You have never seen a busy village before?” he asked as we picked our way through the crowded streets. I merely nodded. The General chuckled at me. “Come. I want to show you something I think you’ll like.”

I clung to his weathered hand and allowed him to lead me through the crowd. After walking a few blocks, we rounded a corner and I found myself in the midst of what I learned was the heart of the village- the liveliest part of the community- the market.

With quiet awe I watched the people- all kinds, all species- shouting and bartering, smiling and laughing, talking and buying. There were as many different creatures as there were different goods. Elves, nymphs, dwarves, trolls, centaurs, and many others that I couldn’t identify.

“Amulets! Get your authentic, witch-blessed amulets here! Two for only twenty mir!” cried a heavy man with a long, curly black beard. His two, beady black eyes settled on me. “Would the lovely young lady like an amulet?” He held out a necklace for me to behold. “It was blessed by the high prietess herself and has the power to bring you good fortune and happiness for the rest of your days!”

“Not bad for ten mir.” I heard General Akkad mumble under his breath.

I studied the sparkling red jewel carefully. “That’s not real,” I proclaimed.

The merchant’s beaming smile immediately vanished and he jerked the amulet back to his chest. “Are you calling me a liar, little one?”

“Perhaps you were tricked. That amulet has no Power.”

“Let’s move along, shall we?” the General urged, pushing me along the row of stalls. He tossed a silver mir to the merchant who merely glowered at us.

“General, those amulets were not real!”

“I know…and I think he does, too.”

“Why does he sell them then?”

“He needs the money, I suppose.”

I considered this. Needing money was a new concept to me. I, who’d grown up in the richest of wealth and splendor, found it hard to comprehend want. The rest of our trip to the market was spent in quiet contemplation of this new concept.

When we returned to the inn, our carriage was waiting. This was to be the last leg of our journey. We’d reach Dezla before nightfall and I would sleep in my new bed for the first time. As the carriage rambled over the rocky path through the swamps, I posed a question that had been on my mind since we’d left the market place.

“Are you poor, General?”

He did not look startled or offended by my question. A kind look came over him and he answered, “Not as poor as some. But not as rich as others.”

Unsatisfied, I sat back in my seat and looked out the window. It was dark and I could see nothing but pieces of the white moon through the treetops. I heard the General chuckle. “You will not want for anything, your highness. We might not live in the lavishness you’re used to, but we live comfortably.”

My curiosity sated, I allowed the rocking of the carriage to lull me into a deep sleep. I awoke the next morning in a strange bed, in an unfamiliar room. Immediately I sat up and peered at my surroundings. The room was large with plain adobe walls, sparse furnishings, a large fireplace, and a single, small window.

My bare feet touched the wood floor and I pattered across to the window to look out. Below was a small vegetable garden and a woman stood picking vegetables and putting them in her gathered apron. Beyond the garden was a house- short, adobe walled, with a thatched roof. And along the dirt street were identical cottages.

Horses clopped down the muddy road pulling rickety wagons filled with hay, their keepers walking beside them and calling out to their neighbors as they passed. I looked down again at the garden but the woman was no longer there.

“Ah! The young one is up!” exclaimed a jolly voice behind me. Upon turning, I found the woman, wiping her large hands on her apron and smiling down at me. I decided immediately that I liked the looks of her. She was large and very round in the face with full, pink lips and shiny pink cheeks. Her gray eyes were wide and shining and her orange hair was piled on stop of her head in a loose bun. “I’m Timarina, the General’s housekeeper. You just call me Timmy, though. Everybody does. Are you hungry? I just baked a batch of biscuits and we have fresh tomatoes in from the garden.”

Suddenly I was very hungry. “Yes, thank you.”

She turned to leave but another thought stopped her in the doorway. “I left you some clothes there on the chair. If you need any help, just call me.”

“Oh, thank you, but I already have clothes. They’re in my trunk…where is it?” I looked around the room, finding no sign of my trunk.

“Oh, dearie, that’s still downstairs. You can’t wear your finery around here. You’d stick out like a soar thumb.” With that she left, closing the door behind her. I heard her heavy steps on the stairs and then the sound of her bumping about in the kitchen below.

I looked warily at the clothes folded on the chair in the corner. I’d never dressed alone before. Always there were servants, helping me choose my gowns and putting me into the corsets I’d recently begun wearing. How was I ever to get into my corset without anyone to help?

I fingered through the garments, finding a plain white blouse, a blue skirt, and brown stockings. There was no corset. A little relieved, I pulled the stockings on and then the blouse and skirt over my shift. A pair of brown slippers lay beside the chair and I slipped them on, finding them to be quite comfortable. After happily wiggling my toes in them for a minute, I stood and stepped to the washstand.

I splashed my face with cool water and tried my best to smooth the unruly yellow curls on my head. Without maids, I had no one to plait the blonde locks and I thought I looked like a wild tree fairy. But the prospect of the biscuits was calling me so I tied my hair back with ribbon and hurried down the stairs.

Following the delictable scent, I found myself in a large kitchen. Timmy was leaned over a brick hearth, stirring a pot of what smelled like stew. When she saw me, she smiled and gestured to the little table in the corner of the room. “You look darling, dearie. Now here you go, I’ve made you a big plate. Eat it all up. You’re nothing but skin and bones.”

I stared with wide eyes at the plate she sat before me. It was piled high with golden biscuits, freshly sliced tomatoes, eggs, and corn hash. It was more than I’d usually eat in a week. To gorge oneself was not becoming of a princess. But my stomach growled and I abandoned my training on this matter without another thought. Everything was so delicious. The biscuits were warm and fluffy, the eggs were cooked to perfection, the tomatoes tasted as fresh as they were, and the corn hash was for once devoured in its entirety. When the plate was almost clear, the General entered the kitchen.

He was wearing plain brown trousers and a white shirt that was smeared with dirt and his face was damp with sweat. He smiled at me and pulled up a chair at the table. “We’ll be having a good harvest this year,” he stated. Timmy nodded.

“I thought you were a general.”

“I was. I’m retired now.”

“But you farm? I thought my father paid his generals well…”

“He does. But farming is more a hobby than a job for me,” the General explained patiently. “I see you’ve already sampled some of Timmy’s famous tomatoes.”

“They were very good.”

“Yes. She grows them herself. And there’s quite the demand for them. You should feel honored to be getting some.”

Timmy swatted at him with her dishcloth. “Of course she’d be getting some of my tomatoes! She’s the crown princess and the newest member of our little family.” She looked at me kindly. It was clear she wanted me to feel a part of the strange “little family” the two of them had.

“Speaking of family, there’s something I ought to discuss with you, your highness,” General Akkad said tentatively.


“You’ve come here because it’s not safe for you at home any longer. Now there’s no telling what might happen in the future, but I’m under strict orders to keep you hidden and safe from harm. So we can’t be addressing you as ‘your highness’ any longer. We can’t even use your name. It’s well known across the land.”

“What name would you call me?”

“Well, I’ll leave that up to you. But we’ve got to start telling folks that you’re my grandniece. We’ll say you’re my nephew’s and you were recently orphanned. It’s very important that no one know who you are.”

“I understand. Call me…” I sat thoughtfully for a moment. “Havara.”

“Havara? That’s a pretty name, dearie,” Timmy chimed. “Where’d you come up with it?”

“It was my great-great-great grandmother’s name. She was the last queen to rule Danubae by birthright.”

“Ah, yes. It’s a fine name, a grand choice indeed.”

Happily the three of us lived together in the cottage. I gradually became accustomed to the daily routine. I had chores around the house and sometimes the General, or Uncle as I called him, would let me help him in the fields. Our neighbors were very welcoming of me and soon I had a friends in the village children. I was amazed by how content all these people- and I- could be with such a simple life.

It was pleasing not to be bothered with training to be the next ruler of the land. I did not have to worry about proprieties or military strategies. I was allowed to be a child. But I did miss my family horribly. I longed to see them again- to play in the fields with Shane, to train my magic with mother, to hear Aliqua singing me to sleep.

It was on my ninth birthday that the news came of Groithia’s invasion. It was a shock to the villagers- who’d believed the kingdom to be at peace. For days they spoke of nothing else. I couldn’t go anywhere in the village without hearing my parents’ names. No one understood how our peaceful land could now be at war. But everyone eventually decided that it was not our fault- whatever the cause.

Young men volunteered for service in father’s military and soon there were hardly any remaining in the town. This frightened everyone left to no end. We were a remote village. It took news three weeks to reach us and many in the community were frightened that we would not know vital information in time.

Also, without the labor of the young men, our crops began to fail. The women took to the fields, leaving homes and children to be tended by young girls like myself. It was inadequet substitution. Homes remained dirty and unkempt and the children were unhappy. Families were hungry and the village as a whole declined.

I consoled myself by singing. I would recall songs I’d heard at court or that Aliqua would sing to me. One day, Uncle came in from the fields and heard me singing. He proclaimed it beautiful and after that, my voice was the source of entertainment at night before we retired.

It was on one such night, after my tenth birthday, that the most devasting and possibly most blessed event of my life occurred. I stood with my back to the great fire in the hearth in the kitchen. Timmy and Uncle sat at the table watching me contently when my song was interrupted by the pounding of horse’s hooves.

“They’ve taken Hagra! They’ve taken Hagra! The Groithians have taken Hagra!” the rider cried as he raced down the street.

Hagra! That was the largest city in the south and only a few days ride away from Dezla. All three of us raced to the door and peered out into the darkness. We found most of our neighbors doing the same and the rider came to a halt in the center of the street. People rushed to him, crowding his horse and making it stamp and buck anxiously.

“How many killed?”

“Have they taken prisoners?”

“How long ago?”

“Were any of our boys there?”

The questions came rapidly and the scene was chaos until Uncle stepped in and silenced the crowd with a raise of his hand. As an ex-military commander, Uncle was most respected by our neighbors and everyone hushed at the sight of him. He addressed the rider, “How long ago did they take Hagra?”

“A week ago, sir.”

“Are they heading our way?”

“They are. A small company has dispatched in this direction they’re but a few leagues behind me. The rest of the army is moving on the north.”

A panicked cry rose from the frightened villagers. There was another moment of chaos until someone shouted, “There! They’re coming! Look there!” An eerie silence fell over the crowd and everyone looked at the lights moving down the road. We heard racing horses and exulted war cries and suddenly everyone had scattered. There was a mad rush and I was lost in the midst of it.

Terrified, I whirled around, being smashed into by my neighbors, unable to find Uncle or Timmy. The soldiers poured into the streets, mounted of horseback and carrying torches. Some dismounted and I could hear orders being shouted over the screams of my neighbors.

“Take all those who’re able for slaves! Burn the rest!”

Soldiers swarmed the village and I watched powerless as they grabbed the elderly and the crippled and locked them in cottages before tossing torches through the windows. They set our fences and cottages ablaze and our flower gardens and vegetable patches squashed under their boots. I cried out helplessly and suddenly a hand grabbed mine and dragged me into an alley between two cottages.

“Uncle!” I exclaimed in relief. I threw my arms around his waist and he patted my back reassuringly. But I could feel the tautness of his muscles and the shake of his hands. When he spoke, there was something erratic and frightening in his voice.

“Listen to me, Havara. You must run. Run as fast as you can. Try to make it to the next town. Don’t stop. Don’t look back.”

“But Uncle-”

“Go!” With a mighty shove, he propelled me to the mouth of the alley. I looked back uncertainly at him and my hesitation was long enough for two soldiers to appear at my back. A heavy hand clutched my shoulder and I shrieked in surprise.

“What do you think, Jokil?” the soldier holding me asked the other. He turned me around and looked down at me. “Would she be of any use?”

The soldier laughed. “Maybe in a few years. Put her with the others.”

“What about the old man?”

They appraised Uncle with cold eyes. “He won’t last the trip back to Suraad. Put him in a cottage.”

My heart sank into my stomach. I screamed and clawed as one soldier carried me effortlessly under his arm and the other moved towards Uncle. He gazed at me reassuringly and smiled, even as the soldier pushed him roughly into our cottage.

I never saw him again.

To Be Continued….

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His golden secrets


I got home that day and took my shower before putting on a conformtable cloth and heading down for dinner.
After that I went back to my room to search the web of how to make the nine planets for our project and my meeting with James tomorrow.
I heard a soft knock on the door and I expected to see Beatrice but instead Naomi walked in.
“Naomi!!” I screamed with excitement and rushed to hug her and she seemed kind of surprised by that.
“what?” I asked, cause she was looking at me weirdly.
“nothing” she quickly said and walked to my bed, grabbed my laptop and turned to me
“what are you doing?” she asked.
“oh, just searching the web for our school project” I replied and she nods.
“okay, what’s the project?” she asked.
“it’s making the nine planets out of balls or anything” I replied and she gasped. “oh maybe I can help, Neil’s made stuff like that before” she said happily. Neil’s Naomi’s older brother who’s in college.
“really?” I said and rushed up to her.
“yeah, he made it out of papers and crayons, water colours and markers” Naomi replied.
“well wish you could help but I’m going over to James house tomorrow, maybe I can share this idea with him” I said laying down.
“James house!!” Naomi towered me.
“keep your voice down! My parents could hear you” I whispered yelled!
“your parents are not home” .
“yeah, but Beatrice is.. And maybe you don’t know but she’s a blabber beak” .
“okay, I won’t yell but James house, when did you two start to get close” she asked with a full grin, and I couldn’t help the excitement that filled in me.
“well I don’t know, but we’re pretty close now.. And luckily we happened to be partners on our history project.. Isn’t it romantic” I said dramatically and Naomi laughed.
“yeah you guys are more romantic than Romeo and Juliet” she said sarcastically and I threw her one of my pillow, “don’t joke with our beautiful relationship” I smiled.
I suddenly sit up and held my hand. “have a sleepover tonight” I said happily and she slipped her hand out of my grip.
“I don’t know.. I’m not sure” she said and I rolled my eyes.
“C’mon please!” I said and wiggled her shoulder.
“we can both have one of our lovely tete-a-tete” I added in a funny British accent and she laughed.
“okay first, I have to check with my mom first” she said and brought out her phone. Dialed Her mom’s number and called her mom.
“hey mom” she said happily and I watched her solemnly.
“yeah, I’m at Samantha’s” she said and I quickly grabbed the phone from her hand.
“Hey Mrs Alexei, it’s me Samantha” I said happily.
“Samantha how are you” she said happily.
“I’m fine” I replied.
“I thought I was talking to Naomi, where is she?”.
“Naomi’s still here, I just took the phone from her, I just want to know if you’d give Naomi the permission to have a sleepover here?” I said and bit my lips.
“does she wants to have a sleepover there?” Mrs Alexei asked.
“yeah,” I replied
“give Naomi Back the phone” Mrs Alexei instructed and I gave Naomi the phone.
“what?” Naomi said into the phone.
“yeah, I do” she bossed quickly while I watch with anticipation.
“okay thanks mom” she said and dropped the phone.
“so?” I asked.
“she said yes” naomi grinned Naomi grinned and I gasped happily.
It was 12:22am Naomi and I were both alone in my room and on my bed still talking, we’re on our pajamas and we’ve both passed our bedtime. If my mom was home she could have yelled three times for us to fall asleep.

“you missed that spot” I said to Naomi who was painting my nails with a peach colored nail polish that rhymed with my finger.
“hey, I’m the painter don’t correct me” Naomi said and I rolled my eyes.
“I need it to be prefect for James” I smiled .
“you’re way to obsessed over James, he’s taken some part of you” Naomi stated and I raised her head to look at me.
“is it a bad thing?” I asked inquisitively and she smiled.
“for you, it’s definitely a good thing”.
“what’s that supposed to me, for you it’s definitely a good thing” I mimicked her almost tiny voice and she laughed. “just forget I said that cause..”.
“cause what?” I asked.
“cause I’m done.” she replied dropping the nail polish and placing it’s lid. .
“wow you’re gifted” I smiled staring at my nails.
She got up from my bed and walked out of my room, and later came back with a bowl of water.
“okay dip your fingers in here” Naomi instructed and I did. And after a minute I removed them and she went to dispose the water while I cleaned my hands with a dry towel.
Naomi came back and got into the bed lying down. “I’m sleepy” she announced.
“I’m not” I tell her.
“it’s because you’re too excited to go over James house tomorrow”.
“how did you know!!” I gasped.
“sammy, it’s written all over your face” Naomi said and I touched my face and laughed making Naomi laughed too. But then I paused.
“you know how I told you how I almost kiss James yesterday!” I said and she nods.
“the truth is, if he shouldn’t have resisted that kiss he would have totally be disappointed in me cause I don’t even know how to kiss?” I said sincerely and Naomi sat up. “really?” she beamed.
“why are you smiling?” I asked.
“cause, you know..
“know what?” I raised my brows at her.
“I thought you knew everything” she said still smiling.
“don’t mock me Naomi” I warned. And she stopped smiling
“I am not mocking you, looking at someone like you, kissing would be the least problem in your list, since You’re perfect’..” she said and did air quote around perfect. Which made me release a sad sigh. What she just said hurt and it’s still hurting, but she’s right.
“okay maybe when it comes to kissing, I’m not perfect, but I’m sure you don’t even know how to kiss too, so we’re both in the same shoes” I tell her.
“uhm.. Don’t you remember Daniel.” Naomi said in a ‘duh’ tone.
Daniel was Naomi’s first boyfriend.
“what do you think we did while we’re together, Stare at each other all day??” she said sarcastically and I sighed. Looks like I’m the only one who hasn’t dated or kiss any one before. Maybe I’m not that perfect.
“okay I give up, you win maybe I’m not that perfect” I said and she laughed. “you’re still perfect to me” she smiled and held my hand.
“really?” I said and she nods.
“thanks” I smiled.

“but what am I gonna do if james kiss me” I whined like a child.
“you go with the flow” Naomi replied.
“go with what stupid flow, what if I ended up biting his lips and he ends up in the hospital he’ll never be friends with me” I said rushing my words which made Naomi burst into laughter. And I glared at her.
“I’m sorry.. She apologized.. “it’s just weird and funny seeing you this way”
“wait, Naomi you know how to kiss right?” I asked happily and she nods. “why what’s wrong”
“practice with me” I said and held her hand.
“what?! We’re both girls,” she half screamed!
“yeah I know and it doesn’t matter” I rolled my eyes.
“it does matter!” she said and moved back. “well I don’t care cause I’m not gonna embarrass myself in front of James” I said and pulled her head towards mine while she moved her head back. “what is wrong with you sam” she struggled out of my grip.
“James is wrong with me” I replied and with the force we’re having we both bumped our foreheads into each other. And burst into laughter.
“I’m crazy right?” I laughed.
“more than crazy” she said and we kept laughing until I felt sleepy and decided to just go to sleep.
The next (morning) day, I woke only to find Naomi not beside me, and I grabbed my phone to look at the message she left for me *good luck with James* I smiled and dropped my phone, that’s Naomi for you, whenever we have a sleepover she wakes up before me and the leaves a message.
I got out of my bed and walked to my closet grabbing my yoga pants and a sweater. I removed my pajamas and wore those instead.. And I went to jog, after jogging, I took my bath, brushed my teeth, wore the most beautiful, decent and extensive dress from my closet, all my clothes are expensive but this particular one, is worth trillions of pounds.
I ate breakfast made by Beatrice as always and after that I packed my blonde hair in ponytail and carried a small black bag which I place my man and space in.
“Beatrice!!” I called and she ran up to me.
“yes miss”
“I’m going over to a friend’s house for our history project if my mom comes home tell her that or she can call me” I said and Beatrice nodded.
While I walked out of the house and got to my limo, “Evans” I called and he turned “good morning miss” he smiled .”going somewhere?” he smiled.
“yeah, take me here” I said and showed him James address from my phone.
“no problem ma’am Hop in” he said and I got in my Limousine…
“We’re here ma’am” Evans announced though the limo phone and he stopped the car. I got out of the car and I was standing in front of a big house.
“are you sure, this is the right place” I asked Evans just to be sure and he nods.
“I cross checked the address ma’am this is the place” Evans said and I nod.
“okay just stay around the block” I tell him and he nods.
I walked to the huge building, walked in the small open gate and moved to the front porch, I decided to knock not seeing the doorbell stopped first but stopped when I saw the door bell, I pressed the door bell and no one answered. So I pressed it again, and again. And again but no one answered, I hate waiting. I pressed it for the fifth time and gave up that no one’s home ..i turned back to go back home when I heard clicking sound and my name.
“Samantha??” I heard his voice and I turned swiftly.
“James” I smiled. He was wearing a loose sweater and a short, his hair wet and cereal box in his hand.
“I didn’t know you’d be here early” he said while I walked closer to him.
“it’s just 11:40, it’s not that early” I primped.
“I just woke up like five minutes ago” he said and I shrugged. “I like being early” I tell him and walked inside his house without him telling me to.
He closed the door and walked in too. His house looked nice expensive and fancy, just like my taste, we’re the same class, we have one thing in common.
“C’mon let’s go to my room” he said I nod. He shoved his hands in the cereal box and grabbed a hand full of Kellogg’s Apple jack and shoving it in his mouth.
“is that how you eat cereals?” I asked.
“that’s how I enjoy it” he replied and I rolled my eyes. As we walked through the hallway I saw frames of James parent and he looks so much like the woman I saw, who I assume is his mother. And then moving to other frames were pictures of boys and I don’t know how many cause they were many and James and I were moving but I stopped
“who are they?” I asked pointing to the picture of the boys..
“my brothers” he replied.
“all of them?” I asked and he nods, and I tried counting them.. “don’t bother I’ve got eleven of them, ten made by my mom and one adopted and together we’re twelve” he said and I gasped “whoa” softly.
“and that’s me” he said and pointed to a little boy at the eight side of the picture.
“wow, you’re so adorable” I smiled looking at him, he’s so little here and his hair was cut so low, unlike now.
“that was taken four years ago” he said and I nod, if that’s taken four years ago then he grew up pretty fast.
We got to his room and likewise mine, his wasn’t as wide as mine, but it wasn’t claustrophobic either. We got on his bed and brought out the book.
We both talked about the book ‘man and space’ which was remaining only three chapters for James to finish so I had to summarize the remaining three chapters for him before reading it.
I shared the idea of Naomi’s paper planets to him and he liked the idea..
He suddenly talked about how man and space’ reminds me of a movie he watched and he asked me if I knew that movie. And I told him I haven’t watch any movie my whole life.
“what you haven’t watch any movie your whole life?” he asked again and I nod.
“aside Romeo and Juliet, looney tunes.. No. No one” I said and he arched his brows.
“wow! May I ask why?”
“my mom thinks it’ll let me loose interest in a lot of things and she wants the best for me, since I grew up without watching movies I got used to it and I also think it a distraction from many things” I said and he laughed.
“bummer!” he said.
“cause if you have watched movies you’d have kn–.. He stopped talking.
“I would have what?” I turned to him.
“nothing” he shrugged.
“really? Cause I think you’re about telling me something’ important” I smiled and moved closer to him.
“it was nothing” he said lowly.
“well I like to know this nothing you speak of” I said and he smiled. “you know our faces our apart right” he said and I didn’t know the time I got so close to him.
“oh sorry” I said and moved back a bit. Gosh I can’t control myself.
“it’s okay, I enjoy your company” he laughed.
He enjoys my company.
“so you don’t mind it when I come close to you” I asked and moved closer to him.
“nope I don’t mind it” he said staring at me, we were so close and that feeling came again and I went for it AGAIN I can’t kiss and I’m still going for it. But this time he reciprocated. And I just went with the flow.
T. B. C

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His golden secrets


why are you freaking out it was just a kiss” I said to James.
“just a kiss?” he arched his brows at me. And I nod… And that could have been my first Kiss if he didn’t back away. But I did felt his lips on mine it was so soft. I smiled remembering that feeling,
“why are you smiling, you think what you did was funny!?” Kaden barked and I turned to him, I almost forgot this douchebag is still here.. I stood up and walked up to him. “what I did didn’t seem funny cause it came from my heart, and I don’t know what your problem is cause James’s not your boyfriend or anything, and I don’t know why you’re being jealous now we’re together, cause you should look at your face now it holds the features of jealousy, so step aside you gay, If you have feelings for James crush it cause I have a feeling you do, which is disgusting, and James is mine and trust me I get what I want” I whispered the last path to him about to walk away when he pulled me back with anger and slammed my back to the wall which hurt.
“Kaden!” James called standing up.
“stay out of this Kaden, it’s me and Sam on this one” he said coming closer to me.
“what the hell, are you crazy, you want to take it down with a girl” james said and walked in front of me.
“I said step aside” Kaden warned angrily.
“I’m not moving an inch,” James said and folded his arm, oh he’s my knight in shining armor or a red jersey or any way he’s cute he’s fighting for me. I couldn’t be less proud, I moved closer to him and stood behind him.
“then I’ll just take it out on you both!” Kaden said and James scoffed. “you’re crazier than I thought Kaden! Are you mad she called you gay, are you gay?” James asked and Kaden’s eyed widen.
“what th–
“you’re not so stop acting like one” James interrupted him.
“or perhaps, do you have feelings for me?” James asked like he’s going to throw up.
“I don’t!” Kaden said and looked down with a sigh.. “then don’t act like a crazy person in front of us” James said and Kaden looked up immediately “I’m just looking out for you” he said.
“looking out for me? Kaden, I’m supposed to be looking out for you, the oldest watches the youngest. If James is older than Kaden, then Kaden got matured pretty fast and maybe James is a late bloomer.
“but what?” James barked. And Kaden glared at me before turning his eyes back to James.
“really? You’re willing to choose that path?” Kaden asked.
“It’s never a crime to like someone” James smirked.
“okay, then just do whatever you want, I won’t stop you” Kaden said and walked out of the gym.
James released his folded arms and sighed sadly, he just quarreled with Kaden, his best friend which is sad for him, but a good thing for me.
“James are you okay?” I asked lowly.
“yeah I’m fine” he smiled. . Tiana suddenly walked up to us and sat down on the floor and I refrained myself from asking James what I wanted to ask.
coach Rick, stop made the student play that stupid game even after a thousands of us had loose. our team was remaining only victoria and Molly, and Tracey was sitting beside me. James remained quiet until the bell was rung for break and coach Rick had to stop everyone from playing the game and we all went back to the changing room to change.
Molly, Victoria, Tracey and I went to the cafeteria, ordered for our food and went to sit on our special table. Tracey, molly and Victoria were having a conversation which I wasn’t interested in cause I was busy staring at James who was having a conversation with Lucas and Jerold. Kaden hasn’t been found ever since the ‘thing’ in the gym class
But suddenly Kaden walked up to them and sat down opposite James and he started to talk to them and I suddenly wish I could hear what’s he’s saying or use a binocular to read his lips.
“earth to Samantha!!” Tracey said and I turned to her. “what?” I asked.
“your food’s getting cold, you’ve not even picked up your spoon” she said and I sighed “I’m not hungry”.
“why wouldn’t you be, and why do you keep saying on them!” Tracey asked renewing to James and company.
“cause I need to know what they’re talking about” I said truthfully.
“really? Why?” Victoria chipped in. And I glance left and right before turning back to her and in a low tone I said.. “I think Kaden has feelings for James”.
“okay, that is possible” Victoria said not showing any sign of surprised of shock. “eww that is gross, how would a boy have feelings for another boy?” I asked squeezing my face.
“it could happen” Molly said,
“that’s gross, aren’t you guys hearing yourselves??” I asked irritated. But Tracey just sighed.
“and what made you think Kaden likes James?” Tracey asked.
“cause he’s acting strange whenever James and I are together, and he almost killed me when I kissed James today. Well almost kissed James” I said and the three of them gasped.
“you kissed James?” molly and Victoria asked at the same time.
“almost” I replied with a grin.
“and what did Kaden do about that?” Tracey asked with no emotion in her voice.
“he slammed me to the wall and if it wasn’t for James I would have been crushed and then James defended me and asked him if he actually has feeling for him but he said no that he doesn’t and asked James if he’s really choosing this path and James said its not a crime to like someone and hell, I don’t know what they meant about that” I said breathlessly
“well Kaden’s pretty o–
“I have to go to the restroom” Tracey said, got up and walked away.

“poor Tracey, she’s hurt” Victoria mumbled.
“what’s wrong?” I asked looking at molly and Victoria.
“her term of restroom is to go in there and flush away her sadness. Cause you know she likes Kaden” molly said.
“what? She’s just going in there to like cry or something and none of you guys are going to do anything about it?” I asked.
“what can we do?” Victoria asked.
“console her! And why would she trap her feelings like that when she has the liberty to tell Kaden or anyone how she feels” I said boldly and stood up.
“where are You going?” Tori asked.
“to meet Tracey” I replied before walking away, I glanced at James before walking out of the cafeteria who also threw a flirting glance at me.
I got to the girls bathroom and walked in, and I saw Tracey looking at the huge bathroom wall mirror and I walked behind her.
“really?” I said and folded my arms.
“what are you doing here?” she trembled
“you heard about Kaden one sided crush for James and you’re here sobbing it out on the mirror” I stated and she rolled her eyes “I’m not crying”.
“but it looks like you’re about to” I said and moved closer to her.
“look into the mirror Tracey” I tell her and she raised her head up.
“what do you see?” I asked.. “us” she replied and I nod.
“yeah, you see two beautiful girls named Tracey and Samantha. And that Tracey Is so beautiful that no matter who she tells she likes will also like her back” I said and she laughed. But paused
“wait, you want me to confess to Kaden” she asked turning to me.
“that’s right..”
“are you crazy?? I can’t!!” she barked.
“first of all, don’t call me crazy and second of all you can and you’re both humans and I don’t see anything wrong with you telling him how you feel” I half yelled.
“didn’t you see how I did with James” I added.
“I’m not you, and you’re not me. I don’t have that thing you have that made you say out your feelings like that” Tracey said
“you mean courage??” I stated boastfully.
“yeah, that I don’t have the courage like you, now just let me be and let my feeling’s stay frozen and hidden” she said and I sighed.
“no, not on my watch!” I said.
“you love that boy, you tell that boy” I said and glared at her.
“you’re pretty stubborn for a friend” Tracey said dryly.
“and you’re to boring for a friend” I said and she rolled her eyes.
“look there’s nothing to be afraid of. You’re Tracey anyone would love you, and you’re the one who explained love to me, so don’t give up on it” I explained and she quickly land on my body giving me a hug
“thank you sam” she sniffed. And I rubbed her back. “it’s nothing” I smiled.
We both walked out of the bathroom and head back to the cafeteria. “I didn’t know you’d be so consoling” Tracey sighed as we got close to the cafeteria.
“I’m full of wonders” I winked at her and she rolled her eyes.
We walked in the cafeteria and I couldn’t find Kaden and James on their seats only Lucas and Jerold.. Tracey Walked to ‘our’ seat and bexpjnedume to come over but I ignored her and continued to look for my James and stupid Kaden.
Suddenly someone held my arm which made me turn to see Kaden.
“what the hell, let go of me or I’m gonna screa–
“can I talk to you…. Please” he said calmly. And I looked at him strangely
“where’s James?” I asked.
“I don’t know” he replied.
“really?” I arched my brows.
“yeah, i left the cafeteria before him!” Kaden half yelled and I sighed.
“okay so what do you want to talk about?” I asked slowly slipping my arm from his grip, but he got a hold of it and pulled me to a corner.
“first of all, don’t! You! Ever! Drag! Push! Or pull me” I warmed and he sighed. “yeah sure whatever. I didn’t intend to, I just want to tell you that I’m sorry..sorry for everything, how I’ve been mean to you.. I’m really sorry, I don’t have anything against you okay!” he said and I moved closer to him.
“what made you suddenly apologize, is it because James gave you a taste of your own medicine?” I asked with a tone of humour in my voice and he glared at me a bit but then sighed.
“it’s because I’ve been a total psychopath around you” he replied.. “no kidding” I laughed.
“so I’m sorry!, it’s not too late to be friends right?” he asked. And I gaze at him. “friends?” he asked and moved his hand for me to shake. I glance at his hand then at his face.
“you might have apologized and I might have accepted your apology but I still don’t like you” I narrowed my eyes. “whatever I’ve apologized too, I don’t like you either” he said and I walked away. “I apologized okay!” he yelled behind me.
I went back to our table and just as I was about to touch my food, we heard the bell. If my mom finds out I skipped a meal, I’m dead.
Still I didn’t eat my food and I went back to class with Tracey, molly and Victoria. But molly went to her own class. We had literature, history and biology before school was over. We didn’t have drama class today cause Mr Valentine’s a little sick so he canceled it. As James walked to the gate with Kaden and his friends I hurried to them.
“James!” I called and they all turned. “And I believed I called only James” I tell them and they laughed except Kaden.
“what?” James asked narrowing his eyes cause the sun was unbearable.
“we promised to meet at your house tomorrow and I still haven’t gotten your address” I said bringing out my phone.
“meet for what?” Kaden ask.
“our history project” I primed. “oh i forgot about that” Kaden said.
“here type in your address and I’m gonna find it with my map” I said giving James my phone.
“a map? My house’s not that fat from school” James said typing his address in my phone.
“don’t care, just expect me by 1pm.. I’ve finished my book, have you started” I asked taking my phone from him.
“what book?” James asked. And I gasped
“man and space!! The one we’re reading for our history project” I yelled and he laughed.
“I’m sorry I’m just teasing you, I’ve read up to twelve chapters, it’s pretty addictive” he said and I breathed out a sigh of relief.
“any way I’ll be at your place tomorrow, your expectations of me should be high okay?” I said and he nod.
“can I join?” Kaden asked.
“NO” I said and he rolled his eyes. “you’ve gotten Your Own partner” I added and turned to James.
“see you tomorrow?” I winked at him before walking away..

“somebody’s gotta tell her” I heard Lucas voice said.
“shut up Luke” James said And I suddenly turned.
“tell me what?” I yelled, so they could hear me cause I’m a bit far away from them.
“uh.. That you’re pretty” Lucas grinned
“uh sorry I’m already taken” I smiled.
“by who?” Jerold laughed.
“him” I pointed to James and he smiled. Before I walked out of the gate and got into the car and Evans drove me home.
T. B. C

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His golden secrets


I got to class that morning after meeting with Molly, I was on top of the world cause, she changed her look because of me and she looked pretty nice.
I sat down on my seat and someone suddenly towered over me. “hey” Tracey said her hair on my face.
“hi” I smiled.
“you look happy, what’s the secret?” Tracey asked and I giggled “I’m always happy”.
“yeah right?” she rolled her eyes and walked away and I watched her go, my eyes suddenly caught the laughing faces of Kaden and James and I felt angry about that, I thought they’re not speaking why are they being all smiley today. James caught me looking at them and he smiled and waved at me which made Kaden turn to look at me. He didn’t glare at me, this time he just looked at me and looked away. I smiled back at James and mind my own business as the teacher walked in. Well instead of a teacher it was coach Rick, she is a teacher but she teaches sport and I hate sports.
“do I have to remind all of you what day is today?” she said angrily adjusting her face cap.
“Friday?” Tiana said from her seat.
“of course it’s Friday and what happens every Friday?” coach Rick asked .. “sports??” Tiana said lowly and coach Rick glared at all of us.. “of course it’s sport you lifeless brats!!!” coach Rick barked and before we know it half of the class ran out of the class.
“C’mon we have to get ready” Tracey said behind me. “we forgot to mention to you that Wednesday and Fridays are sports day, but we barely have sports on Friday that’s why everyone forgot” Victoria added as we walked out of the class.
Tracey, Victoria and i got changed into the sports jerseys and we got into the girls changing room, and I neatly folded my uniform and place them in my small locker. I packed my hair in ponytail so when I sweat it wouldn’t stick to my body. “wow you look beautiful with your hair up” Victoria complimented.
“I always look beautiful” I assumed her.
Molly suddenly walk up to us, her hair divided and was packed into two pigtails. and she looked okay unlike before.
“hey guys” she said happily.
“molly?” Tracey called and walked up to her. “what happened to you”.
“what do you mean?” molly laughed.
“you look–
“beautiful” Victoria gasped from behind.
“so I wasn’t pretty before?” molly asked.
“I didn’t say that” Tracey tells her.
“neither did I but, your hair, and your freckles are gone” Victoria said touching Molly’s cheeks lightly, and Molly swept her hand away, “all thanks to the Hera foundation I bought” molly giggled.
“but why the hell, did you change your looks, I liked your old look” Tracey said .”really?” molly looked at her feeling somewhat guilty.
“you’re speaking nonsense Tracey, she looks beautiful this way” I quickly said and step in front of them placing my hand on Molly’s shoulder.. “did you have anything to do with this?” Tracey asked me.
“what do you think” I smiled and turned ..”C’mon molly, victoria coach Rick won’t be happy if we’re late..” I said and glance at Tracey who was looking at me strangely.
We all came out of the changing room and now inside the gym, and I could also see unfamiliar faces in the gym.. And they were wearing blue jerseys instead of red like us.
“who are they?” I asked
“they’re G2B class. every Friday’s G2a class and G2b come together to have sport” Tracey explained and I nodded.
I spotted James and Lucas bouncing a ball at a corner and I happily skipped to them.
“hi James!” I smiled.
“oh hey Sam” he smiled as he threw the ball to Lucas.
“good morning” I smiled not knowing what to say.
“morning to you t– coach Rick loud whistle stopped him from completing his words.
“everyone gather around!!” coach Rick yelled, and everyone start to gather around. And I hurried back to meet Tracey, victoria and Molly.
“okay! Now we’re supposed to run round the field before starting any sport game.” coach Rick said and everybody groaned.
“but.. We’re not gonna do that cause it’ll take most of your energy so we’re gonna start with a game and exercise I invented myself” coach rick explained. “just hope it’s not something dangerous” Tracey whispered to me and I shrugged.
“first you’re all going to shared into give, since boys are not much, you’re going to be four girls and a boy” coach Rick said and I gasped and glance at James who was having a silent conversation with Kaden. And Kaden was grinning from ear to ear.
“so arrange yourselves, I’ll be back” coach Rick said and walked out of the gym and everyone starts to choose their group.
“how about you, me, Molly Victoria and James” Tracey said to me and I nod happily.
“but James’s..
“a perfect boy for our group” Tracey glared at molly and she kept quiet.
“James!” I called happily.. “wait.” Tracey said and pulled me back.
“maybe I should try convincing him to come myself” Tracey said.
“okay” I shrugged and she walked up to James. And I turned to Victoria and Molly, “okay we’re a group and we really need to try our best in whatever game or whatever coach Rick invented okay!” I tell them but they just shrugged, Tracey came back with James while Kaden watched from behind.
“congratulations, you’re in the group for beautiful people” I said and he laughs, “yeah whatever”
“okay are you all ready??!” coach Rick yelled from nowhere and everyone turned to the sound of his voice.
“yes!” they all replied when they saw her.
“you there why are you standing alone” coach Rick asked Kaden.
“all the groups are complete and I don’t have any choice but to be alone” Kaden said dryly and coach Rick placed her hand on her chin.
“looks like you’ll have to join one more group then” coach Rick said and Kaden quickly pointed to our group, “can I join that group?” he asked.
“why not” coach Rick said and Kaden happily walked to us.. He earned a stare of admiration from Tracey, a grin from victoria, a straight face from Molly, a small smile from James and an eye roll from me.
“okay now everyone, I want you to stay very close to your group members and stay in a straight line” coach Rick ordered and everyone did so.
“now what we’re going to play is ‘catch the ball” she said and ordered a boy to get her a ball and when the boy did she grabbed it from him and placed it in front of her. “Now I’m going to pass this ball to the first group by my left and then that group is going to pass that ball to the next group using only their head or leg but not with their hands,”.
“what?” my voice echoed through the whole gym.
“ma’am, using heads to pass balls or any bouncing object Is also self suicide and I can’t possibly do that to my beautiful hea–
“shut up blondie” Ms Rick said and everyone giggled which made me huffed and glare at her.
“now while passing the ball any of the group member can pass the ball to the other group and if they successfully pass the ball they can still play but if they fail to the person from the group who failed to pass that ball is out of the game” coach Rick explained but I’ve lost interest in the stupid game already. .”okay if you here my whistle go just know I’ll pass the ball to the first group, and Now everyone space out, cause you already know your group members” Ms Rick said and everybody spaced out. She blew her loud ear watering whistle and threw the ball to the first group and one of the group member passed the ball with her leg and the other group one of their member who’s a guy passed the ball with his head and then the ball started coming towards us and almost landing on Molly’s feet but with her strength she kicked the ball to the next group.
“go molly!” Tracey said happily. “nice one molly” James said to her and she smiled. Stupid game. That’s how they kept passing the ball until it came to us again and this time it started coming to me, I didn’t make any effort to pass the stupid ball and it landed on my feet and rolled away.
“Samantha..” victoria and Tracey called my name disappointed.
“you’re full of disappointment” Kaden said but I ignored him. “you’re out Blondie, group three, you’ve lost a member” Ms Rick said and I rolled my eyes and walked out of the group.
“pass me the ball and sit at a corner so you won’t interrupt the game” Ms Rick said and I throw her the ball and sat at a corner where someone could hardly See Me but I could see them and the only person I wanted to see was James and when I looked at him he suddenly glance at me but turned back to the game. I sighed and turned to my front, staring at the small window above me I moved back my hair and sigh. If only James could like me back then we’ll be dating by now. Just then I heard everyone groan and I turned to see what happened.
“you’re out” coach Rick yelled at James and he shrugged “bummer!” and started to walk up to where I was seated and I could see Kaden looking back at James as he walked up to me and suddenly Tracey tapped Kaden to focus on the game.
“looks like we’re both loosers” James said and sat down on the floor beside me.
“we’re not loosers and I didn’t want to play that stupid game” I said and James smiled. “really? I think it was a fun game”
“then why’d you loose, or did you purposely loose to hang out with me?” I smiled,
“yeah. Or is anything weird about it” he asked and I shook my head negatively.
“I think it was pretty nice and mature of you” I smiled and rested my head on his shoulder.
“do you think we’re dating or what? What if somebody sees us” he laughed.
“I don’t care, we are dating” I said and he laughed. “you might not be dating me but I’m dating you” I tell him and he laughed again.
“you’re pretty funny, the way Kaden described you is way different from the you now, he said you’re not nice, bitchy, arrogant and proud but I don’t see any of that” James said and I gasped.
“he’s the bitchy, arrogant, proud and the donkey-headed one not me” I defended.
“but I am definitely not nice, when you’re being nice to someone you’re wasting your time.. I’m being nice to Tracey, victoria and Molly cause I lie them and I’m being super nice to you cause I really really like you” I said and he giggled.
“you’re so straightforward” he said in a strong tone.
“why wouldn’t I be, why wouldn’t anyone be.. It’s better to be straight forward, say out what’s in your mind than keep it and let it break you down, and that’s not healthy” I explained looking at my feet.
“yeah that’s actually a pretty good talk right there” James said.
“so James, have you dated any one before?” I asked.
“no why do you ask”.
“I just wanted to know if we’re in the same shoes, which we are” I said and laughed a bit, before raising my head up and moving closer to him close.
“Now for the billion dollar question, is anything going on between you and Kaden” I asked lowly and he turned to me swiftly.
“what? No way, why would you assume that” he said squeezing his face.
“cause you guys stay together so much, which is annoying and anything I say or do with you, Kaden gets angry and glares at me” I explained and James sighed.
“Kaden and I have been friends since childhood, he knows everything about me and I can’t possibly blame him if he does all that Cause he’s just looking after me”.
“oh but to my own opinion I think there’s more to his behaviour” I added.
“really; how do you mean” he asked and turned to me, and the way he blinked at me and left his small lips parted open, my breathing hitched cause he looked so adorable and I didn’t know how I did it but I did it. I reached for his lips and kissed him, but he quickly backed away.
“what you guys are kissing now?” Kaden said coming from nowhere a lot of sadness in his voice.
“why are you freaking out it was just a kiss” I said.
T. B. C

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His golden secrets

HIS GOLDEN SECRET (being perfect)


School that day was finally over after drama class and I waved goodbye to Tracey as I got into the limo, and Evans drove me home.
I got home and after taking a bath, I ate dinner and went back to my room to continue reading ‘man and space’ but surprisingly Naomi Showed up and I had to leave the book and tell her about today and how everything went with me and James and she told I was really making progress.
She left later that night and I had to continue with my book and I read another nine chapters making me complete eighteen chapters with just twelve chapters remaining.
The next morning my alarm didn’t need to wake me up cause I couldn’t wait to go to school so I woke up before my alarm, I already wore my joggers before Beatrice walked into my room and saw I was already dressed for my morning exercise.
I had started this exercise since I was ten years old and I’ve gotten used to it, my mom always tells me exercises makes the body fit and healthy and I do have a fit body, even though I really want to have an hour glass figure like my mom so badly, but she said I’m still growing up.
I took my morning shower and got ready for school after my exercise, I ate breakfast and then Evans drove me to school.
I got to school and met with Esther by the gate who greeted me and complimented me of how pretty I looked. I thanked her and walked to class, getting to class I met the person I least expected to meet molly, her class is close to ours so I guess running into her was still expected.
I ignored her and continued walking but she called me which made me stopped on my tracks, ugh my name with her voice sounds weird.
“what is it?” I asked moving my fabulous hair back. She gazed at me before saying,
“why do you hate me?” she asked. Oh so she noticed it.
“why do you ask? Do you want me to?” I asked and folded my arms.
“I..i d-don’t w-want to” she stutter and I sighed, she’s wasting my time.
“honestly Samantha, I really admire you, no I envy you, we’re both from the high classes of family but you’re pretty smart, bold and you have beautiful body and hair, and seeing you with my friends just makes it so Hard for me to meet with them, I don’t know if you hate me because I’m not pretty like Victoria or Tracey but If that’s the case, I’ll change, I’ll change my looks just for you to like me” she said looking down at her feet.
“well if you do that you know where to find me” I smiled and walked to class.
I saw Kaden and James talking to Victoria and Tracey and I wanted to be a part of that conversation like so bad. James noticed me and glance at me, I waved at him and he smiled a little and looked away.
I dropped my backpack on my seat and was about to go join the foursome conversation when our English teacher walked in, I was a bit disappointed but it doesn’t really matter anyway. I’m not always disappointed to learn, I love learning.. We had three more subjects before surprisingly our drama teacher Mr Yung walked in.
“good day guys, I came here in a bit of a hurry” he said and the school bell was rung for lunch break.
“no one’s going out until I’m done talking, but if you’re not in drama class, you can leave” Mr Yung said and five or six student left the class.
“okay, you know how I said the drama student are going to put on a play at the end of the semester based on this book “time”- we’re not going to put on a play by the book “time” again cause it consumes a lot of time and it also has a lot of scene which can’t be acted and I don’t know what we’re going to act now cause drama class is forced to put on a show every term, Esther suggested we just act a short familiar play, ‘the frog prince’ but we’re going to change the story line a bit, and rehearsal starts next week, thank you all for your time” he said before walking out.
Everyone start to leave the class and Victoria was the first to meet me. “let’s go without Tracey, she’s busy drooling over Kaden” she laughed and I glance at Tracey which was true she was admiring Kaden who was laughing with Jerold, I looked around to see if I could see James but he was nowhere to be found. “Tracey your saliva are all over the class” Victoria yelled at her and Tracey shyly looked away before running up to us.
“what the hell Tori you totally embarrassed me” she said and Victoria laughed ..”I couldn’t help it you were killing Kaden with your gaze”.
Someone tapped me from behind and I turned to see my James.
“James!” I called happily.
“can we talk, like privately” he asked and I nod “sure”
He glance at victoria and Tracey and they both glance at me before walking away..
“so..? what do you want to talk about?” I smiled and he stood still and glance at Kaden and the rest of his friends who walked out of the class, each and everyone’s of them glancing at us.
James didn’t say anything until the class was empty leaving only the two of us and I sighed and sat down on my desk.
“what is it you want to talk about James, I’m starving” I said, I’m not really starving I actually feel happy he’s here with me.
“W..well s..see I don’t really have anything to talk about but..but seriously I have to ask you again, why do you like me?, how much do you like me?” he asked.
“i don’t know how much I like you but I know if you’d walk with your legs from here to the sky, then that’s how much I like you, and I like you because.. I don’t really know what made me like you aside from your pretty face, I still don’t know but I’ll tell you when I do” I said and he chuckled. “you’re funny”. “so you don’t know?” he asked.
“know what?” I tilt my head.
“you don’t see it?” he asked
“see what?”
“never mind” he smiled, this time he smiled a warm smile that melted my heart.
“truthfully James, you standing in front of me is making me so happy, you don’t even know how your presence is making me feel, I didn’t know liking someone would made you feel so alive, I’ve always doubted feelings or liking someone, but now I’ve seen what it does to someone, trust me I’ve never liked anyone before, you’re my first and I don’t want this feeling to end and now I can see how Tracey feels whenever Kaden’s beside her” I smiled looking at my feet.
“really you feel all that about me” he asked and I slowly nod.
“hold on, and Tracey likes Kaden?” he asked. “yeah” I murmured and he smiled. We both stood still and silent not saying anything and he occasionally glance at me but my eyes never left his face.
“we better go grab something to eat before lunch break’s over” he said and I nod happily.
He start to walk to the door while I quickly followed him and grabbed his hand, he looked down at me and I smiled at him.
“you’re indeed strange” he widened his eyes as we both exit the class.
We walked in the cafeteria still holding hands, actually with me still holding his hand and after ordering our food he walked to his table while I followed him. He sat down opposite Kaden while I sat down beside him. Kaden glared at me, “what are you doing here?”
“eating” I rolled my eyes.
“I thought you said you wanted to make things clear to her” Kaden said to James.
“well it doesn’t really matter” James shrugged. And for the first time in history Kaden glared at James, James noticed it and sighed. “I don’t know why the hell you looking at me like that but please stop it” James arched his breed and Kaden angrily looked away.
“what’s his problem?” I asked James and he shrugged, Kaden heard me and scoffed.
My eyes suddenly averted to Tracey and Tori, but this time molly was with them laughing her ass out with them, seeing that made me angry, I warned her to say away from them. I wanted to stand up, walk up to her and pull her out that place but that would ruin my vibe with James.
Jerold, James and Lucas talked about some pretty boy stuffs that wasn’t my business while Kaden remained quiet. And after finishing his food, he grabbed his tray and walked away, James turned to look at him go but quickly turn to Lucas and Jerold who wanted his attention.. They talked about a lot of things which made me more interested in their conversation, but then my ears became bigger when they started to talk about Tracey.
“yeah the way you broke up with her wasn’t nice at all” Lucas said and James nodded, maybe agreeing to Lucas.
“I had no choice, she was being clingy and it was annoying as fuck” Jerold said squeezing his juice box.
“she wasn’t really being clingy, she was just fine” James said.
“I’m sorry but you’re not the guy she dated” Jerold snapped.
“don’t lie to yourself, she wasn’t being clingy you were suddenly interested in that girl.. Uhm.. Linda or what was her name?” James asked Lucas who was cracking his name trying to remember the girl’s name too.
“Lana!” Lucas snapped his finger and James nodded, “yeah, you were in love with Lana while you were with Tracey, but man, seriously that’s messed up” James said earning a glare from Jerold.
“actually Tracey’s a nice girl, she’s not clingy or annoying, she’s the type you call girlfriends not Lana who behaves like a possessed doll.” James laughed and so did Lucas.
“okay you guys are just jealous and stupid cause you both haven’t dated anyone, and you James try dating Tracey and see if she’s what you call a girlfriend” Jerold snarled and James smiled “I will”.
“what?!!” I turned to him, he’s going to date Tracey while I’m still alive.
“what?” he turned to me.
“you’re gonna date Tracey?” I asked plainly looking at him.
“well I mean is there a reason not to, she’s the girlfriend type,.. James said and glance at Jerold.. And then continued “she’s pretty, but beauty doesn’t matter, she’s nice, has a sense of humour, giving, loving and caring I mean who would choose an ill-mannered possessed bitch over that” James explained and I raised my eye brows at him.
“and by ill-mannered possessed bitch, you mean?” I asked. And James face moved closer to mine.
“Lana, the girl Jerold’s in love with” James whispered in my ear and I shivered of how cold his breath was. Oh he’s been drinking cold milk. He surely loves milk.
“let me make this clear to you James, and you Lucas, including you Samantha since you’re on your boyfriend’s side” Jerold said angrily placing his hands on the table.
did he just call James my ‘boyfriend’??.. I like this guy already.
“I date whoever I want okay? And it’s none of y’all businesses tell kaden when you see him” Jerold warned.
“sorry Mr Jerold, we’ll totally mind our businesses” Lucas laughed and James joined him to. Jerold didn’t know what to do so he just sighed and got up. “I’m going to class” he announced and walked away. “tell Lana I said hi” Lucas yelled and Jerold turned back to glare at him and after that Lucas and James shared a heart warming laugh.
Lunch break was finally over and everyone went back to their classes. I got to class with James and seriously I didn’t want to let him go as he told me he has to go to his seat, Kaden was staring at us, and I rolled my eyes at him when we made eye contact. James went back to his seat and I went back to mine.
We had three more classes before school was over and we went to drama class
Instead of having rehearsal as promised today Mr Valentine just talked more on the story of the play.

I got home that day and after eating, I continued my ‘man and space’, Naomi didn’t show up so it gave me a lot time to read cause I would have been saying if hundred of things to her by now.
I couldn’t believe I finished the story that night, cause the last part seemed interesting and I just had to finish it that night which made me slept late.
The next morning, I woke up, did my morning routine and went to school, walking through the hallway, I heard a somehow familiar voice called me and I huffed cause I suddenly realised it was Molly’s, what does she want. She’s lucky I didn’t scold her yesterday.
“what?” I said and turned to swiftly, only to find my jaw dropped.
I’m not sure if it was molly in front of me cause the girl in front of me looked different, her red tangled hair has been straightened making it fall on her shoulders and instead of red hair, she had brown dark hair, her small eyes was big and round and I assumed she was wearing ‘double eye lid’ glue, the freckles on her cheeks and on her nose were gone. Not fully gone, actually they’re still there but they’re not easily seen, and her lips were red and full. And believe me I’m in short of words.
“how do I look? Do I look okay now?” she asked.. But I gave no reply.
“I changed my looks because of you sam..Samantha, I want to hang out with you and you said changing my looks would make you talk to me so I did my best” she said and I smiled.
I am such a good influence.
I moved closer to her and grabbed her hanky from her breast pocket and start to clean the lipstick on her lips.
“your lipstick doesn’t go with your look” I said as I gave her back the hanky.
“thank you” she said shyly looking down “no problem” I smiled.
“then I join you during lunch today” she asked squeezing her handkerchief in her hand.
“sure” I smiled before walking away.
T. B. C

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His golden secrets

His golden secrets

Surprisingly school was over that day and I couldn’t stop feeling like I was on top of the world, I’m going to have an alone time with James. This Is amazing.
Tracey, victoria and I went to drama class together that day and our drama teacher told us about the play we’re going to perform at the end of the semester, he told us to read the book which was titled ‘Time’ which I have already read and I’m going to be the main role. . Don’t care if any body wants it or not.
I went home that day feeling so high that I felt like I was floating when Evans drove me home.
I got home, took a shower and Beatrice prepared a fine dish for me which I ate happily. My walked in with a sigh.
“hey honey, how was school?” she asked. Reliving her heels
“school was great, in fact it was splendid and prefect” I smiled and my mom laughed.
“do you prefer this school so much to your older school or–
“I prefer this school so much” I cut my mom.
“that’s nice, why so” she asked.
“cause it’… It’s nice and they’re all nice..” I lied I can’t possibly tell her I like a boy. It’s clearly because of James.. And tracy that I like alvery academy. “okay…” my mom smiled and walked upstairs.
“Beatrice!! Prepare my bath” my mom yelled from the stairs.. “yes ma’am” Beatrice replied running after my mom.
I ate my dinner and went back upstairs to my room, I got on my bed and moved to my book shelf I grabbed our project book, ‘man and space’ I’ll make sure I read this book to a limit where it’ll feel like I’m the one who wrote it, I’m going to make James proud of me. I opened to chapter one and sighed, it had up-to thirty chapters and I hope I can read it all before meeting with James.

That evening I read up-to nine chapters before I slept off, the book was pretty interesting , it was about a man who’s actually an inventor, his wife and his nine years old daughter who fed from hand to mouth, then one day going home from work he saw a strange bottle, took it home and surprisingly it let him travel to space anytime he wanted to, but it was like a dream to him cause he could breathe so well in space…
I’ll like to see where the story goes anyways cause I haven’t gone that far.
The next day, I was woken up by my alarm and Beatrice, did my morning routine before heading to school in the limo with Evans.
I got to class that morning and to my surprise I couldn’t see anyone in class. Where the hell are they??
Just then Tiana walked in wearing a football jersey and short with sneakers and a headband tried around her head.
“Tiana, where the hell is everyone?” I asked dropping my backpack on my seat. She glanced at me and ignored me,
“Tiana, I’m talking to you” I yelled my voice echoing in the whole class.
“hey don’t talk to me, I don’t talk to people like you okay!” she snapped and I scoffed.
“are you still mad I took you seat, cause if you are then you’re dumb cause you’re crying over spilled milk” I laughed and she rolled her eyes at me. Just then Kaden and James walked inside wearing jerseys and well but sweating and goodness James looks beautiful.
“James!” I called and Kaden sighed.
James turned to me and I walked up to him ignoring Kaden stares.
“where are you coming from, where is everybody?” I asked.
“everyone’s at the gym now get lost” Kaden replied but I ignored him. “where are they? Tell me James” I Said and James replied.
“they’re in the gym, it’s Wednesday and every Wednesday we get together in the gym for sports or exercise, you should probably go get dressed or else coach Rick Won’t be happy seeing you dressed in your uniform” my James tells me and I nod happily.
“okay I’ll go change, thanks for telling me James” I smiled at him and he nods while Kaden rolled his eyes. “someday those eyes are gonna fall” I tell Kaden and he glanced at James then at me. “C’mon James, she’s not worth talking to us” Kaden said and pulled him and they both walked to the back of the class, I huffed and walked out of the class.
I got to the gym and just as I was about to enter, I bumped into Victoria. “hey,” she smiled.
“hi Tori,” I replied.
“why aren’t you in your Jersey?” she asked.
“hello, it’s my third day here how would I know what’s happening with the school” I said dramatically and she laughed.
“C’mon” she said and pulled my hand but I snatched my hand from her grip. “don’t touch, scratch, pull, or grab my hand or else I ask you too” I warned.
“Geez you’re just like Tracey explained” she said.
“what did she say about me?” I asked folding my arms.
“nothing! C’mon you have to change” she quickly said and I gave in and followed her to the changing room..
“tada.. This is your locker” she said as we got to the changing room, it was medium sized locker and my name was placed on it. I opened the locker and grabbed the clothes inside. “you’ll need to get a key for your locker” she tells me
“I know” I glance at her and unbutton my shirt before removing it leaving me with my sports bra and skirt. . I was about removing my shirt when James walked in the girls changing room and I gasped and froze on my spot. But surprisingly no one freaked out that a boy, is in the girls changing room!!.
“coach Rick wants everyone on the gym now and those still changing should get dressed immediately” James announced and glanced at me then glance down at my chest before looking at my face “especially you” he said before walking out. I turned to Victoria and she doesn’t seem affected by his presence and I almost fainted, can a boy just walk in here or what?.
“what the hell Why Was no one affected by James coming in here” I asked Victoria, I mean it’s a good thing that James actually admired my body for some time, but what if it was another boy, like.. Kaden.. I can’t even imagine that.
“does it really matter” Victoria shrugged and I nod “it does matter.. like so much” I said and she threw my jersey at me. “quick change your clothes fast” she said and I sighed and changed.
Gym class was boring we kept running around in circles and I almost died, and I thought coach Rick was a man but I was wrong she’s a lady answering a male’s and she doesn’t look too feminine cause she had huge bicep and she had no boob’s. After gym Class I make sure I dried my body before changing into my uniform and we all went back to class for learning. We had like two similar subject before they rang the bell for lunch break.
“it’s lunch break!! Yay!!!” a girl screamed from behind and our math teacher glared at her. Before walking out.
I stood up to go meet Tracey when she suddenly jumped in front of me.
She intertwined her hand with mine and smiled “let’s go together”.
This time I didn’t complain with her hand in mine, I really love her company, I have to admit.
“hey guys wait for me” victoria said standing up in a hurry from her seat ,as she walked out from her seat Her skirt got hooked with her desk making her stumble and was about to fall but Kaden surprisingly caught her.
“oh my goodness thank you Kaden, I thought I was going to die” Victoria said breathing heavily.
“well no problem, just be careful” Kaden tells her and she nods happily and walked up to us, I glance at Kaden and he was looking at me, I gave him one of my eye rolls and showed me his middle finger which made me gasp.
“just let him go” Tracey said and pulled me forward, victoria quickly walked up to us and intertwined my other hand with hers which made me the “middle girl” I didn’t complain about her holding me too cause her company is granted too.
As the three of us walked through the hallway, I saw molly peeping at us from her class and I rolled my eyes at her and pulled Victoria and Tracey forward so they can’t see molly. Shes not welcomed with me.
The three of us walked in the cafeteria only to see everywhere occupied even our special table.
We’ve already ordered our food and we still stood still looking around for where to seat, Tracey sighed and turned to Victoria and i “C’mon, I know where we can sit” she said and start to move while Tori and I looked at each other before following her.
She got to the table Kaden and his friends were seated. Where James was seated too. “please everywhere is occupied can we sit here?” Tracey asked looking at Kaden.
Kaden glanced at victoria, then at me and I looked away.
“sure why not!” one of his friend who I haven’t heard his voice before said and Tracey smiled while we sat down on the empty chair in front of them, making them opposite us. I sat down in between Tracey and Tori, and opposite James, Kaden opposite Tracey, Jerold opposite Victoria while the guy who insisted for us to sit down sat down beside Tracey, but opposite nobody.
The seven of us sat down quietly eating, no body talking but only the sound of other people’s voice and James sulking the last part of milk from his straw could be heard.
I occasionally glance at James, and with him in front of me, he had brown eyes that had a black rim around it and I almost cried of how beautiful he looked.
“damn it, I’m out of milk” I heard James muttered to himself and I immediately glance at my full box of milk.
“here have mine” Kaden and I said together placing our milk in front of James and we glared at each other. James smiled and grabbed both Kaden and my milk. “you know what! I’ll have them both”.
“well milk helps the body in a lot of things so drink up” I smiled and James smiled back.
“oh yeah, Lucas, I thought you were going to get a tattoo yesterday, how did it turn out” James ask the guy who sat beside Tracey.
“I changed my mind immediately when I saw the tools” Lucas replied and they all Laughed, including James while I placed my chin on my palm and watched him laugh, I couldn’t help but smile. I want him.
“you’re a chicken, you couldn’t even get a butterfly tattoo” Jerold said and they all laughed again, “why don’t you try getting a tattoo yourself” Lucas snarled at Jerold while Jerold smiled.
“already got one” he said and rolled up his sleeves exposing a small Dragon Tattoo on his bicep.
“whoa..” James said.
“nice one man” Kaden smiled. “did it hurt?” Lucas asked.
“so much that I couldn’t look at it” Jerold laughed, while Tracey rolled her eyes at him. Oh I almost forgot he’s Tracey’s ex.
“I think I’ll get a tattoo myself” James said.
“what? You’re kidding right?” Kaden said and james shook his head negatively. “I’m not I totally will”.
“no way, you’re not getting a tattoo, not on my watch” Kaden said.
“stop acting like my mom Kaden, I’m older than you” James said and pulled Kaden hair while Kaden playfully glared at him.
“a tattoo would totally look good on you” I said.
“you think so?” he asked and I nod.
“well since you say so I’ll totally get one” he replied and winked at me. Kaden raised his eyebrows at James and shook his head negatively.
We all remained quiet again until I suddenly, surprisingly broke the silence.
“I like you James.” I broke out and James suddenly looked up.
“Huh?” he said.
“I really like you” I smiled at him and he smiled and looked away. I glance at victoria and she was trying to hold her laugh, I don’t know what’s funny. but I know I’m confessing my feelings and everyone should be serious.
“you’re stranger than I thought” Kaden eyed me but I ignored him.
“you don’t have to like me back, I just want you to know– I’m kidding you totally have to like me back” I laughed while James gazed at me.
“why do you like me?” he asked.
“I don’t know, I just started to, I mean is there a reason not to?” I primped.
“yeah, there is” he said
“Which is?” I asked. But he just looked down and then at me.
“nothing, it’s nothing” he smiled.
“okay then would you date me?” I asked.
“what the hell is wrong with you woman” Kaden said but I ignored him.
“why don’t we have this conversation next time amongst ourselves, just the two of us” James said and I shrugged, good thing he didn’t reject me or else this is school is gonna blow.

After lunch break we all went back to class and I could still feel James staring at me. Even during class when I turned to look at him, he’s looking at me. Looks like I’m making progress.
T. B. C


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His golden secrets

His golden secrets

After that night with Naomi, I had a goodnight sleep and the next morning, I woke up again for my early morning run, and after that I took my bath and got ready for school.
Evans my driver to me to school and getting to school the familiarity swallowed me immediately and it’s suddenly seems like I’ve been a student of this school for years.
I cat-walked to class and some people start to stare and talk about me, I don’t know what they’re talking about me but I know they’re talking about how awesome I am. As I walked through the hallway with my head held high, someone suddenly bumped into me causing me to stumble back a little, but thank god, I didn’t fall.
“what the hell??” I said to the person and raised my head up to see Esther.
“oh my goodness, Samantha, I am so sorry.. I was in a hurry, the principal needs me like immediately, I guess I didn’t see you even though you’re literally glowing” she complimented and I smiled.
“it’s okay. You didn’t do it intentionally” I tell her and she smiled.
“thanks for understanding” she said before walking away.
my head was High again and this time I walked back to class without anyone bumping into me and I walked to my seat.
“Samantha!!!” I heard my beautiful name from behind and turned swiftly, to see Tracey waving happily at me. I smiled a bit at her and turned back to the board,
the first teacher to walk in was our math teacher Mr ian who came here yesterday and after teaching he gave us all a test and I know I did perfectly well in the test.. After that we had biology, aggressive English and literature before they rang the bell for lunch break. I expected Tracey to come to my table to meet me like yesterday but I was wrong when a girl walked in and walked up to Tracey’s seat and another girl from our class walked to her seat too and with smiley faces they all start to walk out of the class, I watched them leave with a tint of jealously in me. Just as the three of them got to the door Tracey stopped them and walked up to me, “hey sam” she said and rested her hands on my table. “those two over there are my friends, best friends actually and I’ll like it if you’d join us for lunch today, I couldn’t hang out with them yesterday cause I was your guide but today I’m not, so are you coming or not?” she asked with a smile. I would have prefer only Tracey and I but well I can’t let my stomach starve any longer.
“okay lead the way,” I said to her standing up ..
She walked up to her friends and I trailed behind her.
“guys this is my new friend.. Samantha, Samantha this is Molly and Victoria, Toria or Tori for short..” Tracey said and I scanned her friends, Victoria’s pretty while Molly’s less pretty. Victoria had full brown hair, dark green eyes and a pitiful face, while molly had short red hair that looks like she’s from the 90’s.. And freckles under her eyes. With hazel eyes.
“hi” I smiled at them..a faux smile actually.
“you’re the new girl right?” Victoria asked and I nod. “I didn’t come to school yesterday and when I came today I was actually surprised seeing a new girl in Class, anyway welcomed to alvery academy” she smiled and I thanked her. Molly said nothing and I was glad she didn’t say anything cause, truthfully I don’t like talking to ugly looking people.
The four of us walked to the cafeteria, and Victoria kept talking about the place she went yesterday and I was actually enjoying her company and words but she had to stop when Tracey told her to shut it that she’s not interested in her conversation, that she’s really hungry.
We got to the cafeteria and we all sat at the table, Tracey and I sat down yesterday,.. I sat down with Tracey opposite me and Victoria bedside me while molly was sitting opposite Victoria.
“so have you guys heard?” victoria asked .
“heard what?” Tracey and I said in unison and glanced at each other and she smiled at me before turning back to Victoria.
“Tiana told me the drama teacher is going to make us put on a show for the whole school at the end of this semester” Victoria explained and Tracey gasped.
“really? That’s totally non of my business cause I’m not interested” Tracey said sarcastically and rolled her eyes.
“just because you acted as a servant in one of our last play doesn’t mean you have to be all whiny when a school play is mentioned” Victoria said and I giggled
“you acted as a servant?” I laughed and she rolled her eyes
“if you were chosen as a servant what was molly chosen as?” I asked and Molly suddenly glared at me.
“Molly’s in music class” Tracey tells me. “well that explains it” I said, so she sings.. Good for her.
“and I had no choice but to be a servant at our last play cause all the characters were taken and I had to be a servant or else I won’t pass drama class” Tracey explained and I nod. “and Victoria what did you act as? What was your role in the play?” I asked.
“I was the King’s daughter, which is the princess” Victoria said, her head high and Tracey rolled her eyes and mimicked the way she said **i was the King’s daughter, which is the princess** and I laughed, I glanced at molly and she was glaring at me. I don’t know what I did to her but I don’t need those ugly eyes looking at me so I ignored her glare.
“well if there’s going to be a school play this semester, I’ll make sure I’m the lead role.. The main character so when I get on stage everyone’s going to love me, adore me and admire me” I said smiling and Victoria laughed. “actually the drama teacher always love the main character to be Esther Lopez, he just loves her when she acts” Tracey explained slowly .
“well that’s gonna change while I’m here and surely no– James smile caught my eyes, he was with Kaden and I couldn’t help but smile, I hated the way James rested his arm on Kaden’s shoulder, but nothing can happen they’re both guys. I smiled and watched as he rushed his spaghetti in his mouth and the spaghetti sauce stained his cheek making his friends burst into laughter. He’s so adorable.
“earth to Sam!!!” victoria said in my ear and I flinched.
“don’t talk in my ear it’s gross” I snapped at her.
“sorry, you were busy looking at those guys while I was talking to you so I had to do that” Victoria said calmly and I sighed.
“okay.. What were you trying to tell me?” I ask her.
“well it’s not that important but..” she glanced at me then at James
“but?” I leaned my head toward her.
“James? What?.. I mean why were staring at James like that?” Victoria asked. Squeezing her face.
“isn’t it obvious, I like James” I primped and moved my hair back.
“James?.. You like James?” she asked and I nod.
“don’t you know?” victoria asked looking at me. And Tracey immediately looked at her. “know what?” I turned to her.
“that James–
“shut up Tori” Tracey quickly said to Victoria and she kept quiet immediately. “she knows” Tracey tell her.
“really?” Tori asked and Tracey nodded
“know what, what do I know?” I asked looking back and forth at the two of them. “don’t worry it’s nothing.. And by the way I forgot to tell you how beautiful you look today” Tracey said and I smiled. “I am indeed a beauty queen”.
“I think I’m gonna go!” molly said standing up.
“why?” Tracey asked.
“well I don’t think I’m needed here since you guys are having a conversation that doesn’t have anything to do with me or concerns me, I don’t think I’m needed here” molly said and this time she grabbed her tray of food.
“molly wai–
“just let her go, she insisted on leaving herself” I said and Tracey sighed.
Just then we heard the bell and Tracey gasped, “what?? I haven’t even touched my food”. Tracey said and start to rush her food while Victoria and I laughed.
The three of us head back to class and I was glad Molly’s not in our class, an ugly girl like her deserves nowhere near me. I went to my seat while Tracey and Victoria stood by the door talking about something and I had this feeling it was about me cause Victoria glanced at me but quickly looked away when I caught her. I shook my head negatively and turned my head elsewhere to James.
He immediately spot me and I waved at him and as he slowly waved back Kaden brought his hand down while I eyed him, stupid Kaden, Tracey said I should be nice to him, how can I be nice to him when he’s being a totally douchebaggery.
Tracey and Victoria finished their “small talk” and went back to their seats and immediately our history teacher walked in, Mr Valentine, who looks so wicked but when he started to speak you’ll know ‘him looking wicked’ is just an understatement.
“okay welcome back student to my class, and today we’re not having any class thank you stars” he said and I could feel happy murmurs coming from the class.
“I’m feeling a little bit under the weather so I’ll just give you all the project for this semester.” he said and everyone groaned, why are they all groaning when it comes to project, I love projects cause I always get A(plus) ..
“and you all are not having the projects individually but in groups” Mr Valentine said and blinked at the quiet class. He spotted Tiana, the class president’ and beckoned for her to come out of her seat.
“I thought you sit here” he said referring to my seat. “I thought so too” Tiana said and gave me a small glare
“anyway here!” he said and shoved a sheet of paper in her hand.
“now this here.. He pointed to the paper on Tiana’s hand.. “is a sheet of paper containing your names now Tina here is..
“uh sir my name’s Tiana as in Christiana” Tiana said and Mr Valentine gave her a look while she giggled which made me rolled my eyes.
“anyway TIANA here is going call out your names in alphabetical order and when you hear your name and the other person’s name then just know you’re partners” Mr Valentine explained and beckoned Tiana to call out the names.
“Amos Billy, Anderson Victoria” Tiana called the first name and I glanced at victoria who held on a strong face. Too bad she doesn’t like her partner.
“Billy Nigel, Clinton Kaden” Tiana called the fourth name and I sighed, it’s going to be long way till my name is called, it’s a good thing Kaden’s name is called I won’t be paired with him.
I waited and waited for my name but still it wasn’t called, my patience boost up when Tiana got to letter “J” cause my surname’s start from the letter K.
“Hopper Christiana, Jim Tracey” Tiana called and glanced at Tracey while Tracey smiled at her. At least they’re happy they’re paired up, Tiana called the name after that and the name after that while I just kept sighing.
“kress Samantha, Kuith Janice, I mean.. James.. Kuith James” Tiana said and I suddenly gasped hearing that, James! James and I are paired up, I glance at James and he glance at me too, I smiled at him and he smiled back.. Kaden glared at me and I rolled my eyes at him. What’s his problem.
I couldn’t think of anything more than having a project with someone I admire. I was so happy I smiled unit Tiana called all the names.
“okay so guys you know your partners and now I’m going tell you about your projects, it’s about this book, which we’re reading for the when semester” Mr Valentine explained and brought out a big, a very huge book. “it’s the story of a man and space.. I want you to read this book, create the nine planets with balls or anything you can make it with and tell the class what you think of Mr Nevin, who is the main character of this book, you’re going to submit this project next two weeks, my job here is done no question asked and goodbye” Mr Valentine said and Tiana tried to ask him something, but he ignored her and walked out of the class.
Everyone starts to talk amongst themselves and I stood up to go meet James when he walked up to me and I bumped into him. “James” I smiled.
“so surprisingly we’re partners and we’ve got two weeks to read the book and create the nine planets out of balls or paper, and we need to ace this” James said and I nod.
“don’t worry, I’m smarter than a computer we’re totally gonna come first” I said and he laughed. “you don’t need make it perfect just do your best” I said and I shook my head negatively.
“don’t you know, perfect’s my middle name” I primped and he raised his eyebrows.
“well do what you need to do” he said.
“you know it’s a group work right? We have to do it together, so why don’t we just meet up this weekend and talk about it” I asked and he nods. “fine by me.. Where do you think we can meet up?” he asked.
We can’t meet at my place My parents would flip if they see me with a boy even if we’re talking about school stuff.
“how about your place” I asked.
“uh… I.. I.. Uhm.. Well.. I guess we could manage my place” he said and I smiled.
He walked away and I smiled feeling like I’m on top of the world, finally James and I can be alone.. Without that stupid Kaden bothering us.
T. B. C


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