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Love Triangle -(mixed feelings)

[STORY] Love Triangle – mixed feelings





(mixed feelings)


EPISODE  12 & 13

 I walked inside the house, after Lucas left and I straight to the kitchen to get a glass of water, as I started to pour the water I touched my lips and remembered the kiss a few minutes ago that I had with Lucas.. For second thought I was starting to think why I did that, we’re not even dating, he’ll think I like him or something, I mean I like him but not “that” “way” 

I realised my self and shook my head negatively, well I did it anyone.. 

“so how was the kiss?” I heard Ben asked from the kitchen entrance.. Thank goodness I was done drinking my water or else I’m gonna spit it out.. 

“uhm what kiss?” I asked 

“the one you and Lucas had downstairs, don’t play dumb” he said with a smirk 

“you saw?” I said with an uncomfortable grin.. 

“yeah,.. Do you like Lucas?” Ben asked

“I do.. But not the way you’re thinking” I said confidently 

“then why did you kiss him” he asked, like he was pissed off 

“because.. Well .. Because.. 

“see you can’t even come up with a good lie” he said and I rolled my eyes, “well he wanted to kiss me but then I backed away, and then I felt bad and kissed him” I said truthfully and Ben sighed 

“so you kissed him out of pity” he asked 

“I wouldn’t say pity” I smirked 

“what would you say then” his eyebrows arched 

“hey are you coming to Lucas party tomorrow, it’s just a small party for his friends including me and you’re coming right?” I said swiftly changing the subject 

“don’t change the subject Daisy” he said with a small smile 

“what? What subject were we talking about something? Look I’m sleepy and well I’m also tired also, I’ll see you tomorrow morning goodnight sleep tight” I said with a nervous laugh and head straight to my room to avoid any more questions.. 

 “phew!” I said as I close my room door and plopped down on my bed.. 

I took off my dress and changed into my Pajamas … 

My stomach suddenly grumbled and I realised I haven’t eaten dinner since after school, I head downstairs and went for the kitchen again… But surprisingly Ben was still standing there at the kitchen entrance and it was like he was lost in thought.. 

“hey ben” I called and shook him lightly in his arm and he flinched and got back to his senses 

“what are you still doing here” I asked 

“uhm.. I was.. I.. I..  What are you doing here anyway I thought you were going to bed” he said and rubbed his forehead.. 

“I was but I was starting to feel hungry all of a sudden” I said with a pout.. 

“want me to microwave the left overs from today’s dinner, you missed it won’t take time” he said and I nod happily.. 

 After putting the food in the microwave he turned it on, closed it then walked up to me, I was sitting on the counter while he stood..”Daisy?” he called and I turned to look at him

“what?” I asked, 

“what did I do wrong today? Did you act like that to me in the cafeteria because of the music in the car” he asked sadly.. 


“it’s not that” I tell him

“then what is it?” he asked again 

“well, you know how all the girls is going crazy about you and all, well I didn’t want any trouble with anyone, cause if they found out were just hanging out like every single day they’ll think we’re dating and that’s crazy.. And then I’ll have too many enemies” I said and moved my hair back 

“but you hang out with Lucas” Ben said almost quietly 

“I know, he’s not that popular, and I don’t have a problem with that” I said and mean it and he sighed 

“look I’m really sorry for the way I treated you in the cafeteria but I had to, I’m sorry seriously I am.. I didn’t want to” I said and he tuned to look at me and I looked at him too.. 

His eyes! There’s something about it.. It’s different from my dad.. I was wrong.. 

“it’s okay, I get it you’re avoiding trouble, I’ll stay away from you in school but I’ll not stay away too much just don’t worry” he said and I smiled and said “thanks,” .. The timer went on and we both flinch, Yay my food is ready!

 “wow slow down” Ben laughed as I ate hungrily and roughly on the kitchen counter.. 

“oh my God, this is so yummy, only if you know how hungry I am.. I could eat you” I said and he laughed..

“well you’re free you could start with my arm” he said while I glance at him and rolled my eyes.. “gosh, the hot sauce in this is so much.. My tongue is burning and I like the feeling of that” I said with a smile taking the last bite of my food, I turned and saw Ben go get me water.. 

“here” he said and handed me the last glass cup

“thanks” I said and he nods 

His phone started ringing and when I peeked his phone it was “dad” .. I sighed 

“sorry, excuse me” he said and walked out of the kitchen, while I carried my plate to the sink and washed it..

 I rinsed my plate and placed it in the cupboard where the others were, Ben walked back in the kitchen shoving his phone back in his pocket while I was  ready to walk out of the kitchen when he stopped me 

“what?” I asked

“you’re not gonna ask me?” he asked 

“ask you what?” I asked back and he sighed 

“your father just called and you’re not going to ask me what he said” ben said looking at me wearily..  “why do I care? He called you not me!” I tell him and he shrugged 

“but still you have to forgive him sometime,  Daisy” he said and I huffed almost angrily 

“stay out of that ben” I said and he nods slowly 

“OK.. But he told me he’s not coming home Tonight and he’s got something important to tell me tomorrow” Ben said 

“good for you” I remark harshly and walked out of the kitchen and head upstairs, “it’s almost eight thirty, I have to sleep don’t follow me to my room” I announced when I got to my door and realise Ben is still behind me.. 

“come-on eight thirty? That’s your bedtime, you’re so cheeky” he said while I rolled my eyes 

“yes I know.. Goodnight” I said and he rolled his eyes back and walked to his room smiling, I closed my door and like magic, when I laid my head on my bed I fell asleep..


The next morning I woke up and did my morning routine, I wore my clothes and went downstairs and found my mom wearing her shoes..”hey mom, good morning” I said and sat down opposite her .. 

“hey hon, morning to you too” she said and I sighed depressingly .”mom you’re working too much that I barely see you, you work too much” I said and my mom smiled 

“oh you know me, Clarice never stops working, I’m doing this for to hon” she said and I smiled 

“so Gael called me yesterday during my shift” my mom said and I looked at her

“really? Dad called, why?  He called Ben too” I said in a not caring tone.. 

“yeah he called and it’s about Ben” she said and my head tilt in confusion 

“what about Ben?” I asked 


“goodmorning” we suddenly heard Ben’s voice from the stairs interrupting my mom, and she sighed and didn’t say anything anymore.. 

“good morning dear how was your night” my mom asked 

“it was splendid mother” he said playfully in a weird accent and I rolled my eyes.. 

Someone’s in a good mood 

“okay then, Daisy, Ben, I’ll see you both after school okay!” my mom said and we both nod.. “and Ben… Try not to…to.. Well never mind I’ll see you after school” she said grabbed her bag and walked away, 

What the hell was she trying to Ben, and what the hell is going on..


I got into Ben’s car and he drove me to school that morning while I just read my novel peacefully in the car since Lucas didn’t join the ride this morning..





BY RUTHIE LEE 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

 Ben parked his car in between a pharmacy and a department store, “hey why did you park–

“you said you didn’t want anyone to the get the wrong idea about us right? So I had to park the car somewhere before the school’s building” he said with a smile and I smiled back and said “thanks”, I walked out first and head to school, I met Lucas at the school gate and we both said hi to each other, 

 We both head to class and started to talk about his party and then a teacher walked in and we all got impacted that morning before going to eat lunch that afternoon, 

 Lucas and I sat down together to eat before Sylvester, john Lorna and Esme joined us.. While Dylan was no where to be found.. 

“so?..” Lorna said looking at Lucas 

“so what?” Lucas asked and glanced at him 

“you’re still you still having the party?” Lorna asked 

“of course I am I told you guys about it” Lucas said 

“yeah like three days ago and you didn’t tell us anything about it anymore all you do is hang out with Daisy” Lorna said 

“tell me about it” Esme chipped in and rolled her eyes.. 

“well.. I’m still having the party okay! And it’s still just between us” I said and Lorna shrugged.. 

“well Ben is invited right?” I asked and everyone suddenly turned to me

“yeah” Lucas said and John sighed 

“that two faced handsome dude, is gonna ruin the party” John said angrily 

“and what makes you say that,? Ben is a sweet handsome dude he’s charming and nice” Esme said and John rolled his eyes 

“dont tell me you have a crush on him too” John asked and Esme rolled her eyes, “I don’t ..I’m just saying he’s handsome that’s all” Esme said and I smiled.. 

“what are you smiling at?” Esme said asked me..

“uhm.. I wasn’t smiling at you” I backfired and she huffed 

“If yours daydreaming about Ben, stop it cause he can’t date girls like you or even near them I know that rumour about you and him was fake so beat it Daisy, you’re lucky Lucas even hangs out with you” Esme said and I smiled again 

“really?” I said and she gave me a glare.. “but seriously Daisy what’s your relationship with Ben that the school had to go crazy for that rumour people even say they saw you kiss sometimes” Sylvester asked and my eyes widen while Lucas burst into laughter while I drank my water pushing the food in my mouth down.. 

“that’s gross” I said while Lorna looked at me strangely 

“so yours saying that if Ben offered to kiss you that you’ll say no” Lorna asked 

“well yeah, I’ll say no, Ben’s my step brother” I said and they all gasped except Lucas.. 

“no way, you guys don’t even look alike or even have some sort of resemblance anywhere” Sylvester said and I shrugged 

“yeah he’s way prettier than you” Esme said and I rolled my eyes at her..  Dylan came and sat down beside Lorna and starts to eat his food without talking to anyone 

“wow it must be nice living with a pretty brother” John said sarcastically and Lucas glared at him while he gave Lucas a look.. 

 Lucas phone suddenly buzzed and he grabbed it and checked it, “oh great!” he said sarcastically and dropped his phone 

“what’s wrong?” Sylvester and I asked the same time and smiled briefly at each other.. 

“my sister’s coming home, today! She just texted me” Lucas said and sighed 

“wait! Lauren is coming home?” Dylan said happily 

“yeah” Lucas replied angrily 

“why are you so happy?” John asked Dylan who was completely smiling.. 

“Lauren is coming back! It’s been four years since she went to live with Lucas aunt, gosh I miss her” Dylan said smiling 

“well I don’t! I thought I was gonna enjoy being all alone by myself in the house for weeks since my parents aren’t home, and now she just had to show up great!” Lucas said and buried his face in his palm, then pushed his hair back.. 

“yeah, I don’t like her too, she’s nothing like Lucas, she’s nosy, loud, bossy and rude, and she even commands Lucas, when Lucas’s older” Esme said with disgust, I stayed out of the conversation since I didn’t know who they’re talking about.. 

“she may be rude but she’s pretty sweet to me” Dylan defended grinning from ear to ear 

“wake up Dylan, she’s just like the girl version of Lucas, if you have a crush on her then you have a crush Lucas too” Sylvester said and pat Dylan’s shoulder 

“gross don’t make me puke sly, you’re not gonna like that view she looks nothing like Lucas” Dylan said and John and Sylvester groaned.. 

“hey! Idiot, they’re identical” Esme half yelled to Dylan who gave her a small smile.. Which pissed her off 

“they may be identical but she’s a complete angel, in my heart and looks nothing like blond boy over here” Dylan said and Lucas rolled his eyes 

“if she’s an angel that means Lucas is an angel too” Esme said smiling at Lucas, ugh… 

“what?.. Lucas looked noth—-

“can you guys just cut it out, I’ve gotta look for a way to not let Lauren ruin our party” Lucas said and Lorna nods

“she’s kind of a bitch to me” Lorna said and Lucas glared at her 

“I may not like her but you do not say stuff like that about her” Lucas said and Lorna Gave an apologetic look ..

I stood up and grabbed my bag since I was done eating and have nothing to say.. 

“I’m gonna go now” I said 

“I’m coming with you” Lucas said and grabbed his bag also and stood up..”seriously Lucas, do you have to follow her everywhere?” Esme asked disgustingly and rolled her eyes.. 

“see ya later guys” Lucas said to them and we both head to class.. 


“so who’s Lauren” I asked as we both head to class 

“my twin sister” he replied 

“oh.. Is she nice?” I asked 

“you don’t want to know,” he said

“really? Cause I really do” I said while he sighed 

“well she’s not, well I don’t know it’s been years, she left to live with my strict aunt in Ohio, and I hope she has change” he said and I nod.. 

“well I can’t wait to meet her” I said

“don’t get your hopes up” Lucas said and I laughed.




School was over and Lucas gave me his house address before going home with others, I went home with Ben and went to my room to shower, after that I ate dinner with Ben and then went to sleep.. 

“hey Daisy, daisy, wake up” I heard Ben’s voice and I groaned 

“just wake up” he said and I loudly, 

I heard a familiar laugh aside from Ben and my shut open and I saw Lucas.. Oh my god.. 

I rubbed my face with my hands and sighed 

“hey Lucas” I said and came Down from the bed, I lost balance and almost fall but the two guys caught me.. 

“thanks” I said and yawned 

“why are you here?” I asked Lucas 

“uhm.. To pick you up..youre not gonna bail on me. Now right?” he said 

“to pick me up ..—oh my gosh the party, sorry I almost forgot I’ll get ready” I said and he nods. “so what are you still doing here both of you get out I have to change” I yelled 

“so?…” Ben said 

“what the hell do you mean, you pervert.. Just get out” I yelled at both of them and they laughed and walked out.. 

I changed quickly wearing a lavender crop top and a black short with knee length boots and putting my hair up on ponytails, and wearing a straight diamond earrings.. 

 I went down and found Ben already dressed thank god he’s going to.. I won’t be the only one coning back home.. 

“wow you look.. Hot, yeah that’s the only words I can find” Lucas said and I chucked 

“so.. Let’s hit the road, at least that would he better than you two hitting on each other” Ben said and I gave him a glare..

 We arrived at Lucas party and whoa there’s a lot of people there.. 

“Luke! I thought you were only inviting John Dylan Sylvester Lorna and Esme, why all these people” I asked

“wow that is the first time you called me Luke and I can’t answer your question cause I don’t know what’s happening too” he said and immediately Sylvester walked up to us and gosh he was looking smoking hot, I could barely breathe.. I love the way he wear headphones around his neck.. 

“oh you guys are here, hi Daisy,. Ben” he said and I waved back while Ben waved 

“what’s going on sly, why is the party crowded” Lucas asked 

“some people from school heard Ben’s attending the party and they came too and now almost all the whole school’s here” Sylvester said and glanced at Ben, who looked away.. 

“whoa.. Well I guess they’ll just have to leave them since I can’t get them to leave” Lucas said and sighed, we walked in his big house and wow it looked dashing, the music were blasting from everywhere and I couldn’t help the smile on my face, I love parties.. I didn’t see Ben again, maybe he’s with a girl or something else.. 

I was with Lucas walked around when his sister walked up To us.. I noticed cause they look alike, like so much, but her blue eyes is not close to Lucas’s but still they’re pretty identical ..

“Luke.. I thought it was only your friends you invited who are all these people?” she asked almost calmly 

“well.. It got complicated a while ago” Lucas said and scratched his head, she rolled her eyes and then saw me

“who’s this?” she asked with a smile 

“Daisy!” Lucas said and I smiled 

“are you his girlfriend, if you are, you’re gonna regret it” she said and Lucas rolled his eyes while I laughed.. 

“o my.. Who is that?” Lauren asked and we both looked at the direction she was looking at and it was Ben.. 

“that’s.. That’s Daisy brother” Lucas replied and Lauren gasped and said “wow i think we’re git to be prefect friends Daisy”

You’ve seriously got to be kidding me.. Lauren too!  Ben who are you!.. Exactly.. 

By ruthie lee

Episode 14

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Love Triangle -(mixed feelings)

[STORY] Love Triangle – mixed feelings




(mixed feelings) 


 *Daisy’s pov*

Lucas and I were both sitting quietly on my bed the tension between us could double kill a dead person, I mean he just confessed to me! And told me to think about  but what if I don’t want to think about it,  what if I just want us to stay friends cause I don’t see him more than that.. I’m afraid to say I dont have feelings for him..

“uhm so.. What do you want to do now?” he asked 

“I dont know maybe something” I said out of point and he suddenly gave me a look and smiled 

“how about we go to the arcade” he said cheerfully and I rolled my eyes.. 

“the arcade? What! do I look like a boy to you” I said and he shrugged and said “maybe” while I rolled my eyes..  I sighed heavily and laid flat on my bed I looked at the time and it was already going to three.. “I’m feeling kind of tired today I don’t know what’s wrong why me” I said and Lucas turned to me 

“really? Are you sure you’re not sick” he said and I nod.. “no I’m not”

“okay good, do you want to rest, should I leave?” he asked 

“I don’t know? Do you want to leave?” I threw back the question and he kind of flinched 

“w-well I don’t want to leave but I have a feeling you want me to” he said and I stared at his blue eyes and scoffed 

“what are you some mind reader?” I said sarcastically and he laughed, “you can call me that!” he said and I smiled.. What do you know I’m starting to feel better already.. 

“so tomorrow’s school, do you want to study with me?” I asked 

“uhm.. I-i don’t really like to study but sure, I’ll give it a shot” he said and I smiled,

“but.. I’m not even with my books” Lucas said 

“we have assignments in math and don’t worry you can work it out in my jotter and transfer it to your book tomorrow okay!” I said and he grimaced weirdly, I know he hates the idea of studying  but he doesn’t want to leave and I’m dying of boredom.. 


“what the hell Lucas you got it all wrong” I half yelled for the third time Lucas started solving our math assignment.. 

“well what do you want me to do  the x went to where it belongs and so did the y I dont get why I’m wrong” he said defensively and I sighed and snatched the pen from his hand and showed him how to solve it.. 

“there, now try it yourself” I said and he nods and grabbed the pen back from my hand boastfully 

“just watch and learn” he said and I rolled my eyes.. 

 He solved it and got It right and I cheered him on and couldn’t stop smiling, we both solved number two and with the same method he got it right and he was more boastful than ever, we were both studying laughing and playing at the same time that I didn’t know when my mom walked in, and started staring at us.. 

I noticed her and she suddenly smiled 

“mom? What are you doing here?” I asked 

“it’s passed five, dinner time is ready” my mom said and I nod 

“oh and L-Luke Lucas.. Yeah would you care to join us for dinner?” my mom asked and I gave her a look while she grinned.. 

“uhm yeah sure” Lucas said with a smile.. “good” my mom said and walked out..

I packed my books and shoved them all inside my bag, 

“you could have just turned down the dinner offer and go home” I tell Lucas 

“why? Your mom seems nice your entire family is nice” Lucas said 

“yeah well, you better warm up your voice cause for you this won’t be a dinner but your life quiz” I said and he rolled his eyes and said “yeah right?” sarcastically. 

I help my mom set the table and all an everyone sat down including my dad, just like I told Lucas when we all started to eat my mum started.. 

“so Lucas.. You go to the same school with my Daisy right?”

I gave my mom a look but she completely ignored me

“yeah, we’re also in the same homeroom actually we’re seat partners and also subject partners” Lucas said and my mom smiled and said “really?”,

While Lucas nod.. 

“wow.. That’s great you must be really smart since you and Daisy take the same courses” my mom said while I rolled my eyes.. 

“yeah speaking of smart.. I’m not sure and compared to Daisy , I’m not quarter to her half” Lucas said And I blushed and my mom smiled 

“I knew right? She takes after me” my mom suddenly said and immediately my dad and I gave her a look.. My dad coughed and breathe out and said “excuse me” and gulped down his glass of milk… 

“anyway Lucas I hope you take care of Daisy for me in school” my mom said with a smile, okay what the hell is that supposed to mean.. Lucas looked at me and we both shared a brief eye contact before he turned back to my mom and nod lightly, ..



okay living alone in this Mansion is way too boring, I’m now alone staring at the big frame picture of me and Daisy on my thigh, Heather’s gone cause she had some things to do urgently, I could have dinner but I wasn’t hungry, I went to my room and had to slam a nail to the wall just to hang up the picture of Daisy and I.. And what could I say, it was beautiful, she is beautiful not just the picture, but Daisy.. .. Maybe I should call her and know how she’s doing, or maybe I should just lay back because I just remembered I don’t have her phone number.. 

I sighed tiredly and was about to lie down when I heard the door open from downstairs.. “Ben I’m home!!” I heard my dad’s voice from down, and I went there

“hey dad, good evening” I said tiredly 

“hey..ben.. You look tired, are you sick, what’s wrong?” he panicked 

“I’m fine, thanks for worrying” I said and he smiled 

“why would I not worry you’re my flesh and blood after all” he said. 

“so.. Dad about school? tomorrow I’ve thought about it and I was wondering if I’d get to go to my old school back” I said and he sighed and plopped back to the couch,.. 

“I heard you went to a public school and to be sincere I don’t really like public schools, so I’m sorry to say but you’re not going back there, you’re in your final year right? So it’s really nice to finish off in private school” he said and my shoulder went soggy.. 

“but I’ve made so many friends and seriously it’s going to be hard to leave that school alone” I said and mean it. 

“I know but what is people going to say about that, that I just found my son and he’s going to a public school what kind of father would they think I am.. Ben I want the best for you really and I’m also sorry to say that now that you’re in this household  this family, you have a reputation and learn to live with that expectations” he said and I sighed, I almost forgot he’s popular, pretty cheesy! Well I don’t want to argue with him or fight or quarrel so I guess I’d just have to agree, 

“fine.. I’ll stick to what you want” I said and he sighed and nods 

“and don’t take it like its what I want am doing this for you too” he said with a short smile.. 

“I know..” I breathed out and he smiled beamed “so have you eaten?” he asked while I shook my head negatively 

“why? There was enough fo–

“I wasn’t hungry” I said cutting him off and he nods, “okay I don’t know if this is the real you or not but you seem awfully quiet and trust quiet boys these days are hard to find and when I was your age I wasn’t this quiet. Being quiet isn’t always the best way to live” my dad said and I looked at him and smiled.. 

“I’m not this quiet but I’m close to it.. But I’m not quiet person, maybe.. I don’t know maybe I’m home sick or something, even though this will be my new home for now I’m going to get use to it.. I mean adaptation.. I’m still going to get used to the smell the hugeness and the loneliness cause since you’ll be off to work everyday it will just be me myself and i in this house” I said and my dad stood up and said, 

“look Ben if you need anything just, anything tell me and I’ll do it for you” he said and walked away, but stopped on his tracks and turned.. 

“oh and if you’re worried about staying home alone, I can get you a job at my company like a part time you’ll be getting paid your pick” he said with a smile 

“well I’m not that smart when it comes to business so.. I’ll pass” I said and he laughed 

“I ain’t talking about business here, well I am but it’s not, since you aren’t that smart seems like you take after your mom” my dad said and I gave him a look that says “that’s-an-insult” he cleared his throat and said “well it’s a job boys your age do so don’t get too worked up I’ll call Heather now to get everything ready with your new school tomorrow”  ..

“okay sure” I said and head to my room, I walked in my room and sighed heavily.. I laid my back on the door and stared the picture of Daisy and I.. And I smiled it’s going to be hard to see her these days.. I really miss her…


Sorry it’s late alot has just been going on.. Thanks 4 being patient.. 


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Love Triangle -(mixed feelings)

[STORY] Love Triangle – mixed feelings




(mixed feelings) 



I cleaned the unknown tears on my face and stood up, maybe we’ve been to close that’s why I miss him so much already, I climbed on my bed and the sleep I couldn’t get finally came.. 



 My dad and I sat down at the back of his car, while the driver drove us to our new home, I was supposed to use my car but he didn’t let me he said someone’s going to bring it to the ‘mansion’ later the thought of living in a mansion is quite welcoming,but the idea of being alone is not in my vocabulary.. 

I stayed quiet in the car since that’s me for anyone  I don’t talk too much if there’s nothing to talk about.. 


The sound of her name in my head just sent shivers to my body, the look on her face while I was leaving didn’t seem very nice, it was like she wants me to leave she didn’t even hold any emotion on her face, I know she’s not even going to miss me a bit,  and look at me here missing her like crazy, if only she knew I feel about her.. 

 The driver pulled over in front of a big house and we all walked out of the car  “welcome home son” my dad said happily and he give me a smile while I gave him a brief smile too.. 

We walked up to the gate and he typed in some numbers in like a pass code machine or something and the door opened, I breathe in and out trying to get Daisy out of my head, I’m just feeling down.. 

As we walked in the Mansion there was a huge swimming pool at the right side, we moved to the door and he opened it by just placing his right palm on a scanning system which was laying flat on the door and the door opened 

“pretty soon you’ll also have access to the whole house like me” my dad said with a smile 

“cool” I said and my dad smiled.. He took me upstairs and he showed me my room, “so this is your room, just get everything ready, get unpacked and after that help your self out with the food in the kitchen, I have to go now I have some business to attend to I’ll be back soon I’ll send my secretary here, to keep you company” he said and I shrugged and then nod.. 

“okay see you soon, I feel guilty for leaving you actually, or maybe I should just call off the meeting i have?” he asked while I shook my head negatively.. 

“it’s okay” I tell him and he nods, gave me one more smile and walked away.. 

I opened the door to my room and I was amazed by it’s neatness and beauty, I walked up to the clean and well arranged wide bed and dropped my belongings on top of it.. I started to unpack and neatly arranged my clothes in the closet and my shoes at the bottom of the closet, and before I knew it I was done there wasn’t anything to unpack actually  it’s only just my clothes.. 

 I sat down on the bed and sighed, the house was quiet  way too quiet and it’s kind of creepy, I touched my forehead and sighed, I looked at the time and it was 8:43am.. I went downstairs to get something to eat from the kitchen and I lost my way three times, this is so fucking huge it’s going to take me sixty years to get use to it.. 

I finally found my way to the kitchen and wow, it was one of a kind.. I mistook the oven for the fridge and laugh at my mistakes.. I found the frigde and it was loaded with different kinds of food, but mostly vegetables ..i saw a plate of ice-cream and I grabbed it.. I mean who wouldn’t choose ice-cream over vegetables.. 

 I plopped down on the couch in the huge living room and decided to watch TV, but silly me I mistook the TV for a mirror and I didn’t laugh at my mistake this time because even though it was only me in the house it really embarrassed me cause that was dumb..

 I turned the TV and just switched to a channel and start digging in my ice-cream, I got a few brain freeze and well it was worth it.. The door clicked opened and a middle aged woman walked in with a smile, she must have access to this house since she just barged in.. As she walks close to me the sound of her heels were the only thing that was echoing in the entire mansion… 

“hi. ” she said with a smile 

“sup” I said without looking at her but at my ice-cream 

“you must be Benjamin, I’m Heather your father secretary and best friend and I’ve heard a lot about you” she said and smiled smarty, you know the way smart peoples smile.. Like Daisy

“nice to meet you too Heather, just so you know I prefer to be called Ben” I said and she nods 

“okay Ben, your father told me to come here, and show you round the house, that wouldn’t be a problem right?” she asked 

“no.  I’m bored anyway so let’s get on with it” I said and stood up.. 



 I woke up and headed to my bathroom and took the longest bath ever.. That I almost got wrinkles on my fingers. Immediately I got out of the bathroom and got dressed I received a call from Lucas.. 

“hey Lucas good morning” I greeted as cheerful as I could 

“good morning?? It’s two in the afternoon” Lucas said and I glance at the wall clock and gasped, I must have slept a lot.. 

“ah sorry I didn’t realise that I slept for too long” I said 

“oh it’s okay and are you okay you don’t sound to good” he said 

“don’t worry I’m fine, I’m just… Well I haven’t eaten that’s why!” I said and sat down on my bed 

“okay remember you promised to hang out with me today  so are you still on board with it?” he asked. “uhm yeah.. Sure” I said 

“okay.. But still are you sure you’re okay?” he asked 

“Lucas.. I’m fine.. Don’t worry about me too much okay?” I said into the phone with a small smile 

“how can I not worry about you? When you’re Daisy” he said.. What is that supposed to mean anyway 

“okay.. Well what time should we meet?” I asked 

“uhm since I’m not busy now let’s meet at exactly 2:15pm maybe we can go to the movies” he said 

“err.. I’m not really into movies now” I said with a sigh 

“okay well how about I come over to your place?” he said 

“well suit yourself” I said and he replied with “got it” we hang up and I dropped my phone and head downstairs to eat breakfast.. Or lunch.  Well it would be brunch actually.. 

I met my mom talking quietly in the living room and that was way too awkward they don’t even talk to each other? What moved them?? I ignored their conversation and head to the kitchen  .since my mom’s at home I know the kitchen won’t be empty,.. She made homemade chicken soup and salad.. And I couldn’t hesitate to dig in, after eating and getting satisfied, I walked out of the kitchen and was about to go upstairs when the door bell suddenly ring and my mom and I shared a look before I went to get it.. 

Just who I guessed it was Lucas?? 

 His smile was bright and his blue eyes were reflecting to the sun, making him look cute.. 

“hey” he said 

“hi..come in” I said and he walked in..

he saw saw my parents and greeted them politely and they also replied politely and my mom gave me a look that says “who’s this?” 

And her gave her a reply 

“uhm.. This is my friend Lucas, from school” I said and my mom nods and was about to say something when I grabbed lucas by the hand and said “let’s go to my room” .  . .

“wow your room is..–

“small?” I interrupted and he Chuckled “I was gonna say too girly but small works too” he smiled 

“what do I need a wide room for anyway  I just need a closet and a bed that’s all” I said and sat down on my bed and he sat down beside me.. 

“what about Ben?” he asked

“well he’s gone” I said 


“well it’s a long story” I said and he gave me a pretty awkward look.. “Ben’s gone to meet his dad, turns out were not related after all” I said rapidly and he nods slowly.. 

“well Daisy,before it’s too late, I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a long time” Lucas said and I looked at him slowly and asked “what is it?” ..

“Daisy for a long time now.. I’ve had a crush on you  a monster crush.. And I’ve come to realise I like you, so very very very much, and I would love it if you’d be my girl friend” he said and my heart skipped a bit.. No one and I mean no one has ever confessed to me before so this is what it feels like  I’m frozen, I dont even know what to say.. 

“I.. I.. 

I stammer not finding words to say.. 

“don’t worry you don’t have to say anything I’ll give you time to think about it”  he said but still I was frozen.. 


Ben’s pov. 

“and lastly this is your dad’s room,now that I’ve showed you the entire mansion what would you like to do next” Heather asked and I shrugged and said “anything?” 

“you know for a teenager, you’re really boring,” Heather said and I rolled my eyes… “thanks that means a lot” I said sarcastically and she scoffed  .

“well if you need anything or want anything or want to do something just tell me and I’ll be in the living room” she said with a smile.. 

“ah.. Well I really want to do something” I said and she turned and said “what is it” I brought out my phone and went to my gallery and choose the picture me and Daisy snapped when her dad bought me a car… 

“can I print this picture out?” I asked Heather as she gazed at the picture 

“uhm.. Yeah sure, who is she if I may ask? Is she your girlfriend?” Heather asked 

“she would have really hate the sound of that word girlfriend  but still just keep it that way, that she’s my girlfriend” I said with a smirk and Heather gave me a confused look.. 

“well.. Okay sure I’ll send this to people who would print this out” Heather said and I smiled 

“and.. Make sure they enlarge it and frame it and also I want it in my room on my wall above my bed” I said with a smile and she nods.. 

Oh Daisy, I wonder how she’s doing now???!!! 



Episode 21

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Love Triangle -(mixed feelings)

[STORY] Love Triangle – mixed feelings




(mixed feelings) 



“well still it’s nice that you get to meet your dad” I said and he smiled and said “thanks”

“well so I’m gonna be in my room if you need anything, just tell me” I said and I walked inside my room before he could say another word..  I moved closer to my bed and sat down gently, why the hell am I feeling this way.. 

I laid down on my bed and stared at my plain grey ceiling, 

If Ben moves out from here would he charge school too, or would he even come visit us, or would he even.. Ugh why am I thinking about this.. 

My phone started ringing and when I looked at the caller it was Lucas 

“hi” I said slowly into the phone 

“hey Daisy did you get home safely?” he asked and I smiled 

“I’m not a baby Lucas, your house isn’t that far from mine it’s just one street apart” I said and I could hear him chuckle 

“yeah, just to make this a little bit not awkward just answer me” he said 

“well yes I am actually lying on my bed” I said and he sighed 

“see it wasn’t that hard.. So do you maybe want to hang out tomorrow?” he asked 

Tomorrow! Sunday? Am I doing anything tomorrow?

“uh.. Well sure, we could hang out” I said, no matter how occupied I am, I still hang out with Lucas whenever he wants to.. 

“okay well thanks, see you tomorrow then” he said and I replied with an “okay bye” and we both hang up.. I sighed and turned to the other side of my bed.. Why am I feeling so down.. 

I closed my eyes and suddenly there was a knock on my door, I lazily stood up and walked up to my door and opened it and Ben was standing there.. 

“hey.. Uhm.. So I just ordered a pizza and I’m watching a movie and I was wondering if you’d like to join me,.. You know for the last five or six hours that we have know, before I leave” he said with a grin and I nod.. 

“yeah sure why not” I said and he smiled, I closed my door and head downstairs with him.. “so Daisy about the kiss” Oh no, don’t remind me ben

“I’m sorry.. I was just well I don’t want to lie. ..well I-i I’m really sorry can you just forget about that” he asked and I nod “of course I knew you were just joking around I knew it was a mistake so no hard feelings” I said and he smiled and suddenly looked away.. 

I’d be glad to forget the kiss, but how can I when it was the most awkward thing ever …

“so what movie are you watching anyway?” I asked as we both walked to the couch and he as he sat down.  “rise of zombie mutants” he said with a smile 

“and I’m going to bed” I replied and was about to make a U turn while he stopped me and laughed 

“I was just joking, I’m watching Twilight Saga he said and I sighed and sat down on the couch too.. 

“good, but if it turns out that it’s a stupid zombie movie, I won’t be the only one who’s going to have nightmares” I said threateningly and he laughed.. 

“but why aren’t you complaining about Twilight, what’s the difference between vampires and zombies?” he asked 

“there is way more like ten thousand differences and the main one is vampires are cute, while zombies well they’re dead people who just have the ability to walk and eat human, so that gives you the ten thousand differences” I said 

“well to me both of them are just the same, vampires are dead too” he said and I sighed 

“vampires are dead but that’s the point that made them charming, while zombies are disfigured you can find their legs stuck to their face, so beat it Ben, and also Twilight is a romantic Vampire story, and who would want to watch a romantic zombie movie anyway” I said and rolled my eyes 

“I would love to watch that” he said with a smile.. 

“eww Ben, you’re more disgusting than I thought” I said and he laughed.. 

We both stayed quiet and shot him a look and said 

“what are you waiting for, turn on the TV” 

“uhm.. Actually I was waiting for the pizza, I thought you are too” he said and I shook my head negatively.. 

“oh well sometimes our mind doesn’t work together” he grinned 

“are you dumb? Our minds aren’t supposed to work together” I said and he nods. 

“you know for a smart girl, you’re kind of dumb, some people minds actually work together” he said and I gave him a look while he  smiled and nod… We heard the door bell and he stood up and got the door and it was the pizza delivery guy, Ben took our pizza and paid and then while we eat we watched Twilight.. 


I woke up and found myself lying on my bed, I turned slowly and turned on my bedside lamp, I stood up and glance at the time and it was 11:01pm , I must have fallen asleep while watching twilight with Ben, 

But wait if I was on the couch with him and fell asleep, maybe he was the one who carried me here my room!!! And on my bed!!…oh goodness.. 

 Since I was thirsty I walked out of my room and head to the kitchen to get a glass of water and met my mom eating, I think the remaining pizza slices Ben and I left ..

“hey mom” I said lowly and grabbed a glass cup and filled it with water.. 

“hey sweetie, how did your day go” she asked 

“okay” I said gulped down my water 

“so I heard Ben saw.. Well I didn’t actually heard, Ben told me himself, how he met his dad, that must have been a wonderful moment  but he is so lucky to be the son of Jerry Byers” my mom said 

“Jerry who?” I asked 

“Jerry Byers, you wouldn’t know him he’s famous around here I heard people talking about him, everyday at work and it’s true, that man is perfect in everything he does” my mom said and touched her chest in an emotional way 

“well mom  your mistake is that you should have married him before dad.. That would have made things a lot easier” I said teasingly and my mom smiled and rolled her eyes.. “look honey, your dad may have had or still having any affair with any woman claiming he loves her but let me tell you one thing, we are the people he loves most, he can’t survive a day without us, he loves us more than anything we’re his world so just give him some time to come out of his phase,” my mom and took the glass Cup from my hand and filled it with water 

“well whatever I’m going to bed, goodnight” I say and kissed my mom cheeked 

“nighty-night sweety” she said as I walked out of the kitchen  ..

 I went back to my room and fall right on my bed.. And before I knew it I fell asleep.. 


 I woke up the next morning by the sound of voices coming from downstairs, my stomach grumbled and throat went stiff and I quickly rushed to my bathroom and puked in my toilet.. Not a nice morning I just vomited last night pizza, great!.. The morning was cold and I was feeling cold too.. I grabbed a huge thick sweater from my closet and wore it on top my pajamas I laid back on my bed and tried to fall asleep but it was no use , the morning coldness and the noise from downstairs all just making me not being able to fall asleep.. 

 I stood up and walked to my door , I opened it and walked to the stairs, from the stairs I stared at the people in the living room, it was my mom, dad Ben and a man about my dad’s age I think but he looks younger and looks so much like Ben.. At first Ben looked like my dad the first time he came here but that’s just a combination from my imagination, cause now Ben is the exact replica of his father.. Ben and the man who I assume is Jerry stood up and Jerry shook my dad hand and my mom’s, Ben looked up and saw me and he excused himself from the grownups and came to me.. 

“hey good morning” he said with a smile 

“good morning to you too” I said 

“you’re up early” he said 

“yeah I couldn’t sleep it’s kind of cold” I said and he nods 

“well this is it.. I’m finally going I’m going home even though it wouldn’t be the same without your parents and especially you, at least i have someone I can dad, thanks Daisy for everything” he said with a serious look on his face.. 

Is he trying to get me to cry or something because if he is it’s already working 

“uhm no.. It’s nothing.  What are friends for” I said and cleared my throat, wait, are we even friends  cause we ain’t siblings anymore I don’t even know what to call “us”

“so you want me to introduce you to my dad?” he asked 

“no it’s okay you don’t need to maybe next time” I say and he nods.. 

“okay then I’ll be going then take care, but before I leave won’t I receive a hug or something” he smiled, while I just stared at him 

“cause that’s what they do in mov–

I cut him off immediately by hugging me and he hugged me back and we both stayed like that for like four seconds before disengaging, I waved him goodbye as he walked down the stairs and he waved back too.. I went back to my room and slammed the door so hard that I’m pretty sure everyone heard it.. 

Dang it! 

Why does this feel so weird and awkward and why do I feel even more cold 

It’s not like he’s dying or something and why the hell am I in tears!. 


Episode 20

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Love Triangle -(mixed feelings)

[STORY] Love Triangle – mixed feelings




(mixed feelings) 




*Ben’s pov continues*

  I quickly stood up by the sound of Jerry’s voice saying “it’s my motel why won’t I come in”  Jerry walked in and suddenly we both made eye contact..and trust me the tension there wasn’t very forgiving ..

“okay, um Jerry.. This Ben.. Your.. Son and Ben this is je–

“Ben? Is it really you” my ((dad)) said and I almost nod but I couldn’t move. I’m happy at the moment like so much.. But thinking about Daisy and her parents, leaving them can cause a sting in my chest.. 

“wow I didn’t realise I’d see you here you don’t know how Happy and I.. I don’t even know who to say this is all just like a dream come true, I’ve heard so much about you from Lyra” he said a bit nervously and I put on a small smile.  I didn’t say anything and everyone suddenly became quiet.. 

“I’m.. Gonna give you two some alone time” Lyra said and suddenly walked out.. Jerry actually dad and I became quiet and I sat down quietly this is a very awkward moment.. 

“so are we going to stay like this or someone going to say something” I said without looking at him and he laughed “sorry the excitement seeing you just jolted the words I was about to say,” he said still grinning 

“well I bet for the next five minutes if we continue to be this quiet I might leave cause I’m missing home already and well this is kind of awkward” I said and rubbed my nape

“home?” Jerry asked and I nod and he suddenly wore a sad face.. 

“I guess you must have heard everything from Lyra right? Look Ben I’m really sorry for all those years with you growing up without me I’m really a bad parent, seriously I see you sometimes with your aunt “Coral but I just didn’t have the courage to even pass the place you just passed I was scared you would not want to see me or worse even accept me as your father” he said and I looked at him and looked away before saying.. “well it was really nice of aunt Coral to take of me even though no one was nice to me I really appreciate that and also it was nice of Gael to take care of m–

“Gael?” Jerry asked and I nod

“you know him?” I asked 

“uh.. Yes Gael… Well we know each other, but we were never friends but still, it’s nice of him to accept you as his son while I chickened away … If he ever learned to find the truth that you’re not his real son he’d–

“he knows I’m not his real son” I cut Jerry off 

“he knows?”

“yes he was the one who insisted I should come see Lyra and learn the truth more better that you’re my father and that I should accept him and stay where I belong, he said he wants the best for me” I Say and Jerry’s smile beamed 

“wow! I never knew Gael is so nice.. Did he really say that?” Jerry asked and I nod 

“so. Do you want to come home? Do you accept me as your dad even not being there for you all those years do you want me back?” he asked nervously and I could hear the guilt he was feeling in his voice, he’s plainly nervous.. I’m not a bad person I’ve always been nice, and what’s the harm there in accepting him, he’s my father.. And I love it that he is

“look “dad”.. His eyes immediately lit up immediately he heard the word dad from my mouth and I could tell his heart skipped a beat 

“why won’t I want you back, you’re my father after all I’m not mad at you or anything like that so yes I accept I just know you left me alone with mom so you could think these through which took so long but still you’re here now so let’s focus on the future the past is in the past” I said with a small smile and my dad smiled and there were tears in his eyes which he was trying to hold back.. “thank you so much Ben.. ” he said and hugged me while I just smiled

“so are you ready to come home,to our own place?” he asked and I sighed and said 

“well yeah, but can I just stay at Gael’s house for just today and I’ll leave tomorrow morning it’s just hard to say goodbye to the nicest people on earth” I said and he immediately nod.. 

“of course, you can stay there I’ll come pick you up tomorrow first thing in the morning” he said with a happy smile, “yeah of course” I agreed and his smile didn’t vanish.. 

“I’ll take my leave then” I announce and he nods and said “I’ll escort you out”.. I walked out of Lyra’s room and he followed behind me.. 

“hello” I hear my dad said into his phone behind me .

“yeah, I’m going back to the mansion move everything back there and go on with the.. Okay yeah, sure, goodbye” he hung up and breathed a sigh of relief, while going outside the motel the receptionist greeted my dad and so did other workers while he answered them politely, 

 We reached outside and he escorted me to my car and brought out my car keys

“so this is yours?” he asked feeling down

“yeah Gael bought it for me” I said staring at the car

“wow, I’m the one who’s supposed to do that but no hard feelings, take care” he said and I nod, I bowed a little and entered the car.. And drove home.. Which won’t be my home in about twenty four hours.. 

 I came home and parked my car in the driveway before entering the house, I glanced at the time and It was 2:30pm I didn’t know I stayed that long.. 

“you’re home” I hear Gael’s voice from behind and I turned “uh yeah”

“so how did it go?” he asked me and sat down and so did i

“well I actually met my dad” I said and he arched an eyebrow and said “really?” 

“yeah, it was an awkward coincidence” I say with a smile and started to tell him everything.. 



 I was eating brunch with Lucas in his room Sylvester had gone home and it was remaining Lucas and I.. We just finished playing video games and I couldn’t believe it.. it was so much fun.. 

“hey… Daisy um.. Can I ask you something” Lucas asked 

“yeah dude, what is it” I said 

“is there anyone.. Well any boy you have a crush on?” he asked and I stopped chewing my noodles and looked at him.. 

“no.. Why do you ask” I asked and he shrugged 

“nothing just curious” he said, and shoved more noodles in his mouth.. 


“well actually there is actually someone that I like” I said and he immediately looked up.. 

“who?” he asked 

“it’s a secret” I said with a smile 

“seriously, we’re friends you can’t keep secrets from me” he said and I rolled my eyes.. 

“like you’d know if I keep secrets from you” I scoffed and he gave me a “really?” look while I just giggled 

“well anyway I’m just kidding I don’t really like anyone” I said, I can’t tell him I like Sylvester and maybe later when that feelings die it would still be like I like him so no telling. ..

“do you actually want to hear a secret” I ask him and he nods slowly 

“Ben is not actually my step brother” I said and he stopped eating 

“what! Really? He’s been lying to you guys or what or, wait I’m confused” he said and I smiled 

“we all just found out today, Ben was almost broken when he found out”  I said and drank down a glass of water 

“what? ..i still don’t get you” he said and I sighed and told him the whole story 


“so Ben came to my room and told me that my dad just told him we aren’t even related and then he k… Well that’s what just happened” I said and he sighed 

“wow I really do feel sorry Ben  he lost his mom and now his family aren’t his family anymore I just hope he finds his real dad cause he’s the only one left who’s actually related to him” Lucas said and I nod.. 

“yeah I hope so too” I said and finished the last part of my Chinese noodles.. 

“well look at the time Lucas I think I have to go home now, even though I’m not talking to dad he’d still be worried” I said and starts to wear my shoes.. “okay well I’ll escort you out, you’ve stayed longer than I thought” Lucas said and I smiled and grabbed my bag, ..

    I was home before I knew it and entered inside I looked by the couch and saw a huge suitcase lying on the couch, is anyone traveling or moving out.. 

I walked passed it and head upstairs to my room, I glance at Ben’s room and the door was wide open and I glance at it and saw him pacing some clothes in some sort of box, he looked up and from his room we made eye contact but I quickly break the eye contact and walked in my room. I dropped my bag on the bed and packed my hair up.. Dad isn’t going to send Ben away is he?.. 

I opened my door and walked out and bumped into Ben.. 

“oh sorry” he said and I laughed nervously “oh it’s nothing”this is crazy why am I feeling nervous.. 

“well I just wanted to say that I actually found my dad all thanks to your dad” he said 

“really?” I asked 

“yeah, lucky me right?” he said with a smile and I nod and smiled too 

“and also I’m also moving out of here tomorrow morning and I thought I’d come to say goodbye” he said and I felt like. .well I didn’t feel too happy about it.. I should be happy for him but the sound of that doesn’t sound welcoming and it hurts.. 

Gosh why am I feeling this way 

Episode 19


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Love Triangle -(mixed feelings)

[STORY] Love Triangle – mixed feelings




(mixed feelings)


Sylvester suddenly moved back and gasped, “oh my God Daisy I am so sorry” he said rapidly with his eyes so wide

“Daisy?!!” I heard Lucas voice behind Sylvester and he walked up to us.. 

“wait.. Don’t tell me she is the one you kisse–

“she is” Sylvester cut Lucas and Lucas sighed, “what a stupid coincidence” he said and rolled his eyes.. 

“look Daisy, I am so sorry I just ..well Lucas and I were playing video games and which ever person looses has to do dare and he dared me to kiss Lauren who would have been here any minute now since she promised to bring us lemonades and when you opened the door I thought you were Lauren and I kissed you, I was closing my eyes cause I just wanted to kiss her and felt like nothing happened, I didn’t know it was you I’m sorry, and also it’s Lucas fault in case you’re mad” he said and grinned nervously while Lucas shot him a glare.. 

 I’ve kissed two guys just for one day, or actually they’ve kissed me, gosh.. But on the bright side it’s actually Sylvester who kissed me.. It’s like I shouldn’t wake up from this dream.. “uhm.. It’s okay. Actually, it’s not like you did it on purpose or something” I said with a small smile.. 

“yeah, but wait so if I didn’t do it on purpose, would you have been.. Like mad?” he asked 

“what?..” I said feeling confused 

“I said we if i—

“you know what let’s just rap this up , Daisy Im sorry for making Sly kiss you by accident” Lucas said and I nod lightly  “okay.. Apology accepted” I said, I just said that so we dont have to talk about this anymore.. We all walked in Lucas room and he shut the door “you know you came here pretty early  I didn’t think you’d come sooner” Lucas said and I shrugged “well I dont Like being late to places” I lied and he shrugged if only he knew I was kind of running away from home and Ben.. “that is a cliche thing to do that means you’re a cliche” Sylvester said and I rolled my eyes..

“don’t you know that when a girl roll their eyes at me they fall in love with me in no time” Sylvester said and I scoffed and said “yeah right” sarcastically.. 

“make that double ‘yeah right’ Daisy” lucas said and we both laughed 

“oh you both just keep laughing, and Daisy don’t be thrilled when you start falling for me” Sylvester said in a boastful tone, and moved his hair back like he was posing for pictures and Lucas rolled his eyes while I giggled, if only he knew I’vte already fall for him.. But I have a feeling it’s just infatuation.. But I can enjoy it while it last.. 



My *dad* walked up to me and I suddenly realised my self and looked at him.. 

“uhm.. Yes” I replied 

“I just talked to your Lyra and she said you can meet her, she gave me her address I’ll send it to you so you can meet her” my *dad* says and I nod and stood up.. 

“can I go now” I asked, cause I need answers like fast..

“oh yeah of course, she suggest to see you now since she’s a busy woman” my *dad* said and I nod.. He suddenly send the address to my phone and told me to get going “thanks” I tell him before going and he just said he wishes the best for me and I went with my car.. 

 I followed the address my dad gave me and drove a bit about town before stopping at my destination and it was in a motel, and believe me it’s not that surprising.. She can’t possibly rent a house around here 

I walked out of my car and walked inside the motel, I walked up to the receptionist and she held on a welcoming smile.. The smiles faded as I walked close to her she was looking at me suspiciously like I did something wrong.. But she immediately brought the smile back 

“good day sir, welcome to J-stay hotel where you ca—

“I’m sorry but please can you tell me the room this person’s staying, Lyra Goldberg please” I interrupted her and she sighed, still with a smile 

“well sir, we don’t actually give out our renters profile but since it’s you I’ll be happy to, Lyra Goldberg stays in room R-101” she said with a smile and I smiled back.. 

“since its me” what does she mean by that.. 

“okay well thanks” I tell her and she nods and immediately turned to the next person that was behind me.. 

I straight to the elevator and it took me to the seventh floor, I just hope I get answers, that’s what I came here for..

 I found room R-101 and I didn’t hesitate to knock on the door hard Wooden door, but immediately I knocked I realised there was a doorbell by the side, 

How pathetic.. But I pushed the door bell anyway, and a woman in her early forties opened the door.. And she looks familiar maybe that’s because I’ve seen her before with my mom I guess, I don’t really recall.. She suddenly smiled seeing me “Ben! Wow look how tall you’ve grown, goodness and handsome, come-in I was expecting you Gael told me you were coming” she said and opened the door wider and I walked in, the smell of expensive perfume filled my nostrils and I almost passed out, the smell was too much that it almost choked me to death.. 

“so sit down and let me get you something” she said while I disagreed, “no thanks actually I came here for a really important purpose” I tell her and she smiled 

“oh honey, I know Gael told me why you came here” she said 

“really? So are you gonna tell me who my father is?” I asked and she nods 

“but seriously what do you need that old man for anyway, you’re a grown man yourself, you can just stay with Gael and forget about him” she said 

“it’s not that easy living with dad–Gael.. Was okay, not okay, it was great everyone was nice to me.. But now that I know that I’m not his kid it’s awkward than ever, at least if I don’t get to meet him at least I’d get to know him” I said and she smiled “wow you grew up to be so smart Ben, Noelle was really lucky but yet threw you away, well your father name is Jerry Byers, ever heard of him?” she asked while I shook my head negatively 

“seriously? Have you been living in a cage or what?” she said with a surprised look and laughed, okay I remember her laughs clearly from when I was little she and my mom must be really close cause I really remember when they hang out like always

“your dad is a crazy rich man, his ego is higher then Mount Everest, he’s nice but mostly a nuisance, we’re pretty close so I kind of know everything about him but anyway he’s still your dad you both have the same eyes and nose” she said and giggled.. 

“but does he even know he has me, does he even want me?” I asked and she sighed 

“yeah, he wants you.. So much.. Like they say, when you’re older you’ll understand, when he impregnated your mom and when your mom told him, he was scared of taking care of you he wasn’t ready, he didn’t tell your mom he wasn’t ready he was scared of her reactions cause your mom was a very strict woman so he told me that instead, since Jerry didn’t take you, she told me to take you in and believe I could have taken you if I could cause you were the cutest thing on earth then.. But I couldn’t I have my own problems to deal with and that’s when Gael came, Noelle and your dad started having an affair and she lied to him that you were his son, and that’s that, Gael freaked out but that didn’t stop him from wanting to see you every day,”

I didn’t say anything when she finished talking I just kept quiet and she continued

“so don’t be angry with your dad Ben.. It’s not his fault, it’s your mom, even though Jerry doesn’t know what you look like he still wished to accept you hon..”

“I’m not angry with him, or even my mom, I don’t want to blame anyone.. People make mistakes sometimes and that’s all just in the past, everyone has to move on right?” I asked and looked at her and she held on a proud smile 

“I won’t stop saying this Ben, you’re smarter than smart itself, and also your dad came here yesterday well to see me, to ask about you, and also because he owns this motel, I mean that would explain why I’ve been staying here for the past four months for free, your dad’s a douche bag, but in the inside he’s nicer than nice itself” she said with a smile “he always fills my bank account with money, loads of money and that is what I love about him” she smiled 

While I smiled too

“but every time when he comes here the only conversation we have is only just about you even if he hasn’t seen you, me describing him for you was just making him wants to meet you immediately” Lyra said 

And I wish to meet him too.. The door bell suddenly ring and Lyra stood up with a smile 

“oh that must be my food” she said and smiled happily and walked to the door and opened it.. 

“Jerry? What are you doing here?” Lyra suddenly said and I immediately looked up.. 



Episode 18

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Love Triangle -(mixed feelings)

[STORY] Love Triangle – mixed feelings





(mixed feelings)


 I quickly push Ben away and gasped for air.. “what the hell was that!” I yelled and stood up, 

“I.. I.. Yeah I have no explanation for that.. I’m sorry” he said and sighed heavily.. 

“seriously, you just kissed me and you have no explanation for that?!!” I yelled and he stood up 

“look Daisy, I’m sorry, I get you’re pissed but I lost control of myself, but seriously is kissing me that bad, that you have to be like this?” he asked not feeling guilty of what he did and here I am feeling like my heart is going to explode any seconds from now.. 

“you know what? Just.. Just leave” I said and moved my hair back.. I walked up to the door and opened it, wider.. “fine I’ll go” he said and sulked.. I watch him as he walked out and I slammed the door, I sat on my bed and suddenly felt cold.. 

“what the hell was that?” I said to myself and sighed heavily, this is crazy why the hell would Ben do that? 

Don’t tell me.. He has a “crush” on me!! That would be gross. It wouldn’t be but..he’s my broth.. That’s right he’s not my brother, but still we’ve grown fond of each other and that’s part of being a family and then he kissed me.. What is wrong with him.. 



I went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass cup and filled it with water, I really need a glass of water, gosh why did I do that for Christ’s sake.. 

Daisy would think I’m sort of a pervert now.. But seriously I just can’t help it, when I found out she was my sister,i was glad cause not only did I have a sister but also a family, and family is everything at first she was rude to me but I’ve learned to live with rude people, cause you know, they’re just doing it for some reasons.. And when she started being nice to me, that’s when it happened, that was when the portal in my heart open and I started falling for Daisy.. I started missing her like every second of the day.. I tried to banish those feelings from me since she’s my sister but it was no use they were too strong.. I couldn’t help it but fall more in love with her.. I realised I was being foolish falling in love with my half sister, because at some point we still share the same blood but then dad came home with this news that he’s not my real dad and that when I thought that this should be my opportunity to tell Diasy since we’re not siblings anymore, first when I heard the news I was heart broken cause I won’t have a family of own anymore and trust me families are everything! But in this life, “nothing’s perfect” and nobody is too, but I can’t bring my self to tell Daisy that I like her, “romantically” since she acted like she’s going to die when I kissed her seems like she doesn’t have that kind of feeling for me, I mean come-on I’m every girl’s dream at school and yet she sees nothing in me! Gosh I love her so much for that.. Love is something else, and I’m not shy guilty embarrassed or irritated to say that  I love Daisy, she is not my sister anymore and I am proud to say and think that I love her.. I’m eighteen, like my aunt woud always say “you’re nineteen so act like a man” ..

And that’s right I’m almost nineteen and I shouldn’t just lock my feelings inside even if I can’t say it I’ve got to at least do some part of it ..its been eighteen years, I’ve never felt like this before, I’ve never fell for anyone before and I don’t think I’m letting this one slide.. Literally. 

I placed my cup, on the kitchen counter and walked out of the kitchen and bumped into *dad* “sorry” we both apologized the same time

“it’s nothing” my *dad* said and I nod..

He looked at his phone then at me and said “uhm.. I just wanted to tell you that I contacted one of your mom’s partner, friend or whatever I should call her and she said she.. K-knows who your real father is.. 

“look dad you don’t need to–

“and he’s still alive” my *dad* cut me off and I suddenly inhaled softly… He’s alive 

“does he know he has a son?” I asked suddenly feeling curious 

“according to Lyra, your mom’s friend, yes! He knew when your mom was pregnant with you, Gosh I feel ashamed saying this” he said and shut his eyes 

He’s ashamed? I should be the one who’s supposed to be ashamed even though he’s slept with my mom once it still.. Well I don’t even know what to say or think.. But he isn’t the only one my mom has slept with, since she’s.. A..  ..gosh I should be the one who’s supposed to be ashamed.. “but what if it turns out that my real dad isn’t my real dad, since he’s not the only one she’d.. You know–

“no Ben, they both did a DNA test and found out you’re his child, but just when he found out, he left without saying anything if he wanted you or not and then Noelle tricked me into telling me that I’m your father so she wouldn’t be the one who’s going to be responsible for only you, I told her that I’m not sure if you were my son but she just got angry and made you start at Coral’s and when you started to grow up I had this feeling that you might be my son and well turns out I was wrong” he said and sighed 

“so wait, you said, this woman Lyra, my mom’s friend told you about mom and my real dad and this DNA stuff, can.. Can I like meet her or something please I have to talk to her in person” I said and my *dad* nods 

“okay.. Maybe I can make arrangements for that, maybe since we’ve just talked on the phone, but don’t worry Ben even though you’re not my real son, you’re still a special person to us and don’t worry everything is going to be okay! Okay?” he said and I nod.. Even if everything’s going to be okay I know one thing won’t be.. 

*dad* walked away and faced his phone, out of all people I had to get Noelle as my mom, I can’t believe I’m saying this but she doesn’t deserve to be a mom.. 

 Gosh my life is cranked up.. 



 after rolling on my bed and gripping my pillows hard and feeling awkward about Ben’s kiss I finally let go, I mean it’s just a kiss I’ve hard my first kiss before with a boy in seventh grade when my bossy best Megan dared me to do so.. And then I kissed Lucas so Ben kissing me Isn’t a big deal.. Who am I kidding it is a big deal.. Gosh why am I feeling this way, I hate feeling like this  I don’t even know what my emotions are right now but I have that kind of feelings that I have to stab someone.. I suddenly got a text message and I grabbed my phone, anything to distract me from this kiss.. 

++hey I’m feeling okay, and I’m free and it’s Saturday, wanna hang out?++ I read the text and it was from Lucas I smiled and then sighed before texting back.. 

**yeah I’m free too so? Your place?**

I dropped my phone and buried my head in my pillow and brought my head out immediately my phone beeped  .. And it was Lucas he has texted me back 

**well yeah sure, okay my place** 

I quickly opened my closet and gabbed my purse, I threw my phone inside and my lip balm.. I wore some comfortable boots and hurried downstairs, I’ve got to get out of this place.. I can’t bare to see Ben’s face that would be an awkward phase.. 

 Speak of the devil.. 

I saw Ben on the couch staring at the floor while my dad was under the stairs making a phone call Ben didn’t notice me he was lost in thought and I wondered what it was but I quickly smacked my self, I should be glad he doesn’t notice me.. I quickly walk out of the house and closed the door.. 

But wait.. Why am I even the one running away from him.. Ugh.. This is so unlike me..!! 

 I trekked to Lucas’s house since it wasn’t that far, and I got there really fast.. I ringed the door bell and Lauren opened the door 

“oh.. Daisy!.. Wow you’re here that is awesome” she said happily she I know she’s not really that happy to see me.. 

“do you by any chance brought your brother here?” Lauren asked while I shook my head negatively.. “oh.. Well my niceness ends there, if you’re looking for my brother he’s up there with one of his friend samolster or whatever his name is” and said and rolled her eyes 

“it’s Sylvester” I corrected her 

“yeah whatever” she said and walked away.. 

..i knocked softly on Lucas door and Sylvester suddenly open the door and surprisingly “KISS” ME. 

by Ruthie Lee

Episode 17

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