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His golden secrets

** Samantha’s pov ** **
“shoes? Books, your lucky pen?”.
“double check”
“your amazing presence and your charming smile?”
“triple check” I said with a small laugh.
This is me, Samantha kress.. And the person I’m talking to is my best friend Naomi. I’m starting a new school tomorrow.. One of the most biggest, nicest and richest school in the whole world. I left my old school cause false rumour started to spread that, we were served soured food for lunch and my parents didn’t want anything to happen to their precious daughter so I had to quit that school, even though I was the school’s president and also the School’s queen bee.
Not too brag but my parents are deadly rich and have a lot of outstanding and good reputation in a lot of places. . . I’m the only child and always will be.
My parents are kind of strict, but not so much, they just want me to do my best and be the perfect daughter. Which in fact I am.
My best friend here Naomi, is just one of those friends who wants the best for you and doesn’t complain in whatever you do but cheer you on, she’s my cheerleader. She’s not perfect like me but I’m her role model, she’s always telling me how she looks up to me and I couldn’t love her less.

“aren’t you like nervous about tomorrow?” Naomi asked as she sits down on my king-sized bed that is designed with an expensive glittery curtains round it..
“nervous? Please, when I step these pretty feet in that school, everyone’s going to love and adore me, I’m going to be the new queen bee, and who would look at this pretty face and turn away, I don’t get nervous Naomi, I make people nervous” I said and smiled while she nods. “oops sorry”.
“I bet you’re going to make a lot of new friends tomorrow” Naomi said and I smiled.
“Yeah, who wouldn’t want to be the perfect girl’s friend.. Everyone one would be begging me to be their friend instead just like you did” I said and she grinned a bit.
“uhm.. I didn’t beg you to be my friend we both met at a–
“shut up Naomi, you don’t talk when I talk” I interrupted her.
“but I’m just saying we me–
I raised my brows at her and she kept quiet and bowed her head, “I’m sorry” she said and I smiled, “it’s okay, you were just being stupid, but don’t worry it’s common and not contagious”..

“so are you planing on hiting on any guy while you’re at your new school.?” Naomi asked after a brief moment of silence.
“seriously, Naomi, I can’t believe you’re asking me all these, I don’t hit on guys, they hit on me instead and you know my parents don’t want me around guys, cause I’m just sixteen, they say guys are distraction and I can’t stoop so low and break that rule, cause I’m perfect to my parent’s and everyone around me and I can’t break that perfectness.” I primped and she shrugged.
“but nobody’s perfect”
“what did you just say?” my eyes pierced hers.
“I..just… Just.. Said.. No…no..nobody‘s perfect” she stuttered staring at me with her big brown eyes.
“nobody’s perfect, but you, you think you’re perfect and I’m not up to your standards” I said and she shook her head negatively.
“I didn’t say that.”
“you didn’t but you indirectly said that. Nobody can be perfect naomi, but I am perfect. And that’s one thing you should know okay?” I said and she nods.
“okay, so where were we?” I asked smiling immediately.
“we were still talking about your new school” she said lowly and I smiled.
“oh yeah right.. I was ju–
“Sam..” Naomi interrupted me and I turned to her.
“yeah” I replied.
“I just received a text from my mom, I have to go home” she said and I smiled.
“but we’re really having a fun conversation” I whined and she smiled.
“Yeah, I’m sorry I have to go” she said and I shrugged. “okay you can go it’s not like you’re my prisoner..”.
“okay then bye.” she said and walked out of my huge room…
Naomi. Such a cute but stupid girl.
She gets intimidated by people easily, and that annoys me the most, she sometimes says I make her feel small, and I know I do cause, Naomi’s not pretty or perfect or smart like me or even wealthy like me, she’s from the middle class type of family and I’m just her friend cause she’s nice and does everything I say.

Well that’s the kind of friend I need and she doesn’t need to change, I don’t need friends that will compete with me cause I’ll crush them down and I don’t need friends that will look prettier than me cause there can never be two Snow White in fairy tale land.

I walked up to my new uniform and smoothen some wrinkled parts.
“watch out alvery academy, a new queen is coming” I said to the uniform and smiled.
I walked out of my room head out to the room and meeting one of our trustful maid Beatrice on the stairs.
“miss..” she called and I turned to her.
“anything you want from me?” I asked, moving my golden and rich blonde hair back.
“no.. Miss.. I just received a call from your parents and they’ll be home any minute now” she said and I nod.
“okay then, prepare me a bath and make sure the water’s not too hot this time okay?” I ordered and she nodded with a smile.. I made a turn and went back to my room, I took off my clothes and wrapped my body in a towel, and ordered another maid to dress my room.
After taking my bath I wore one of my elegant dresses, all my clothes are elegant but they have class.. And I’m wearing the highest class today for my mother.
After dressing, I went downstairs and was served with a light food that will blend healthily with my skinny body and also give me a healthier skin.
While eating, I could already hear the sound of her heels, his thick tired laugh, her none stop laughter and the clanking of his boots too.
“they’re here” I muttered to myself and stood up immediately gulping down a whole glass of water and drying my mouth with a neat napkin
And then the door opened and they both walked in.
“mother, father,..” I smiled
“Samantha” my mother exclaimed happily and pull me in a hug, I let go of her and took a second hug with my dad.
“so how was Mexico?” I asked.
“the same, filled with fun, laughter and happiness, I was having too good of a time that I forgot I came there for business” my mother smiled .
“same goes for me” my dad chipped in and we all laughed. My mom head for the kitchen, while my dad went to his room upstairs and I continued my meal,
“so honey,.. How are you preparing for school tomorrow?” my mom asked stepping out from the kitchen.
“pretty well ma, I can’t wait to start tomorrow” I said and she smiled, “that’s why you’re daughter, you’re beautiful, smart and careful, and perfect when you grow old no man will resist you cause after perfect you come next” .
“thanks mom” I smiled and she sighed.
“anyway I have to go rest my head upstairs. . .” my mom said, kissed my cheek and walked away.

I disposed my plates after eating and went back to my room… Staring at my uniform one more time, I got on my bed, grabbed my laptop and start to do some research about my new school.
Hours passed and it was nighttime, I had dinner with my parents and we talked about some things, mostly about my future cause that’s what she talks about all the time which makes me see myself in a totally different way in the future.
That night I slept soundly and couldn’t wait for school the next day.
Finally the next I was woken up by alarm, and when my eyes fluttered open, I met Beatrice beside me.
“good morning, miss, it’s five o’clock in the morning and it’s time for your morning jog an–
“I know” I stopped her and stood up from my bed, I walked out of my bed and changed into a pink joggers, and a white sneaky, I packed my hair up grabbed my phone, plugged my ear piece in it and place the ear buds in my ears,…
After jogging for some time, I took a long bath that washed away the little sweat, I had gotten from jogging earlier, after that I carefully curled my already curled hair which made it more curly.. Finally I put on my uniform, which looks perfect on my body and I grabbed my bag and purse.
I walked downstairs elegantly and met my mom eating fruits at the living room. And she smiled seeing me.
“honey you look..
“prefect” I complete her words for her and she smiled
“Evans is waiting in the limousine outside for you, go on you can’t be late.” my mom said and I nod and walked out. And in case you don’t know, Evans is my driver.
I got to the limo outside and walked in.. And immediately Evans drove me to school.
My new school wasn’t so far from my house and I was glad cause the driving didn’t take time.
Evans got down from the limo and came to open my door for me. “thanks” I said to him and grabbed my school bag before walking out.
Like I’ve seen and checked online the school was beautiful, bigger and better than my old school and the name ‘alvery academy’ was written at the top.
“okay take care miss” Evans said and I ignored him and walked inside the school ..
I turned on the school’s map on my phone and find my way to the principal’s office to get my school schedule for the first semester.
It seems like I was early cause when walking through the huge halls they were less student. I finally got to the principal’s office and without knocking I walked in. I mean why the hell do I need to knock.
“oh.. It’s like. She’s here..” the principal stutter at the phone he held up in his ear and then he immediately brought It down.
“hi, you must be Samantha kress right?” the old man asked and I nod.
“I just spoke to your mother and she said you’d be here any seconds from now and here you are, I don’t know if you know this but your great grand father was among the founding fathers of this school” he smiled.
“I don’t need to know that, he’s a founding father that’s his problem, I just need my schedule.” I said dryly
“oh yeah right, here it is” he said and passed a sheet of paper to me.
I scanned the paper and I sighed heavily. “Grade 11. Samantha kress” I read the paper to myself and sighed.
“there’s an after school activity?” I asked and he nods.
“the drama, music and ballet class, are the only three after school activity class every student must attend,” the principal explained and I sighed and glance at his name plate on his desk “Mr Colby”..
“so I must choose?” I asked and he nods. “I think I’ll go for the drama class,” I muttered to myself, music and I aren’t friends and worse of all, ballet! Eww, even the name makes me want to puke.
“okay then, I’ll see with the drama teacher and all other teachers, and you were assigned to the class (G2-A) g2-a holds the best student and when we saw your result from the entrance exam, we were amused with how smart you are, and we assigned to G2-A class immediately” he said and I smiled.
I am pretty smart.
“and here’s the school’s map” he said handing another paper to me.
“there’s no need I’ve got my phone” I said and waved it at him.
“b..but phones aren’t allowed during classes”
“no class has started yet” I said with a eye roll. “yeah, you’re right, anyway I’ll send someone later to show you around the school, and welcome to alvery academy Samantha, I hope you take your time and enjoy our school” Mr Colby said and I nod. I was about to leave but stopped on my track and turned back to him.
“who’s the school president?” I asked.
“oh.. Esther Lopez.. She’s a very smart girl” the principal said with a smile.
“is there any chance that the school’s president can be replaced by someone, maybe someone like me?” I asked and the man laughed.
“no dear, the school’s president can’t be replaced, especially by you. Cause you’re still an eleventh grader and she’s a twelve grader, so it’s not possible” .
“but at my old school I was the school’s president and they didn’t care about all these class whatever” I told him and he smiled.
“please Samantha, maybe when you get to grade twelve you’ll be the school’s president” the principal said and I nodded “okay..” before walking away.
First thing I hate about this school, not being able to be the school’s president, how am I going to be popular here when am nothing!!.
I turned on my phone and turned on the school’s map to get to my new class.. After turning from hallways to hallways, I finally got to my new class.. It was wide and shiny and I walked to the middle front seat and sat down.
Just then students start to walk inside the class but I just didn’t look at any one I was just focused on the book I was reading, but suddenly I felt someone in front of me. So i looked up and saw a girl in front of me.
“uhm… I don’t mean to bother you but this is my seat” the girl said and I rolled my eyes and turned back to my book.
“hey, I’m talking to you?” the girl said and hit the table with her hand.
“and what do you expect me to do?” I asked plainly.
“stand up” she said angrily.
“not gonna happen” I tell her and faced my book.
T. B. C


  • His golden secrets

  • His golden secrets

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    In the Islamic religion, they have man called the Mahdi, known as their messiah who they are waiting to appear. There are many testimonies from people online who believe this man will be Barack Obama who is to be the biblical Antichrist. I myself have had strange dreams about him. He came on stage claiming to be a Christian with no affiliation to the Muslim faith, but was later revealed by his own family members that he indeed is a devout Muslim.

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    Why do we need Jesus?

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    Our good works cannot save us. If we step before a judge, being guilty of a crime, the judge will not judge us by the good that we have done, but rather the crimes we have committed. If we as fallen humanity, created in God’s image, pose this type of justice, how much more a perfect, righteous, and Holy God?

    God has brought down His moral law’s through the 10 commandments given to Moses at Mt. Siani. These laws were not given so we may be justified, but so that we may see the need for a savior. They are the mirrior of God’s character of what He has put in each and every one of us, with our concious bearing witness that we know that it is wrong to steal, lie, dishonor our parents, and so forth.

    We can try and follow the moral laws of the 10 commandments, but we will never catch up to them to be justified before a Holy God. That same word of the law given to Moses became flesh over 2000 years ago in the body of Jesus Christ. He came to be our justification by fullfilling the law, living a sinless perfect life that only God could fulfill.

    The gap between us and the law can never be reconciled by our own merit, but the arm of Jesus is stretched out by the grace and mercy of God. And if we are to grab on, through faith in Him, He will pull us up being the one to justify us. As in the court of law, if someone steps in and pays your fine, even though you are guilty, the judge can do what is legal and just and let you go free. This is what Jesus did almost 2000 years ago on the cross. It was a legal transaction being fulfilled in the spritual realm by the shedding of His blood, with His last words being, “…It is finished!…” (John 19:30).

    Now why did Jesus have to die for us?

    Because God is Holy and just, the wrath that we deserve could not go unoticed. Through the perfect righteousness and justice of God’s character, it must be dealt with, it must be quenched and satisfied.

    For God takes no death in the pleasure of the wicked (Ezekiel 18:23). This is why in Isaiah chapter 53, where it speaks of the coming Messiah and His soul being a sacrifice for our sins, why it says it pleased God to crush His only begotten Son.

    This is because the wrath that we deserve was justified by being poured out upon His Son. For if it was poured out upon us who deserve it, we would all die and go to hell. God created a way of escape by pouring it out on His Son who’s soul could not be left in hades, but was raised and seated at the right hand of God in power.

    So now when we put on the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 13:14), God no longer see’s the person who deserves His wrath, but rather the glorious image of His perfect Son dwelling in us, justifing us as if we received the wrath we deserve, making a way of escape from the curse of death.

    Now what we must do is repent and trust in the savior, confessing and forsaking our sins. This is not just a head knowledge of believing in Jesus, but rather receiving His words, taking them to heart. Where we no longer live to practice sin, but rather turn from our sins and practice righteousness:

    “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God” (1 Corinthians 6:9-11).

    By doing so we may become transformed into the image of God through faith in His Son Christ Jesus Who is willing to give the Holy Spirit to those who ask of Him:

    “Most assuredly, I(Jesus) say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’ (John 3:5-6).

    “But you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. Now if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not His” (Romans 8:9).

    What are you waiting for? Our Father in heaven only wants the best for us, restoring everything this world has stolen from us. This is what it means to by “holy”. To be made whole.

    He is waiting to hear from you. That God given tongue to speak language, through faith, pray to Him, ask Him to forgive you by confessing your sins and be willing to forsake them; that you accept the sacrifice of His Son Jesus on the cross, and that you want His Holy Spirit living inside you transforming you into a child of God.

    Jesus says, “but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him(the Holy Spirit) will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.”

    Did you know that Jesus spoke more about hell than anyone else, even more than he spoke about heaven?! For this very reason He came to die for us, to rescue us from this place that we deserve.

    He describes hell as a real place where,

    “Their worm does not die And the fire is not quenched” (Mark 9:44)

    And where,

    “There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth…” (Luke 13:28).

    Jesus tells us who to fear,

    “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell” (Matthew 10:28).

    “Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away. Also there was no more sea. Then I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from heaven saying, ‘Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people. God Himself will be with them and be their God. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.’

    Then He who sat on the throne said, ‘Behold, I make all things new.’ And He said to me, ‘Write, for these words are true and faithful.’

    And He said to me, ‘It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. I will give of the fountain of the water of life freely to him who thirsts. He who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his God and he shall be My son. But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.'” (Revelation 21:1-8).

    Out of all the world religions, how can we be sure the Bible got it right? The scientific data has established and continues to support that the universe once had a beginning in which space, time and matter were created. Many know this as the big bang.

    “The non-biblical religions tell us that god or god’s create within space and time that eternally exist. The Bible stands alone and says that time and space don’t exist until God creates the universe.” – Astronomer(Phd) Hugh Ross

    The Bible not only got it right that space, time and matter all came into existence at the beginning of the universe, it also states in 11 different places that the universe is expanding thousands of years before scientists discovered these things.

    Did you know that the real Noah’s Ark was discovered where the Bible told us it would be with the correct dimensions? As well as proof for the destruction of Sodom Gomorrah and the Exodus account of the Red Sea crossing?

    The Bible is the most translated and read book in the history of the world, full of predictive prophecies, matching what we find in the book of nature. Wouldn’t you expect God’s word to be so?

    This information and more can all be found here:

    God loves you!

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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 1





📞Dad! I only got shot in the leg,i wasn’t killed” I said into the phone.

I was laying on the hospital bed after getting shot a night before in a shootout with criminals.

Dad has always complained about my job, he’s afraid to lose me cause I’m the only one he has but i have my reasons for choosing this line of job.
I don’t tell him whenever i got shot cause i know how worried he’ll be and it might raise his already high blood pressure.
I wonder who told him that i got shot!

📞Darrel leave that job and come take over my companies. You’re endangering your life!” He said worriedly.
Dad is a prominent socialite who owns several companies in and outside the country.

📞Dad,you know I’ve always wanted to be what i am presently,I’m good at this job dad and guess what?” I asked.
He growled and i sighed.
📞Well…im gonna tell you anyway,i got promoted last week” I smiled.
📞And so what?”
📞Ah! Won’t you congratulate me,my salary has increased and i now have my junior colleagues bow and salute me” I grinned.

📞Darrel,you’re gonna earn more once you become a CEO of one of my companies,i will leave you to handle it all,i don’t care about the amount you’ll squander” He said.
📞Of course i know that but I’m not doing this for money,I’m doing it cause i love doing’s my passion dad,please just accept it” I said and heard him sigh.

I smiled…he’s already giving in,i just need to add more spice.

📞For the meantime” I added.
📞For the meantime?” He asked.
📞Yes Dad,for the meantime” I said.
📞Okay,I’m coming to check on you ” He said.

📞Huh? Aw! I’ve been discharged already” I lied.
📞Yes Dad,the bullet didn’t penetrate deeply”
📞Ohh.. i thought it was severe” He said.
📞Nah! It wasn’t,will you come to my house?” I asked, knowing well that he won’t.

📞No! I can’t come to that little place you call a house ” He said and i laughed.
📞Okay Dad”
📞I have lots of mansions but you decided to rent that little apartment”
I sighed.

I moved out of the mansion months ago,i needed to be alone,i needed to concentrate on my job and i needed to be free.
Dad was always disturbing me and he doesn’t even allow me to go out in the night whenever i was called for emergency.

📞Dad,I’m fine here” I said.
📞Of course you’ll be, just make sure you don’t go for shootout or whatever you call it again okay?”
📞Okay Dad” I stifled a laughter wondering how his face will look like at the moment.
📞I have to go,i have meetings to attend” He said.
📞Okay Dad”.
📞You should have been the one attending this meetings but you chose to…”
📞Bye dad” I interrupted him by quickly disconnecting the call.

He nags too much.

I dropped my phone beside me and glanced up at the TV.
It was displaying news,a woman anchor appeared on the screen beneath a banner that read;



“Again!” I exclaimed.
“Aren’t the New York detectives competent enough to have sorted out this assassin all this years. They couldn’t come up with a tangible thing,all they could come up with is that the assassin is a female.
She keeps killing innocent people without being apprehended! What sort of cruelty is that?” I said to myself.

“Buddy what’s up?” I heard and glanced up to see Eric,my friend,he’s also my colleague at work,he walked in with Jed,our junior colleague who bowed and saluted immediately he got to my bed.
“I didn’t even heard the ward door open” I said.

“Yeah,what’s with the frown?” Eric asked sitting on the edge of the bed.
“Sit there” I said to Jed pointing to the single chair in the ward.
He bowed before walking to the chair.

“Can you believe that anonymous assassin in New York has killed yet another couple” I said pointing to the TV.
Eric turned and gasped.
The couple picture are already been displayed.

They were shot in the head and i could tell the shooting was more than once.

“Damn! This is terrible” Eric said turning back to face me.
“Of course it is. She has been assassinating innocent people for years and the detectives are yet to do anything about” I said, feeling pity for the victims.
“I think most of the detectives flee cause i heard she kills any detective in charge of her case” Eric said.
“That’s because they’re not capable” I said.

Another news was being displayed…

“I wonder who told Dad that i got shot” I said to Eric.
“Of course, i finished speaking to him some minutes before you arrived and he was nagging seriously” I said.
“Ah! ” He sighed and rubbed his forehead.
“Who told him?” I asked.

“Its Ken” He said.
“Ah!” I sighed, Ken is also a junior colleague.
“Your dad called the office yesternight and Ken was in charge of answering the call. He said he wants to speak to you that he’s been calling your home line but you weren’t picking up, so Ken kinda spilled the beans” Eric said.
“Ken is such a…” I was about using swear words but i cut it off.

“The deed is done anyways, so how are you feeling now?” Eric asked.
“I’m good,i was expecting to be discharged this morning only for the doctor to place me on another IV fluid” I said and stared at my bandaged leg.
“Your leg?” Eric asked.
“It hurts less now” I said.

“Those criminals have all been apprehended, they’ll be charged to court soon” Eric said and i smiled.
“Katy will be here soon” He said.
“Ohh.. really?”
He nodded.

Katy is also my colleague,she’s a beautiful and fearless lady who’s always ready to face anything and she always come out victoriously.
We were at the shootout together and she was the one who rushed me to the hospital.

“Jed,go tell the doctor that the IV fluid is almost finished” Eric said to our junior colleague who stood up immediately and walked out of the ward.
I glanced at it and truly it’s almost finished.
Finally,i can get discharged.

“Darrel, Katy is coming to see you” He said making me glance up at him.
“You told me that earlier” I said.
“Uh..Yes. She’s so worried about you” He said.
“She should be” I said.
“Com’on Darrel,you know she likes you right?” He asked.
“Ugh! There you go again” I said.
“But she likes you” He said.
“She never told me she like me” I said.

“She does! Can’t you tell?” He asked.
“It’s just a slight crush which is normal for every lady that come across me. I’m handsome yunno” I said and he rolled his eyes.
“There you go again, boasting about your looks” He said and i chuckled.

“On a serious note,you know how much Katy likes you right?” He asked and i shrugged.
“I like her too” I said and he smiled.
“As a colleague” I added and he frowned.

“Com’on Darrel” He said.
I sighed. “Has she ever told you that she likes me!”
“Yes she has, she told me Darrel,she just doesn’t have the courage to tell you yet” He said.
“And is that the reason you’re trying to match make? I’ve told you it’s just a slight crush” I said.

“It isn’t” He said.
“So what do you want me to do?” I asked.
“Date her” He said and i laughed.
“In your dreams” I said.
“Do you probably have a ghost girlfriend?” He asked making me laugh harder.
“Yeah i do” I said when my laughter subsided.
“Don’t be sarcastic..I’m serious here” He said.
“Eric! Com’on,you know well that she isn’t the only lady that likes me but i don’t just want to be committed in any relationship for now” I said.

“I know but…”
“Let’s stop talking about this” I interrupted him and he sighed.
“Did you get the novel i asked you to?” I asked.
He shook his head.


I continued watching the news while he was busy with his phone…

The doctor walked in with Jed.

“Oh! The IV fluid is finished already” He said and started disconnecting it.
“So I’ll be discharged right away right?” I asked.
“No, you’ll still have to be here till tomorrow” He said.
“What!” I exclaimed.
“Yes, we’ll need to examine your leg” He said.
“But i have to resume work” i said.
“Even if we discharge you tomorrow,you’re not advised to move around with your leg till it’s fully healed” The doctor said and i nodded.

“You’ll need to eat now, I’ll be back to examine your leg” The doctor said and made a notation on my file before walking out.
I sighed and glanced at Eric.

“Won’t you say something?” I asked Eric.
“What do you want me to say?” He asked and i felt like knocking off his head.

The door opened again and this time it was Katy,she was holding a basket and looking more beautiful in her blue sweatshirt and white pants.

“Hi” She said cheerfully to everyone as she walked in.
Eric smiled and glanced at me.
“We’ll be leaving now Darrel” He said and stood up from the bed.
“So soon?” I asked.
“Yeah,i have some cases to look into” He said.
“Okay” I sent him a secret glare knowing he’s lying.
He smiled and then winked at me.

Ah! What a friend.

Jed bowed before walking out of the ward with Eric, leaving Kate and i.
I returned her sweet smile.

“How’re you feeling now ?” She asked and took a seat beside me on the bed.
“I’m getting better” I said.
“Okay,i hope your leg hurt less now” She said peering at my bandaged leg.
“Yeah” I said.
“When will you be discharged?” She asked.
“Tomorrow” I said.

She tucked her blonde hair behind her ears.
“I brought you some pizza rolls” She said and i smiled.
“Thanks, right timing.” I said and watched her bring out a covered plate from the basket.

She opened it and revealed the steaming pizza rolls with cheese and sauce oozing out of the seams.

My smile widened and my dry mouth started salivating.
I sat up as she shifted the plate to me.
“Looks nice” I sniffed and she smiled.
“Let’s eat it together” I said.
“Nah, i brought it for you” She said.
“I want us to eat it together, it’ll be more tasty that way,besides this isn’t the first time we’ll be eating pizza rolls together” I said.

“Fine” She smiled and we both started eating.
“Yummy” I said.
“Thanks” She grinned.

“Those criminals have been apprehended” She said.
“Yeah, Eric told me that” I said with a mouthful.
So delicious.
“They are bunch of fools who kept ranting,even in the cell” She said and i laughed.

“Did you watched the news?” She asked.
“News? I watched a lot of news today. Be precise” I said stuffing more pizza rolls into my mouth.
“About the assassination of a couple by the anonymous assassin in New York?” She said,her face growing serious.

“Ohh..yeah, i did.” I said.
” It was so brutal,i wonder what they are doing to it” She said.
“Exactly what i said … I wonder what the detectives are doing to it. It’s kinda getting out of hand” I said.

“The lady has been getting away with it for years,they should just do something” She said, pouring some water into the glass cup for me .
“The citizens are not safe anymore” I said and collected the glass cup of water from her.
“Of course they are not” She said.

I gulped down the water and muttered ‘thanks’.
She packed the plate and placed it back into the basket.

“Thanks Katy” I said.
“It’s fine” She smiled.

I feel so good.

“Boss told me to say hi to you, he will also come to see you soon,he has been so busy” She said.
I nodded.
“So tell me what happened at our quarter today” I said.
“You should trust me, I’m ready to give you the full gist” She smiled.
“Let’s go …” I said happily and we laughed.

🎆 New York…..


I smiled and threw the paper into the fireplace.
I watched it burn slowly.

I stood up and walked back to the kitchen,washed my hands in the sink,dried it and started making coffee.

I walked to the fridge, leaving the coffee to perk.
I opened the fridge and brought out the strawberry cake Joel made.

I placed it on the kitchen counter, picked a knife and a small plate,and then cut two slices before returning the remaining cake to the fridge.
I shifted my attention to the now perky coffee.

I picked a mug and quickly rinsed it in the sink.
I turned the gas ring before pouring some coffee into the mug.

I placed the mug of coffee on the tray alongside a box of sugar cubes,a carton of cream with a plastic spoon and also the small plate of two slices of cake.
I carried it down to the dining room, sat down and started eating..
I was almost done with my lunch when Joel strolled into the dining room.

I wonder where boss and the rest are.

“Hey Mia” He smiled and sat opposite me.
“What’s up?” I asked.
“I’m a bit stressed out” He said.
“Why? Did you go on any mission?” I asked.
“Nah! I went on an errand for boss”
“Ohh…okay” I said and there was this awkward silence as he stared at me.

Well… Joel is one of our crew who kinda has a crush on me, he’s cute and i always admire his golden hair and sky blue eyes.
He’s a good cook and also the one in charge of getting informations.
We’re six in number including boss.
Carla,Anne,Joel,Robbie,i and our boss ‘Donovan Craven’.
We all stay together in a big mansion, we’ve been here for years except Anne who recently joined us.

I’m mostly given assassination missions cause I’m more than capable to do it.
I love killing…
Taking lives has become part of me.

“Where are the others?” I asked.
“They are at the pool” Joel said.
“Ohh…do you care for some?” I asked pointing to my tray.
“Nah! I already had lunch ” He said.
“Okay” I stood up and took the tray back to the kitchen.

I washed the plate and rinsed the mug.
I put everything back in it’s place,dried my hands and walked out of the kitchen.

“Let’s go watch a movie in the living room” I said to Joel who smiled and stood up immediately.
He followed me down to the living room and sat beside me on the couch.
I picked the remote control and switched on the TV.

News came on display..


“Can they just stop talking about this already” I said and changed the channel.
Joel glanced at me..”Mia, you’ve never failed on any mission,you’re good at almost everything,i sometimes envy you” He said.
I smiled…I’ve been told this by my crew so many times.

“Joel you won’t believe they were having sex when i barged in” I said.
“Really?” He widened his eyes and we both laughed.

I have another mission tonight,I’m going to assassinate Mr Padgett,the largest shareholder of Bailott who’s known to like anything under skirt and that’s what is gonna be used against him.
He ordered a lady or should i say a prostitute from the VIP club to be with him for the night but I’m gonna get there earlier and act like the prostitute before blowing off his brain.
Boss has been paid for the job and he has given every one of us our share.

We heard the door opened and closed and we saw boss walked in with others.
He’s a huge man in his early forties,he has a scary face that was filled with scars,he’s a bit handsome and he rarely smile.

And there’s Anne beside him,she recently joined us,she’s a pretty lady with a natural pink hair,she has cute black eyes and her lips colour matches with her hair. Boss said I’ll be taking her along with me on missions so as to train her.

“Mia,go dress up. Mr Padgett is already at the hotel” Boss said in his deep scary voice.
“Okay boss” I said and smiled as i saw Carla glared at me.

Carla is one beautiful lady,who has an attractive figure that can’t be compared to mine though,she has been with boss before me and i don’t know the reason she developed hatred for me ever since then.
She’s a meteorologist,she helps in checking the perfect weather for our mission. She kills too,we all kill but I’m the one sent mostly to do it.

Robbie walked to Joel,he’s a fine young man, he’s so nice and has a gentle look but beneath that gentleness is a brutality you never know exist,he’s an IT genius,he deals with all the device and he’s capable of hacking into any system.

I stood up and bowed before boss before walking to my room.
I opened the wardrobe and pulled out my red skimpy gown,i laid it on my large bed before turning back to open my large drawer. Hundreds of wigs stared at me.
I selected a long white wig, my real hair must never be revealed.

I placed it on the bed and rushed into the bathroom.


I started applying make up after i was done putting on my dress.
I stood up from the dressing chair and wore the long white wig over my hair. I brushed it and adjusted it perfectly that one will think it was my real hair.

“Good” I muttered as i stood in front of the mirror.
My pistol is already in the car and i won’t be needing a mask.
I picked a small red purse from the shelf.

“Mr Padgett,start saying your last prayer already” I smiled and slide my feet into a stop-him-dead-in-his-tracks gladiator sandals before walking out of my room.


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Siren The Beautiful Killer (PROLOGUE)



Siren the killer

I pulled my car to a halt in front of a white mansion.
I stared at the map on my iPod and glanced at the white mansion.


I wore a red wig over my brown golden hair, picked my mask and wore it over my face before stepping out of the car holding a pistol.
My eyes swiftly scanned the entire building and i walked towards the locked gate.

That doesn’t stop me from going in though.

I smiled and began climbing the wall with expertise, I’ve climbed bigger mansions than this!
I jumped into the balcony without making a sound.
I turned and carefully scanned the area.

No one.

I tried the door knob with my gloved hand and found it locked.
I twitched my nose and produced a skeleton key from the pocket of my ninja outfit.

I slid the key into the lock and turned it, it opened immediately and i quickly entered the house.
I met the well furnished living room empty .

Mia what’s up?” Boss asked through the ear connection.
“Modus operandi (mode of operation)” I whispered back before disconnecting.

I walked into the middle of the living room and saw a narrow passage,i moved towards it.
There are three doors on the left,two on the right,and one at the end of the passage facing me.


I walked towards the one at the end of the passage and kicked it open with my boots.

I barged into the room and saw the couple disengage from their love making, staring at me in fear.
I chuckled “That’ll be the last sex you’ll both have,you can continue in heaven” I said and opened fire on my pistol.

I shot them twice each on their heads and smirked as their brains splattered across the bed’s headboard with blood covering their bedside lamp.

I hurried back to the balcony,and brought out a thick rope which is always connected beneath my boot.
I attached it down to the gate and also clipped it to the balcony edge.

I slide down using the rope as support.
My feet landed on the ground and i quickly disconnected the rope.
I wrapped it firmly in my hands and barged back to my car.


I unlocked it and looked around again.
I entered and shut the door.
I removed my wig and mask,dumped the pistol at the backseat and then glanced at my reflection in the rear view mirror,i adjusted my hair.

I picked my face cap and pulled it over my hair before turning on the ignition.

“Another mission accomplished” I muttered with a smile before speeding away into the night.


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His golden secrets


I got home that day and took my shower before putting on a conformtable cloth and heading down for dinner.
After that I went back to my room to search the web of how to make the nine planets for our project and my meeting with James tomorrow.
I heard a soft knock on the door and I expected to see Beatrice but instead Naomi walked in.
“Naomi!!” I screamed with excitement and rushed to hug her and she seemed kind of surprised by that.
“what?” I asked, cause she was looking at me weirdly.
“nothing” she quickly said and walked to my bed, grabbed my laptop and turned to me
“what are you doing?” she asked.
“oh, just searching the web for our school project” I replied and she nods.
“okay, what’s the project?” she asked.
“it’s making the nine planets out of balls or anything” I replied and she gasped. “oh maybe I can help, Neil’s made stuff like that before” she said happily. Neil’s Naomi’s older brother who’s in college.
“really?” I said and rushed up to her.
“yeah, he made it out of papers and crayons, water colours and markers” Naomi replied.
“well wish you could help but I’m going over to James house tomorrow, maybe I can share this idea with him” I said laying down.
“James house!!” Naomi towered me.
“keep your voice down! My parents could hear you” I whispered yelled!
“your parents are not home” .
“yeah, but Beatrice is.. And maybe you don’t know but she’s a blabber beak” .
“okay, I won’t yell but James house, when did you two start to get close” she asked with a full grin, and I couldn’t help the excitement that filled in me.
“well I don’t know, but we’re pretty close now.. And luckily we happened to be partners on our history project.. Isn’t it romantic” I said dramatically and Naomi laughed.
“yeah you guys are more romantic than Romeo and Juliet” she said sarcastically and I threw her one of my pillow, “don’t joke with our beautiful relationship” I smiled.
I suddenly sit up and held my hand. “have a sleepover tonight” I said happily and she slipped her hand out of my grip.
“I don’t know.. I’m not sure” she said and I rolled my eyes.
“C’mon please!” I said and wiggled her shoulder.
“we can both have one of our lovely tete-a-tete” I added in a funny British accent and she laughed.
“okay first, I have to check with my mom first” she said and brought out her phone. Dialed Her mom’s number and called her mom.
“hey mom” she said happily and I watched her solemnly.
“yeah, I’m at Samantha’s” she said and I quickly grabbed the phone from her hand.
“Hey Mrs Alexei, it’s me Samantha” I said happily.
“Samantha how are you” she said happily.
“I’m fine” I replied.
“I thought I was talking to Naomi, where is she?”.
“Naomi’s still here, I just took the phone from her, I just want to know if you’d give Naomi the permission to have a sleepover here?” I said and bit my lips.
“does she wants to have a sleepover there?” Mrs Alexei asked.
“yeah,” I replied
“give Naomi Back the phone” Mrs Alexei instructed and I gave Naomi the phone.
“what?” Naomi said into the phone.
“yeah, I do” she bossed quickly while I watch with anticipation.
“okay thanks mom” she said and dropped the phone.
“so?” I asked.
“she said yes” naomi grinned Naomi grinned and I gasped happily.
It was 12:22am Naomi and I were both alone in my room and on my bed still talking, we’re on our pajamas and we’ve both passed our bedtime. If my mom was home she could have yelled three times for us to fall asleep.

“you missed that spot” I said to Naomi who was painting my nails with a peach colored nail polish that rhymed with my finger.
“hey, I’m the painter don’t correct me” Naomi said and I rolled my eyes.
“I need it to be prefect for James” I smiled .
“you’re way to obsessed over James, he’s taken some part of you” Naomi stated and I raised her head to look at me.
“is it a bad thing?” I asked inquisitively and she smiled.
“for you, it’s definitely a good thing”.
“what’s that supposed to me, for you it’s definitely a good thing” I mimicked her almost tiny voice and she laughed. “just forget I said that cause..”.
“cause what?” I asked.
“cause I’m done.” she replied dropping the nail polish and placing it’s lid. .
“wow you’re gifted” I smiled staring at my nails.
She got up from my bed and walked out of my room, and later came back with a bowl of water.
“okay dip your fingers in here” Naomi instructed and I did. And after a minute I removed them and she went to dispose the water while I cleaned my hands with a dry towel.
Naomi came back and got into the bed lying down. “I’m sleepy” she announced.
“I’m not” I tell her.
“it’s because you’re too excited to go over James house tomorrow”.
“how did you know!!” I gasped.
“sammy, it’s written all over your face” Naomi said and I touched my face and laughed making Naomi laughed too. But then I paused.
“you know how I told you how I almost kiss James yesterday!” I said and she nods.
“the truth is, if he shouldn’t have resisted that kiss he would have totally be disappointed in me cause I don’t even know how to kiss?” I said sincerely and Naomi sat up. “really?” she beamed.
“why are you smiling?” I asked.
“cause, you know..
“know what?” I raised my brows at her.
“I thought you knew everything” she said still smiling.
“don’t mock me Naomi” I warned. And she stopped smiling
“I am not mocking you, looking at someone like you, kissing would be the least problem in your list, since You’re perfect’..” she said and did air quote around perfect. Which made me release a sad sigh. What she just said hurt and it’s still hurting, but she’s right.
“okay maybe when it comes to kissing, I’m not perfect, but I’m sure you don’t even know how to kiss too, so we’re both in the same shoes” I tell her.
“uhm.. Don’t you remember Daniel.” Naomi said in a ‘duh’ tone.
Daniel was Naomi’s first boyfriend.
“what do you think we did while we’re together, Stare at each other all day??” she said sarcastically and I sighed. Looks like I’m the only one who hasn’t dated or kiss any one before. Maybe I’m not that perfect.
“okay I give up, you win maybe I’m not that perfect” I said and she laughed. “you’re still perfect to me” she smiled and held my hand.
“really?” I said and she nods.
“thanks” I smiled.

“but what am I gonna do if james kiss me” I whined like a child.
“you go with the flow” Naomi replied.
“go with what stupid flow, what if I ended up biting his lips and he ends up in the hospital he’ll never be friends with me” I said rushing my words which made Naomi burst into laughter. And I glared at her.
“I’m sorry.. She apologized.. “it’s just weird and funny seeing you this way”
“wait, Naomi you know how to kiss right?” I asked happily and she nods. “why what’s wrong”
“practice with me” I said and held her hand.
“what?! We’re both girls,” she half screamed!
“yeah I know and it doesn’t matter” I rolled my eyes.
“it does matter!” she said and moved back. “well I don’t care cause I’m not gonna embarrass myself in front of James” I said and pulled her head towards mine while she moved her head back. “what is wrong with you sam” she struggled out of my grip.
“James is wrong with me” I replied and with the force we’re having we both bumped our foreheads into each other. And burst into laughter.
“I’m crazy right?” I laughed.
“more than crazy” she said and we kept laughing until I felt sleepy and decided to just go to sleep.
The next (morning) day, I woke only to find Naomi not beside me, and I grabbed my phone to look at the message she left for me *good luck with James* I smiled and dropped my phone, that’s Naomi for you, whenever we have a sleepover she wakes up before me and the leaves a message.
I got out of my bed and walked to my closet grabbing my yoga pants and a sweater. I removed my pajamas and wore those instead.. And I went to jog, after jogging, I took my bath, brushed my teeth, wore the most beautiful, decent and extensive dress from my closet, all my clothes are expensive but this particular one, is worth trillions of pounds.
I ate breakfast made by Beatrice as always and after that I packed my blonde hair in ponytail and carried a small black bag which I place my man and space in.
“Beatrice!!” I called and she ran up to me.
“yes miss”
“I’m going over to a friend’s house for our history project if my mom comes home tell her that or she can call me” I said and Beatrice nodded.
While I walked out of the house and got to my limo, “Evans” I called and he turned “good morning miss” he smiled .”going somewhere?” he smiled.
“yeah, take me here” I said and showed him James address from my phone.
“no problem ma’am Hop in” he said and I got in my Limousine…
“We’re here ma’am” Evans announced though the limo phone and he stopped the car. I got out of the car and I was standing in front of a big house.
“are you sure, this is the right place” I asked Evans just to be sure and he nods.
“I cross checked the address ma’am this is the place” Evans said and I nod.
“okay just stay around the block” I tell him and he nods.
I walked to the huge building, walked in the small open gate and moved to the front porch, I decided to knock not seeing the doorbell stopped first but stopped when I saw the door bell, I pressed the door bell and no one answered. So I pressed it again, and again. And again but no one answered, I hate waiting. I pressed it for the fifth time and gave up that no one’s home ..i turned back to go back home when I heard clicking sound and my name.
“Samantha??” I heard his voice and I turned swiftly.
“James” I smiled. He was wearing a loose sweater and a short, his hair wet and cereal box in his hand.
“I didn’t know you’d be here early” he said while I walked closer to him.
“it’s just 11:40, it’s not that early” I primped.
“I just woke up like five minutes ago” he said and I shrugged. “I like being early” I tell him and walked inside his house without him telling me to.
He closed the door and walked in too. His house looked nice expensive and fancy, just like my taste, we’re the same class, we have one thing in common.
“C’mon let’s go to my room” he said I nod. He shoved his hands in the cereal box and grabbed a hand full of Kellogg’s Apple jack and shoving it in his mouth.
“is that how you eat cereals?” I asked.
“that’s how I enjoy it” he replied and I rolled my eyes. As we walked through the hallway I saw frames of James parent and he looks so much like the woman I saw, who I assume is his mother. And then moving to other frames were pictures of boys and I don’t know how many cause they were many and James and I were moving but I stopped
“who are they?” I asked pointing to the picture of the boys..
“my brothers” he replied.
“all of them?” I asked and he nods, and I tried counting them.. “don’t bother I’ve got eleven of them, ten made by my mom and one adopted and together we’re twelve” he said and I gasped “whoa” softly.
“and that’s me” he said and pointed to a little boy at the eight side of the picture.
“wow, you’re so adorable” I smiled looking at him, he’s so little here and his hair was cut so low, unlike now.
“that was taken four years ago” he said and I nod, if that’s taken four years ago then he grew up pretty fast.
We got to his room and likewise mine, his wasn’t as wide as mine, but it wasn’t claustrophobic either. We got on his bed and brought out the book.
We both talked about the book ‘man and space’ which was remaining only three chapters for James to finish so I had to summarize the remaining three chapters for him before reading it.
I shared the idea of Naomi’s paper planets to him and he liked the idea..
He suddenly talked about how man and space’ reminds me of a movie he watched and he asked me if I knew that movie. And I told him I haven’t watch any movie my whole life.
“what you haven’t watch any movie your whole life?” he asked again and I nod.
“aside Romeo and Juliet, looney tunes.. No. No one” I said and he arched his brows.
“wow! May I ask why?”
“my mom thinks it’ll let me loose interest in a lot of things and she wants the best for me, since I grew up without watching movies I got used to it and I also think it a distraction from many things” I said and he laughed.
“bummer!” he said.
“cause if you have watched movies you’d have kn–.. He stopped talking.
“I would have what?” I turned to him.
“nothing” he shrugged.
“really? Cause I think you’re about telling me something’ important” I smiled and moved closer to him.
“it was nothing” he said lowly.
“well I like to know this nothing you speak of” I said and he smiled. “you know our faces our apart right” he said and I didn’t know the time I got so close to him.
“oh sorry” I said and moved back a bit. Gosh I can’t control myself.
“it’s okay, I enjoy your company” he laughed.
He enjoys my company.
“so you don’t mind it when I come close to you” I asked and moved closer to him.
“nope I don’t mind it” he said staring at me, we were so close and that feeling came again and I went for it AGAIN I can’t kiss and I’m still going for it. But this time he reciprocated. And I just went with the flow.
T. B. C

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His golden secrets


why are you freaking out it was just a kiss” I said to James.
“just a kiss?” he arched his brows at me. And I nod… And that could have been my first Kiss if he didn’t back away. But I did felt his lips on mine it was so soft. I smiled remembering that feeling,
“why are you smiling, you think what you did was funny!?” Kaden barked and I turned to him, I almost forgot this douchebag is still here.. I stood up and walked up to him. “what I did didn’t seem funny cause it came from my heart, and I don’t know what your problem is cause James’s not your boyfriend or anything, and I don’t know why you’re being jealous now we’re together, cause you should look at your face now it holds the features of jealousy, so step aside you gay, If you have feelings for James crush it cause I have a feeling you do, which is disgusting, and James is mine and trust me I get what I want” I whispered the last path to him about to walk away when he pulled me back with anger and slammed my back to the wall which hurt.
“Kaden!” James called standing up.
“stay out of this Kaden, it’s me and Sam on this one” he said coming closer to me.
“what the hell, are you crazy, you want to take it down with a girl” james said and walked in front of me.
“I said step aside” Kaden warned angrily.
“I’m not moving an inch,” James said and folded his arm, oh he’s my knight in shining armor or a red jersey or any way he’s cute he’s fighting for me. I couldn’t be less proud, I moved closer to him and stood behind him.
“then I’ll just take it out on you both!” Kaden said and James scoffed. “you’re crazier than I thought Kaden! Are you mad she called you gay, are you gay?” James asked and Kaden’s eyed widen.
“what th–
“you’re not so stop acting like one” James interrupted him.
“or perhaps, do you have feelings for me?” James asked like he’s going to throw up.
“I don’t!” Kaden said and looked down with a sigh.. “then don’t act like a crazy person in front of us” James said and Kaden looked up immediately “I’m just looking out for you” he said.
“looking out for me? Kaden, I’m supposed to be looking out for you, the oldest watches the youngest. If James is older than Kaden, then Kaden got matured pretty fast and maybe James is a late bloomer.
“but what?” James barked. And Kaden glared at me before turning his eyes back to James.
“really? You’re willing to choose that path?” Kaden asked.
“It’s never a crime to like someone” James smirked.
“okay, then just do whatever you want, I won’t stop you” Kaden said and walked out of the gym.
James released his folded arms and sighed sadly, he just quarreled with Kaden, his best friend which is sad for him, but a good thing for me.
“James are you okay?” I asked lowly.
“yeah I’m fine” he smiled. . Tiana suddenly walked up to us and sat down on the floor and I refrained myself from asking James what I wanted to ask.
coach Rick, stop made the student play that stupid game even after a thousands of us had loose. our team was remaining only victoria and Molly, and Tracey was sitting beside me. James remained quiet until the bell was rung for break and coach Rick had to stop everyone from playing the game and we all went back to the changing room to change.
Molly, Victoria, Tracey and I went to the cafeteria, ordered for our food and went to sit on our special table. Tracey, molly and Victoria were having a conversation which I wasn’t interested in cause I was busy staring at James who was having a conversation with Lucas and Jerold. Kaden hasn’t been found ever since the ‘thing’ in the gym class
But suddenly Kaden walked up to them and sat down opposite James and he started to talk to them and I suddenly wish I could hear what’s he’s saying or use a binocular to read his lips.
“earth to Samantha!!” Tracey said and I turned to her. “what?” I asked.
“your food’s getting cold, you’ve not even picked up your spoon” she said and I sighed “I’m not hungry”.
“why wouldn’t you be, and why do you keep saying on them!” Tracey asked renewing to James and company.
“cause I need to know what they’re talking about” I said truthfully.
“really? Why?” Victoria chipped in. And I glance left and right before turning back to her and in a low tone I said.. “I think Kaden has feelings for James”.
“okay, that is possible” Victoria said not showing any sign of surprised of shock. “eww that is gross, how would a boy have feelings for another boy?” I asked squeezing my face.
“it could happen” Molly said,
“that’s gross, aren’t you guys hearing yourselves??” I asked irritated. But Tracey just sighed.
“and what made you think Kaden likes James?” Tracey asked.
“cause he’s acting strange whenever James and I are together, and he almost killed me when I kissed James today. Well almost kissed James” I said and the three of them gasped.
“you kissed James?” molly and Victoria asked at the same time.
“almost” I replied with a grin.
“and what did Kaden do about that?” Tracey asked with no emotion in her voice.
“he slammed me to the wall and if it wasn’t for James I would have been crushed and then James defended me and asked him if he actually has feeling for him but he said no that he doesn’t and asked James if he’s really choosing this path and James said its not a crime to like someone and hell, I don’t know what they meant about that” I said breathlessly
“well Kaden’s pretty o–
“I have to go to the restroom” Tracey said, got up and walked away.

“poor Tracey, she’s hurt” Victoria mumbled.
“what’s wrong?” I asked looking at molly and Victoria.
“her term of restroom is to go in there and flush away her sadness. Cause you know she likes Kaden” molly said.
“what? She’s just going in there to like cry or something and none of you guys are going to do anything about it?” I asked.
“what can we do?” Victoria asked.
“console her! And why would she trap her feelings like that when she has the liberty to tell Kaden or anyone how she feels” I said boldly and stood up.
“where are You going?” Tori asked.
“to meet Tracey” I replied before walking away, I glanced at James before walking out of the cafeteria who also threw a flirting glance at me.
I got to the girls bathroom and walked in, and I saw Tracey looking at the huge bathroom wall mirror and I walked behind her.
“really?” I said and folded my arms.
“what are you doing here?” she trembled
“you heard about Kaden one sided crush for James and you’re here sobbing it out on the mirror” I stated and she rolled her eyes “I’m not crying”.
“but it looks like you’re about to” I said and moved closer to her.
“look into the mirror Tracey” I tell her and she raised her head up.
“what do you see?” I asked.. “us” she replied and I nod.
“yeah, you see two beautiful girls named Tracey and Samantha. And that Tracey Is so beautiful that no matter who she tells she likes will also like her back” I said and she laughed. But paused
“wait, you want me to confess to Kaden” she asked turning to me.
“that’s right..”
“are you crazy?? I can’t!!” she barked.
“first of all, don’t call me crazy and second of all you can and you’re both humans and I don’t see anything wrong with you telling him how you feel” I half yelled.
“didn’t you see how I did with James” I added.
“I’m not you, and you’re not me. I don’t have that thing you have that made you say out your feelings like that” Tracey said
“you mean courage??” I stated boastfully.
“yeah, that I don’t have the courage like you, now just let me be and let my feeling’s stay frozen and hidden” she said and I sighed.
“no, not on my watch!” I said.
“you love that boy, you tell that boy” I said and glared at her.
“you’re pretty stubborn for a friend” Tracey said dryly.
“and you’re to boring for a friend” I said and she rolled her eyes.
“look there’s nothing to be afraid of. You’re Tracey anyone would love you, and you’re the one who explained love to me, so don’t give up on it” I explained and she quickly land on my body giving me a hug
“thank you sam” she sniffed. And I rubbed her back. “it’s nothing” I smiled.
We both walked out of the bathroom and head back to the cafeteria. “I didn’t know you’d be so consoling” Tracey sighed as we got close to the cafeteria.
“I’m full of wonders” I winked at her and she rolled her eyes.
We walked in the cafeteria and I couldn’t find Kaden and James on their seats only Lucas and Jerold.. Tracey Walked to ‘our’ seat and bexpjnedume to come over but I ignored her and continued to look for my James and stupid Kaden.
Suddenly someone held my arm which made me turn to see Kaden.
“what the hell, let go of me or I’m gonna screa–
“can I talk to you…. Please” he said calmly. And I looked at him strangely
“where’s James?” I asked.
“I don’t know” he replied.
“really?” I arched my brows.
“yeah, i left the cafeteria before him!” Kaden half yelled and I sighed.
“okay so what do you want to talk about?” I asked slowly slipping my arm from his grip, but he got a hold of it and pulled me to a corner.
“first of all, don’t! You! Ever! Drag! Push! Or pull me” I warmed and he sighed. “yeah sure whatever. I didn’t intend to, I just want to tell you that I’m sorry..sorry for everything, how I’ve been mean to you.. I’m really sorry, I don’t have anything against you okay!” he said and I moved closer to him.
“what made you suddenly apologize, is it because James gave you a taste of your own medicine?” I asked with a tone of humour in my voice and he glared at me a bit but then sighed.
“it’s because I’ve been a total psychopath around you” he replied.. “no kidding” I laughed.
“so I’m sorry!, it’s not too late to be friends right?” he asked. And I gaze at him. “friends?” he asked and moved his hand for me to shake. I glance at his hand then at his face.
“you might have apologized and I might have accepted your apology but I still don’t like you” I narrowed my eyes. “whatever I’ve apologized too, I don’t like you either” he said and I walked away. “I apologized okay!” he yelled behind me.
I went back to our table and just as I was about to touch my food, we heard the bell. If my mom finds out I skipped a meal, I’m dead.
Still I didn’t eat my food and I went back to class with Tracey, molly and Victoria. But molly went to her own class. We had literature, history and biology before school was over. We didn’t have drama class today cause Mr Valentine’s a little sick so he canceled it. As James walked to the gate with Kaden and his friends I hurried to them.
“James!” I called and they all turned. “And I believed I called only James” I tell them and they laughed except Kaden.
“what?” James asked narrowing his eyes cause the sun was unbearable.
“we promised to meet at your house tomorrow and I still haven’t gotten your address” I said bringing out my phone.
“meet for what?” Kaden ask.
“our history project” I primed. “oh i forgot about that” Kaden said.
“here type in your address and I’m gonna find it with my map” I said giving James my phone.
“a map? My house’s not that fat from school” James said typing his address in my phone.
“don’t care, just expect me by 1pm.. I’ve finished my book, have you started” I asked taking my phone from him.
“what book?” James asked. And I gasped
“man and space!! The one we’re reading for our history project” I yelled and he laughed.
“I’m sorry I’m just teasing you, I’ve read up to twelve chapters, it’s pretty addictive” he said and I breathed out a sigh of relief.
“any way I’ll be at your place tomorrow, your expectations of me should be high okay?” I said and he nod.
“can I join?” Kaden asked.
“NO” I said and he rolled his eyes. “you’ve gotten Your Own partner” I added and turned to James.
“see you tomorrow?” I winked at him before walking away..

“somebody’s gotta tell her” I heard Lucas voice said.
“shut up Luke” James said And I suddenly turned.
“tell me what?” I yelled, so they could hear me cause I’m a bit far away from them.
“uh.. That you’re pretty” Lucas grinned
“uh sorry I’m already taken” I smiled.
“by who?” Jerold laughed.
“him” I pointed to James and he smiled. Before I walked out of the gate and got into the car and Evans drove me home.
T. B. C

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His golden secrets


I got to class that morning after meeting with Molly, I was on top of the world cause, she changed her look because of me and she looked pretty nice.
I sat down on my seat and someone suddenly towered over me. “hey” Tracey said her hair on my face.
“hi” I smiled.
“you look happy, what’s the secret?” Tracey asked and I giggled “I’m always happy”.
“yeah right?” she rolled her eyes and walked away and I watched her go, my eyes suddenly caught the laughing faces of Kaden and James and I felt angry about that, I thought they’re not speaking why are they being all smiley today. James caught me looking at them and he smiled and waved at me which made Kaden turn to look at me. He didn’t glare at me, this time he just looked at me and looked away. I smiled back at James and mind my own business as the teacher walked in. Well instead of a teacher it was coach Rick, she is a teacher but she teaches sport and I hate sports.
“do I have to remind all of you what day is today?” she said angrily adjusting her face cap.
“Friday?” Tiana said from her seat.
“of course it’s Friday and what happens every Friday?” coach Rick asked .. “sports??” Tiana said lowly and coach Rick glared at all of us.. “of course it’s sport you lifeless brats!!!” coach Rick barked and before we know it half of the class ran out of the class.
“C’mon we have to get ready” Tracey said behind me. “we forgot to mention to you that Wednesday and Fridays are sports day, but we barely have sports on Friday that’s why everyone forgot” Victoria added as we walked out of the class.
Tracey, Victoria and i got changed into the sports jerseys and we got into the girls changing room, and I neatly folded my uniform and place them in my small locker. I packed my hair in ponytail so when I sweat it wouldn’t stick to my body. “wow you look beautiful with your hair up” Victoria complimented.
“I always look beautiful” I assumed her.
Molly suddenly walk up to us, her hair divided and was packed into two pigtails. and she looked okay unlike before.
“hey guys” she said happily.
“molly?” Tracey called and walked up to her. “what happened to you”.
“what do you mean?” molly laughed.
“you look–
“beautiful” Victoria gasped from behind.
“so I wasn’t pretty before?” molly asked.
“I didn’t say that” Tracey tells her.
“neither did I but, your hair, and your freckles are gone” Victoria said touching Molly’s cheeks lightly, and Molly swept her hand away, “all thanks to the Hera foundation I bought” molly giggled.
“but why the hell, did you change your looks, I liked your old look” Tracey said .”really?” molly looked at her feeling somewhat guilty.
“you’re speaking nonsense Tracey, she looks beautiful this way” I quickly said and step in front of them placing my hand on Molly’s shoulder.. “did you have anything to do with this?” Tracey asked me.
“what do you think” I smiled and turned ..”C’mon molly, victoria coach Rick won’t be happy if we’re late..” I said and glance at Tracey who was looking at me strangely.
We all came out of the changing room and now inside the gym, and I could also see unfamiliar faces in the gym.. And they were wearing blue jerseys instead of red like us.
“who are they?” I asked
“they’re G2B class. every Friday’s G2a class and G2b come together to have sport” Tracey explained and I nodded.
I spotted James and Lucas bouncing a ball at a corner and I happily skipped to them.
“hi James!” I smiled.
“oh hey Sam” he smiled as he threw the ball to Lucas.
“good morning” I smiled not knowing what to say.
“morning to you t– coach Rick loud whistle stopped him from completing his words.
“everyone gather around!!” coach Rick yelled, and everyone start to gather around. And I hurried back to meet Tracey, victoria and Molly.
“okay! Now we’re supposed to run round the field before starting any sport game.” coach Rick said and everybody groaned.
“but.. We’re not gonna do that cause it’ll take most of your energy so we’re gonna start with a game and exercise I invented myself” coach rick explained. “just hope it’s not something dangerous” Tracey whispered to me and I shrugged.
“first you’re all going to shared into give, since boys are not much, you’re going to be four girls and a boy” coach Rick said and I gasped and glance at James who was having a silent conversation with Kaden. And Kaden was grinning from ear to ear.
“so arrange yourselves, I’ll be back” coach Rick said and walked out of the gym and everyone starts to choose their group.
“how about you, me, Molly Victoria and James” Tracey said to me and I nod happily.
“but James’s..
“a perfect boy for our group” Tracey glared at molly and she kept quiet.
“James!” I called happily.. “wait.” Tracey said and pulled me back.
“maybe I should try convincing him to come myself” Tracey said.
“okay” I shrugged and she walked up to James. And I turned to Victoria and Molly, “okay we’re a group and we really need to try our best in whatever game or whatever coach Rick invented okay!” I tell them but they just shrugged, Tracey came back with James while Kaden watched from behind.
“congratulations, you’re in the group for beautiful people” I said and he laughs, “yeah whatever”
“okay are you all ready??!” coach Rick yelled from nowhere and everyone turned to the sound of his voice.
“yes!” they all replied when they saw her.
“you there why are you standing alone” coach Rick asked Kaden.
“all the groups are complete and I don’t have any choice but to be alone” Kaden said dryly and coach Rick placed her hand on her chin.
“looks like you’ll have to join one more group then” coach Rick said and Kaden quickly pointed to our group, “can I join that group?” he asked.
“why not” coach Rick said and Kaden happily walked to us.. He earned a stare of admiration from Tracey, a grin from victoria, a straight face from Molly, a small smile from James and an eye roll from me.
“okay now everyone, I want you to stay very close to your group members and stay in a straight line” coach Rick ordered and everyone did so.
“now what we’re going to play is ‘catch the ball” she said and ordered a boy to get her a ball and when the boy did she grabbed it from him and placed it in front of her. “Now I’m going to pass this ball to the first group by my left and then that group is going to pass that ball to the next group using only their head or leg but not with their hands,”.
“what?” my voice echoed through the whole gym.
“ma’am, using heads to pass balls or any bouncing object Is also self suicide and I can’t possibly do that to my beautiful hea–
“shut up blondie” Ms Rick said and everyone giggled which made me huffed and glare at her.
“now while passing the ball any of the group member can pass the ball to the other group and if they successfully pass the ball they can still play but if they fail to the person from the group who failed to pass that ball is out of the game” coach Rick explained but I’ve lost interest in the stupid game already. .”okay if you here my whistle go just know I’ll pass the ball to the first group, and Now everyone space out, cause you already know your group members” Ms Rick said and everybody spaced out. She blew her loud ear watering whistle and threw the ball to the first group and one of the group member passed the ball with her leg and the other group one of their member who’s a guy passed the ball with his head and then the ball started coming towards us and almost landing on Molly’s feet but with her strength she kicked the ball to the next group.
“go molly!” Tracey said happily. “nice one molly” James said to her and she smiled. Stupid game. That’s how they kept passing the ball until it came to us again and this time it started coming to me, I didn’t make any effort to pass the stupid ball and it landed on my feet and rolled away.
“Samantha..” victoria and Tracey called my name disappointed.
“you’re full of disappointment” Kaden said but I ignored him. “you’re out Blondie, group three, you’ve lost a member” Ms Rick said and I rolled my eyes and walked out of the group.
“pass me the ball and sit at a corner so you won’t interrupt the game” Ms Rick said and I throw her the ball and sat at a corner where someone could hardly See Me but I could see them and the only person I wanted to see was James and when I looked at him he suddenly glance at me but turned back to the game. I sighed and turned to my front, staring at the small window above me I moved back my hair and sigh. If only James could like me back then we’ll be dating by now. Just then I heard everyone groan and I turned to see what happened.
“you’re out” coach Rick yelled at James and he shrugged “bummer!” and started to walk up to where I was seated and I could see Kaden looking back at James as he walked up to me and suddenly Tracey tapped Kaden to focus on the game.
“looks like we’re both loosers” James said and sat down on the floor beside me.
“we’re not loosers and I didn’t want to play that stupid game” I said and James smiled. “really? I think it was a fun game”
“then why’d you loose, or did you purposely loose to hang out with me?” I smiled,
“yeah. Or is anything weird about it” he asked and I shook my head negatively.
“I think it was pretty nice and mature of you” I smiled and rested my head on his shoulder.
“do you think we’re dating or what? What if somebody sees us” he laughed.
“I don’t care, we are dating” I said and he laughed. “you might not be dating me but I’m dating you” I tell him and he laughed again.
“you’re pretty funny, the way Kaden described you is way different from the you now, he said you’re not nice, bitchy, arrogant and proud but I don’t see any of that” James said and I gasped.
“he’s the bitchy, arrogant, proud and the donkey-headed one not me” I defended.
“but I am definitely not nice, when you’re being nice to someone you’re wasting your time.. I’m being nice to Tracey, victoria and Molly cause I lie them and I’m being super nice to you cause I really really like you” I said and he giggled.
“you’re so straightforward” he said in a strong tone.
“why wouldn’t I be, why wouldn’t anyone be.. It’s better to be straight forward, say out what’s in your mind than keep it and let it break you down, and that’s not healthy” I explained looking at my feet.
“yeah that’s actually a pretty good talk right there” James said.
“so James, have you dated any one before?” I asked.
“no why do you ask”.
“I just wanted to know if we’re in the same shoes, which we are” I said and laughed a bit, before raising my head up and moving closer to him close.
“Now for the billion dollar question, is anything going on between you and Kaden” I asked lowly and he turned to me swiftly.
“what? No way, why would you assume that” he said squeezing his face.
“cause you guys stay together so much, which is annoying and anything I say or do with you, Kaden gets angry and glares at me” I explained and James sighed.
“Kaden and I have been friends since childhood, he knows everything about me and I can’t possibly blame him if he does all that Cause he’s just looking after me”.
“oh but to my own opinion I think there’s more to his behaviour” I added.
“really; how do you mean” he asked and turned to me, and the way he blinked at me and left his small lips parted open, my breathing hitched cause he looked so adorable and I didn’t know how I did it but I did it. I reached for his lips and kissed him, but he quickly backed away.
“what you guys are kissing now?” Kaden said coming from nowhere a lot of sadness in his voice.
“why are you freaking out it was just a kiss” I said.
T. B. C

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His golden secrets

HIS GOLDEN SECRET (being perfect)


School that day was finally over after drama class and I waved goodbye to Tracey as I got into the limo, and Evans drove me home.
I got home and after taking a bath, I ate dinner and went back to my room to continue reading ‘man and space’ but surprisingly Naomi Showed up and I had to leave the book and tell her about today and how everything went with me and James and she told I was really making progress.
She left later that night and I had to continue with my book and I read another nine chapters making me complete eighteen chapters with just twelve chapters remaining.
The next morning my alarm didn’t need to wake me up cause I couldn’t wait to go to school so I woke up before my alarm, I already wore my joggers before Beatrice walked into my room and saw I was already dressed for my morning exercise.
I had started this exercise since I was ten years old and I’ve gotten used to it, my mom always tells me exercises makes the body fit and healthy and I do have a fit body, even though I really want to have an hour glass figure like my mom so badly, but she said I’m still growing up.
I took my morning shower and got ready for school after my exercise, I ate breakfast and then Evans drove me to school.
I got to school and met with Esther by the gate who greeted me and complimented me of how pretty I looked. I thanked her and walked to class, getting to class I met the person I least expected to meet molly, her class is close to ours so I guess running into her was still expected.
I ignored her and continued walking but she called me which made me stopped on my tracks, ugh my name with her voice sounds weird.
“what is it?” I asked moving my fabulous hair back. She gazed at me before saying,
“why do you hate me?” she asked. Oh so she noticed it.
“why do you ask? Do you want me to?” I asked and folded my arms.
“I..i d-don’t w-want to” she stutter and I sighed, she’s wasting my time.
“honestly Samantha, I really admire you, no I envy you, we’re both from the high classes of family but you’re pretty smart, bold and you have beautiful body and hair, and seeing you with my friends just makes it so Hard for me to meet with them, I don’t know if you hate me because I’m not pretty like Victoria or Tracey but If that’s the case, I’ll change, I’ll change my looks just for you to like me” she said looking down at her feet.
“well if you do that you know where to find me” I smiled and walked to class.
I saw Kaden and James talking to Victoria and Tracey and I wanted to be a part of that conversation like so bad. James noticed me and glance at me, I waved at him and he smiled a little and looked away.
I dropped my backpack on my seat and was about to go join the foursome conversation when our English teacher walked in, I was a bit disappointed but it doesn’t really matter anyway. I’m not always disappointed to learn, I love learning.. We had three more subjects before surprisingly our drama teacher Mr Yung walked in.
“good day guys, I came here in a bit of a hurry” he said and the school bell was rung for lunch break.
“no one’s going out until I’m done talking, but if you’re not in drama class, you can leave” Mr Yung said and five or six student left the class.
“okay, you know how I said the drama student are going to put on a play at the end of the semester based on this book “time”- we’re not going to put on a play by the book “time” again cause it consumes a lot of time and it also has a lot of scene which can’t be acted and I don’t know what we’re going to act now cause drama class is forced to put on a show every term, Esther suggested we just act a short familiar play, ‘the frog prince’ but we’re going to change the story line a bit, and rehearsal starts next week, thank you all for your time” he said before walking out.
Everyone start to leave the class and Victoria was the first to meet me. “let’s go without Tracey, she’s busy drooling over Kaden” she laughed and I glance at Tracey which was true she was admiring Kaden who was laughing with Jerold, I looked around to see if I could see James but he was nowhere to be found. “Tracey your saliva are all over the class” Victoria yelled at her and Tracey shyly looked away before running up to us.
“what the hell Tori you totally embarrassed me” she said and Victoria laughed ..”I couldn’t help it you were killing Kaden with your gaze”.
Someone tapped me from behind and I turned to see my James.
“James!” I called happily.
“can we talk, like privately” he asked and I nod “sure”
He glance at victoria and Tracey and they both glance at me before walking away..
“so..? what do you want to talk about?” I smiled and he stood still and glance at Kaden and the rest of his friends who walked out of the class, each and everyone’s of them glancing at us.
James didn’t say anything until the class was empty leaving only the two of us and I sighed and sat down on my desk.
“what is it you want to talk about James, I’m starving” I said, I’m not really starving I actually feel happy he’s here with me.
“W..well s..see I don’t really have anything to talk about but..but seriously I have to ask you again, why do you like me?, how much do you like me?” he asked.
“i don’t know how much I like you but I know if you’d walk with your legs from here to the sky, then that’s how much I like you, and I like you because.. I don’t really know what made me like you aside from your pretty face, I still don’t know but I’ll tell you when I do” I said and he chuckled. “you’re funny”. “so you don’t know?” he asked.
“know what?” I tilt my head.
“you don’t see it?” he asked
“see what?”
“never mind” he smiled, this time he smiled a warm smile that melted my heart.
“truthfully James, you standing in front of me is making me so happy, you don’t even know how your presence is making me feel, I didn’t know liking someone would made you feel so alive, I’ve always doubted feelings or liking someone, but now I’ve seen what it does to someone, trust me I’ve never liked anyone before, you’re my first and I don’t want this feeling to end and now I can see how Tracey feels whenever Kaden’s beside her” I smiled looking at my feet.
“really you feel all that about me” he asked and I slowly nod.
“hold on, and Tracey likes Kaden?” he asked. “yeah” I murmured and he smiled. We both stood still and silent not saying anything and he occasionally glance at me but my eyes never left his face.
“we better go grab something to eat before lunch break’s over” he said and I nod happily.
He start to walk to the door while I quickly followed him and grabbed his hand, he looked down at me and I smiled at him.
“you’re indeed strange” he widened his eyes as we both exit the class.
We walked in the cafeteria still holding hands, actually with me still holding his hand and after ordering our food he walked to his table while I followed him. He sat down opposite Kaden while I sat down beside him. Kaden glared at me, “what are you doing here?”
“eating” I rolled my eyes.
“I thought you said you wanted to make things clear to her” Kaden said to James.
“well it doesn’t really matter” James shrugged. And for the first time in history Kaden glared at James, James noticed it and sighed. “I don’t know why the hell you looking at me like that but please stop it” James arched his breed and Kaden angrily looked away.
“what’s his problem?” I asked James and he shrugged, Kaden heard me and scoffed.
My eyes suddenly averted to Tracey and Tori, but this time molly was with them laughing her ass out with them, seeing that made me angry, I warned her to say away from them. I wanted to stand up, walk up to her and pull her out that place but that would ruin my vibe with James.
Jerold, James and Lucas talked about some pretty boy stuffs that wasn’t my business while Kaden remained quiet. And after finishing his food, he grabbed his tray and walked away, James turned to look at him go but quickly turn to Lucas and Jerold who wanted his attention.. They talked about a lot of things which made me more interested in their conversation, but then my ears became bigger when they started to talk about Tracey.
“yeah the way you broke up with her wasn’t nice at all” Lucas said and James nodded, maybe agreeing to Lucas.
“I had no choice, she was being clingy and it was annoying as fuck” Jerold said squeezing his juice box.
“she wasn’t really being clingy, she was just fine” James said.
“I’m sorry but you’re not the guy she dated” Jerold snapped.
“don’t lie to yourself, she wasn’t being clingy you were suddenly interested in that girl.. Uhm.. Linda or what was her name?” James asked Lucas who was cracking his name trying to remember the girl’s name too.
“Lana!” Lucas snapped his finger and James nodded, “yeah, you were in love with Lana while you were with Tracey, but man, seriously that’s messed up” James said earning a glare from Jerold.
“actually Tracey’s a nice girl, she’s not clingy or annoying, she’s the type you call girlfriends not Lana who behaves like a possessed doll.” James laughed and so did Lucas.
“okay you guys are just jealous and stupid cause you both haven’t dated anyone, and you James try dating Tracey and see if she’s what you call a girlfriend” Jerold snarled and James smiled “I will”.
“what?!!” I turned to him, he’s going to date Tracey while I’m still alive.
“what?” he turned to me.
“you’re gonna date Tracey?” I asked plainly looking at him.
“well I mean is there a reason not to, she’s the girlfriend type,.. James said and glance at Jerold.. And then continued “she’s pretty, but beauty doesn’t matter, she’s nice, has a sense of humour, giving, loving and caring I mean who would choose an ill-mannered possessed bitch over that” James explained and I raised my eye brows at him.
“and by ill-mannered possessed bitch, you mean?” I asked. And James face moved closer to mine.
“Lana, the girl Jerold’s in love with” James whispered in my ear and I shivered of how cold his breath was. Oh he’s been drinking cold milk. He surely loves milk.
“let me make this clear to you James, and you Lucas, including you Samantha since you’re on your boyfriend’s side” Jerold said angrily placing his hands on the table.
did he just call James my ‘boyfriend’??.. I like this guy already.
“I date whoever I want okay? And it’s none of y’all businesses tell kaden when you see him” Jerold warned.
“sorry Mr Jerold, we’ll totally mind our businesses” Lucas laughed and James joined him to. Jerold didn’t know what to do so he just sighed and got up. “I’m going to class” he announced and walked away. “tell Lana I said hi” Lucas yelled and Jerold turned back to glare at him and after that Lucas and James shared a heart warming laugh.
Lunch break was finally over and everyone went back to their classes. I got to class with James and seriously I didn’t want to let him go as he told me he has to go to his seat, Kaden was staring at us, and I rolled my eyes at him when we made eye contact. James went back to his seat and I went back to mine.
We had three more classes before school was over and we went to drama class
Instead of having rehearsal as promised today Mr Valentine just talked more on the story of the play.

I got home that day and after eating, I continued my ‘man and space’, Naomi didn’t show up so it gave me a lot time to read cause I would have been saying if hundred of things to her by now.
I couldn’t believe I finished the story that night, cause the last part seemed interesting and I just had to finish it that night which made me slept late.
The next morning, I woke up, did my morning routine and went to school, walking through the hallway, I heard a somehow familiar voice called me and I huffed cause I suddenly realised it was Molly’s, what does she want. She’s lucky I didn’t scold her yesterday.
“what?” I said and turned to swiftly, only to find my jaw dropped.
I’m not sure if it was molly in front of me cause the girl in front of me looked different, her red tangled hair has been straightened making it fall on her shoulders and instead of red hair, she had brown dark hair, her small eyes was big and round and I assumed she was wearing ‘double eye lid’ glue, the freckles on her cheeks and on her nose were gone. Not fully gone, actually they’re still there but they’re not easily seen, and her lips were red and full. And believe me I’m in short of words.
“how do I look? Do I look okay now?” she asked.. But I gave no reply.
“I changed my looks because of you sam..Samantha, I want to hang out with you and you said changing my looks would make you talk to me so I did my best” she said and I smiled.
I am such a good influence.
I moved closer to her and grabbed her hanky from her breast pocket and start to clean the lipstick on her lips.
“your lipstick doesn’t go with your look” I said as I gave her back the hanky.
“thank you” she said shyly looking down “no problem” I smiled.
“then I join you during lunch today” she asked squeezing her handkerchief in her hand.
“sure” I smiled before walking away.
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